Top 15 Card Games For New Couples To Fall Deeply In Love

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If you want to help yourself in that situationship, or just get to know better someone you’re recently dating, we’ve found the perfect way! Below you’ll find a few card games precisely made for new couples. They tend to make you talk all things out, understand each other’s world, and watch things from their pov. 

  • The card games: 
  1. Let’s Get Closer;
  2. Bold;
  3. Talk, Flirt, Dare;
  4. So…;
  5. Our Little Love Adventure;
  6. We’re Not Really Strangers;
  7. Date Night Ideas;
  8. The Date Game;
  9. Let’s Dig In;
  10. Spice It Up;
  • Fun Games:
  1. Exploding Kittens;
  2. Fluxx;
  3. Date ‘Em or Hate ‘Em;
  4. Red Flags;
  5. Flatter Me;
  • Windup;

Card Games 

We’d love to present to you some of our favorite couples’ card games, which are extraordinary conversation starters, include meaningful questions, but are nothing too embarrassing for a new couple. Perfect match it is!

1. Let’s Get Closer

Let's Get Closer

Availability: Amazon ($24.99) & Intelligent Change ($29.00);

About the card game:

The couple edition of Let’s Get Closer has 3 game levels: close, closer, and closest. You may pick levels based on how comfortable you are with each other. Basically, how the game is usually played is you read a card out loud, and both of you take turns to answer. Make sure you are both very sincere and skip anything that may hurt or make you feel bad. 

Card examples: 

  • What did I help you learn about yourself?
  • How do you envision our relationship in 5 years?
  • What is your favorite part of my body?

2. Bold


Availability: Amazon ($28.95) & Etsy ($28.95) 

About the card game: 

Bold, is once again a game that includes 3 decks of cards, and over 300 questions! Decks are divided into perceptions, reflections, and connections. Each card contains 2 questions, and all of them are well-thought and deep. Besides all, the game has a great box to carry in while traveling, so you won’t need an extra traveling case

Card examples: 

  • What things did you love about your younger self and wish you could get back?
  • What do you think your red flags are?
  • If someone wrote a book about you, what would the title be?

3. Talk, Flirt, Dare

Talk, Flirt, Dare

Availability: Amazon ($24.50) & Chimoney ($26.95);

About the game: 

We just love these 3 decks games! Especially when talking about Talk, Flirt, Dare! In this game, you’ll decide if you want to talk about things, flirt with each other, or dare & complete challenges, which could get spicy. There’s a total of 150 cards, and you’ll definitely love them all! 

Card examples: 

  • If you and your partner would quit your jobs and become bloggers or YouTubers, what would you blog about?
  • What song turns you on?
  • Write your partner a little love poem. It could be funny, romantic, or cute. Go…

4. So…


Availability: Amazon ($15.99) & So Cards ($14.99);

About the game: 

So… is a collection of cards, made specifically for those who are more than friends. It includes a total of 47 cards, which are deep, lovely, and make you think about stuff you’ve never thought of. It definitely gets you two to connect better and communicate things. 

Card examples: 

  • If all your exes got together, what’s one complaint they would all agree on?
  • What flaws do you and I get in common?
  • If you and I had met up as kids, how well would we have gotten along?

5. Our Little Love Adventure

Our Little Love Adventure

Availability: Amazon (14.99);

About the game: 

Let’s continue with our love adventures, shall we? Just like the previous ones, this game is pretty simple as well. You have to roll the dice, based on the dice value pick the card, scratch it off, and read it out loud! Ps. there’s also a coupon book for you when you finish each challenge!!! 

Card examples: 

  • Start a crafting kit together.
  • Build a blanket fort together, and have a movie marathon.
  • Experience the flavors of the world by going on a dinner date to a restaurant that serves meals from different cultures. 

6. We’re Not Really Strangers

We're Not Really Strangers

Availability: Amazon ($20.00) & Target ($20.49);

About the game:

We’re Not Really Strangers is something that always touches our hearts. This couples edition includes a total of 150 cards, that come in three levels of difficulty: perception, connection, and reflection. The game unlocks honest answers and helps you with sharing everything you feel. 

Card examples: 

  • What do we have in this relationship that you never thought was possible?
  • How do I show that I love you without telling you?
  • If our first kiss was a song, what would it be called?

7. Date Night Ideas

Date Night Ideas

Availability: Amazon ($19.95) & Walmart ($32.12);

About the game: 

There’s an unlimited love we have for scratch-off cards… This one includes a total of 35 cards, which are supposed to be completed right after they’re scratched off, and there’s no backoff! On the bottom you’ll also find some clues on what the date idea includes, so you’ll have an idea. 

Card examples: 

  • Take a few minutes each to think about your favorite movie. Grab your favorite snacks and then watch both movies.
  • Create a stunning travel book of your past, future, and ongoing travels.
  • Climb to the top of a house or a building, and have your favorite drinks & snacks on the roof.

8. The Date Game

The Date Game

Availability: Amazon ($16.00) & DSS Games ($16.00);

About the game: 

The Date Game is right about what you’re missing!!! The game includes a total of 75 cards, divided into 6 categories: This or that, Super random, IMO, Fill in the blank, Do it, and About me. The game comes with 2 dice, which decide what card you will answer. 

Card examples: 

  • Is money or passion more important in a career?
  • A game I never lose is_______.
  • What movie you have basically memorized?

9. Let’s Dig In

Let's Dig In

Availability: Amazon ($30.00);

About the game: 

Let’s Dig In is the type of game you don’t wanna miss. Once again, you’ll find 3 decks of cards: starters, mains, and desserts, in a total of 150 cards. We prefer you pick the game level, based on how close you are with each other. As always, start with starters, and let the desserts for the end… 

Card examples: 

  • What’s a single decision you made that changed the trajectory of your life?
  • Your life is being made into a movie. Who’s playing you?
  • What song would you play to get people out on the dance floor?

10. Spice It Up

Spice It Up

Availability: Amazon ($25.90) & Walmart ($47.90);

About the game:

Why don’t we spice it up with this deck of 150 cards? Pick between the three decks: mild, medium, or spicy, or just play them all at once! It’s definitely a go-to game and includes deeply-thought questions, super creative, and is useful for all new couples. 

Card examples: 

  • What is the first thing about me that you found really attractive?
  • Play a sensual song and dance together.
  • Who’s the first person I’d call if I was in trouble and why?

Fun Games

It’s completely true. Conversation starters are very welcomed in new relationships. However, you’d like some fun games to play with your partner too, I assume. Five of our favorite fun couples’ games are shown below! 

1. Exploding Kittens

Exploding Kittens

Availability: Amazon ($23.92) & Target ($19.99);

About the game: 

Whether you’re playing with a big team of people, or just with your partner, Exploding Kittens is the way to go! The game includes 9 types of cards, and to stay in the game you have to try to avoid exploding kittens. On your turn, you may pass it, or play a card. Each card tells you what you have to do, so you won’t really need to think about it. The player who doesn’t explode till the end of the game is the winner! However, you may find more about the rules here

2. Fluxx


Availability: Amazon ($19.99) & Walmart ($19.99);

About the game: 

If you’re the competitive type of couple, Fluxx is a game where you reach your goals! There’s a total of 100 cards, including keepers, goals, actions, and new rules. The game starts with the base rules card, and then taking turns, each player draws and plays cards. Actions depend on the card: adding a new rule to the game, adding goals to the middle of the table for the whole group, and so on. The game is finished when one of you completes all conditions in a goal card. 

3. Date ‘Em Or Hate ‘Em

Date 'Em Or Hate 'Em

Availability: Etsy ($22.40);

About the game:

If you thought we wouldn’t mention drinking games, respectfully, you were wrong. The idea of the game is that one of you two will make combinations of A and B cards, which kinda make a ‘dating candidate’. There are also some death cards, which are used when the options are unbearable. There are also options where you have to guess and earn points. You may find all the rules here.

Card examples: 

  • Drinks water from the bidet;
  • Is a professional bear wrestler;
  • Uses dolls to role play and express how they feel;

4. Red Flags

Red Flags

Availability: Amazon ($25.00) & Walmart ($25.00);

About the game:

Babes, this is your sign to never ignore red flags. However, this game is similar to Cards Against Humanity. To begin with, one of you should be the Single player (only for the game though). You, the other player, have to pick two perks to create dates for the Single and add red flags. You may create 2 or more dates, and the Single must decide who would they rather date. 

Card examples: 

  • Can only have conversations through puppets; 
  • Thinks they’re a Jedi;
  • Owns your favorite museum;

5. Flatter Me

Flatter Me

Availability: Amazon ($17.00) & Barnes & Noble ($19.99);

About the game:

Flatter Me is not the usual card game. This is a compliment battle one! That’s right. You and your lover will divide the deck of cards in two, and in each round, you reveal the top card of your pile. Whoever relates to the card more, takes the card. Once all cards are played, whoever of you two who got the most compliment cards, wins! 

Card examples: 

  • You are like ten wishes come true.
  • You are full of life and adventure and sparkle.
  • You have a delightful and entertaining vocabulary. 


Who knew that the solution to all your relationship problems is hidden in these games? Well, they’re full of life, very creative & well-thought, and will definitely bond you two deeper. Go through all the descriptions and card examples, and make sure you pick the one your heart likes most. <3 

Ps. If you need more ideas, check out our 2-players games.

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