9 Kids & Teens Version Friendly Cards Against Humanity

Family Edition

Cards Against Humanity is hands down, one of the easiest card games to play, and for those okay with the explicit/offensive humor, one of the most fun to play. However, one of its downsides is that the game isn’t appropriate for kids or teens even.

Games for adults like C.A.H contain adult content, adult humor, and in general, things that should be unheard of for some time.

Thankfully, there’s a Family Edition of Cards Against Humanity, but apparently, that’s not enough for the very curious, and innocent ones – kids & teens.

That’s why we chose some of the most amazing card games that are very similar to C.A.H, as if they’re versions of Cards Against Humanity, which[games] in addition to making y’all laugh, will also develop your childrens’ speaking and thinking skills.

We divided the game into 2 groups: kid-friendly & teen-friendly.

Besides the extensive research on the card games, we collected information about their content, in order not to include games with offensive/explicit language content.

Customers’ reviews were also considered in order to prove if the manufacturer was honest in the product description or not.

You’ll have enough options to choose, as we included quite a few of them. That’s why we also included some buying, helpful tips on helping you make the right choice when deciding on getting any of them.

Helpful tips on choosing the right card game:

  1. Is it educational or just a fun game? Do you want your kids to learn new things, or do you just want to have a good time laughing together? Check what the game promotes.
  2. Your children’s age matters. If they are almost teenagers, kids’ games may seem boring to them, that’s why you might want to check on the age if it is 10+, or 6+, or 14+.
  3. Ask your kids! Their opinion matters a lot, since they’re going to be the ones to play, right? Tell them the details of the games you think are the best for them, read them the reviews, and then you can choose the perfect game together!
  4. Read the ratings & customers reviews. If you still can’t decide, you can find people’s personal experiences in the links I attached from Amazon. The reviews seem to be pretty honest, but also keep in mind that different people with different tastes are reviewing the same product.
  5. Check the price. Consider thinking a bit more on the pricey games, since if your kids don’t like them, you’ll waste money on something you won’t be using. Check if the game suits your needs (e.g number of players, humor, etc) and if it’s worth the price.

9 Kid & Teen Friendly C.A.H like-versions

Below you’ll find the 9 card games we chose for you. Keep in mind to look for the age, what the game promotes, the level of difficulty, and the price, in order to find the most suitable game for you.

Here they are:

1. Cards Against Humanity Family Edition – $24.97

CAH family edition

Age range: 8+
Promotes: Intuition, decision making, communication skills.
Level of difficulty: Easy
Number of players: 4-20+

Cards Against Humanity – Family Edition is a kid-friendly version of the main Cards Against Humanity game. This edition has 600 game cards.

It does have the same rules as the main game, except where the content is suitable and created for children and adults playing together.

You’ll love seeing how creative your children are, and also see their wicked sense of humor.

Great news! You can also download the game for free at Download the Family Edition CAH and print it, so you don’t have to spend so much money buying it.

2. Kids Against Maturity – $24.99

kids against maturity

Age range: 10+
Promotes: Creativity, sense of humour, competition.
Level of difficulty: Easy
Number of players: 4+

The Kids Against Maturity card game is one of the kids most favourite card games, one of the reasons why being that the game has super-easy rules. 

The original set contains a total of 500 cards: 180 question cards, and 320 answer ones. Each player picks a card to answer the blue question card. Of course, the funniest answer wins.

Kids really are against Maturity, they just wanna have fun and not care about things, basically the point of this game.

Fact: Kids Against Humanity is an award-winning card game – It has won 9 game awards and counting.

3. Not Parent Approved – $24.64

Not parent approved

Age range: 8+
Promotes: Dexterity, reading skills, imagination.
Level of difficulty: Easy
Number of players: 4+

Do not let the name fool you, it IS parent approved. In fact, parents love the game. It is a hilarious party game for all your family members. 

The Not Parent Approved box has 455 cards inside. Each player draws 7 red cards. One of the players draws a blue card.  Other players pick the funniest card from their pile, and finally the funniest answer wins.

It is an amazing game if you want to spend some time with your children and make them think you’re the coolest parent ever! Or uncle, or parent’s friend, or a family member, you’ll be the coolest of them all.

If you want to add more fun to the game, the game has 3 more expansion packs: Expansion Pack #1 (Ebay), Expansion Pack #2 (Kmart), Expansion Pack Blank (Yoybuy).

4. What Do You Meme? Family Edition – $19.99

what do you meme

Age range: 8+
Promotes: Memes, memory, concentration.
Level of difficulty: Easy
Number of players: 3+

What Do You Meme? the core game is an amazing game itself. What Do You Meme? Family Edition is just as amazing, especially for the fact that it can be played by families of different age groups (starting from 8+).

The box contains a total of 365 cards, (65 of them are photos and 300 others making the caption cards), and a little easel in which you place the meme card (the photo).

It has pretty similar rules to the aforementioned card games. Except that here you do not respond to a question, or you do not fill a blank. You have to find the funniest caption for the meme/picture of the round.

5. Kids Create Absurdity – $16.95

Kids create absurdity

Age range: 6+
Promotes: creativity, imagination, fast-thinking.
Level of difficulty: Easy
Number of players: 4+

Kids Create Absurdity is an amazing game, just like its name. It is a unisex child card game.

You already know the rules of these card games: You answer the question card with an answer card….

What makes this game special is that in addition to having 465 cards (of which 95 are question cards, 350 are answer cards, 10 are random task cards, and 10 are blank cards).

With this game you gather the whole family together, old and young members, and have a fun, nice, decent, technology-free time together.

6. I Wish I Didn’t Know! Family Edition – $19.99

I Wish I Didn’t Know

Age range: 12+
Promotes: Guessing, intelligence, accuracy.
Level of difficulty: Medium
Number of players: 2+

I Wish I Didn’t Know! Family Edition is a game appropriate for teens, not for young kids.

The game has a total of 500 cards. And, the rules are a little different from the other games we have shown you so far. Every player in order reads the card in their hand, asks the questions, and the others have to guess the correct answer.

The game is great for teens and above because except that it is super fun, you can also learn new things (although some of them might just be things you wish you didn’t know).

7. I Should Have Known That! – $15.29

I should have known that

Age range: 14+
Promotes: Education, curiosity, knowledge.
Level of difficulty: Medium
Number of players: 2+

Unlike the previous game, in which you would like not to know a few things (some may seem gross, but extremely funny though), in this game, you’d wish you knew these things earlier.

You’ll find a total of 400 question cards. Prepare yourself for questions like “Does the Statue of Liberty hold the torch in her left or right hand?”, or “How do you say Japan in Japanese?”.

I Should Have Known That! I should have known that this, this is one of the most educational games for teens out there!

Rest assured that your teens will learn many new things by playing this game. Well, not just teens, you adults too!

8. Relative Insanity – $13.12

Relative Insanity

Age range: 14+
Promotes: Humour, creativity, originality.
Level of difficulty: Easy
Number of players: 4+

The game contains  500 cards: 100 set-up red cards and 400 punchline yellow cards.

It is amazing how many funny combinations can be made. The rules are almost the same as the CAH game. The cards are pretty well written and well thought.

Gather your family together, all the relatives that are teens and above, and have an amazing game night party.

9. Outrageous – $24.95

outrageous card game

Age range: 13+
Promotes:  Imagination, fast-thinking, concentration.
Level of difficulty: Medium
Number of players: 4-8

Let me start by saying that this is a game designed by a mom who wanted to create a creative game for her teens. So, basically it is family – tested.

Outrageous is another amazing party card game for your teens, or for yourself.

The game goes like this: A chosen player asks a question, and the other players write their answers in their sheets. The first-best question gets 3 points, and the second-best gets 1 point.

The game is very well designed, and also has these little details on the box.


These are the games we have selected for you. 

We tried to show you the main features of the games, so you will find it easier to choose the most suitable one for your dear family.

I emphasize that these games really affect children, teenagers, and adults to stay away from technology, electronic games, social networks, for a certain time.

Choose your favorite game based on you and your kids’ preferences, and have an amazing time playing it!

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