Where to Buy Cards Against Humanity in Stores? Find Locations


Most of us, if not played, at least heard of Cards Against Humanity. It is that party game for horrible people everyone loves. People have asked me thousands of times about where to get Cards Against Humanity (including extra packs) and that’s all we will discuss today. The most important thing is that all the places mentioned below will give you high-quality products, and that’s what matters, really.

Why Can’t You Buy Cards Against Humanity Just Anywhere?

Cards Against Humanity cannot be found just anywhere. This is surprising considering that CAH is one of the most popular card games. However, there’s a considerable number of online shops, retail stores, and bookstores where you can find the card game. 

But, why can’t we buy it just anywhere? Well, you can do that, but can end up having a bad experience. The thing is that some unserious stores sell used packs with awful quality (probably with most of the cards damaged), cards missing, DIY cards (for the same price), and other tiny problems. You’re buying a new deck, you’re a big fan, so you don’t have to deal with all these to make your gameplay less fun.  

Don’t worry. You won’t have to face all that. We’ve already settled everything.  

Which Retail Stores Sell Cards Against Humanity?

If you’re an in-person buyer (probably because it’s more fun & you can actually see the quality of the box) and want to find a store that sells Cards Against Humanity, just follow what we’ve written below, and you’ll be fine!

1. Walmart(USA)

Walmart is actually one of the most famous retail stores to buy Cards Against Humanity. It has the main editions and most of the other packs, including the fan-made ones.

2. Target (USA)

Target is the right store to buy your deck of cards. It’s legit, has high-quality products, and offers returns. There’s “in-store pickup” on Target which makes it easier for you to buy the product, it’s basically paying online, and picking up the product at the store, so you won’t worry about running out of stock.

3. Judy Maxwell Home (Chicago)

Well, if you’re in Chicago, you may also find the game in Judy Maxwell Home, a gift shop. It doesn’t have all the packs though, the main ones only. 

4. Good Games (Chicago)

In case the places we mentioned above have run out of your preferred deck of CAH, you may search for over 35 packs of Cards Against Humanity at Good Games. However, they may have a slightly higher price. 

5. WHSmith (UK)

If you go to WHSmith, you’ll find the main game, the Family Edition, the Blue, Red, & Green Boxes, and the Absurd Box. Prices may be a little higher than in the other shops. 

6. The Warehouse (New Zealand)

Yes. You can buy the main Cards Against Humanity edition, and the Family Edition in New Zealand too! Though they cost slightly more than they would online, or in other stores.

7. Mr. Toys (Australia)

You live in Australia and wondering if you can find the game anywhere? Well, Mr. Toys has around 20 stores around Australia, where you may find some of the most famous expansions and the main game AU version.

Which Bookstores Sell Cards Against Humanity?

Bookstores are… educational places, right? Well, people wanna educate themselves while playing one of the most hilarious card games to ever exist (with extremely funny card combinations too). Only a few bookstores have CAH though… 

1. Barnes & Noble (Chicago)

Firstly, Barnes & Noble. One of the most famous & world’s largest retail bookstores. Besides the main game, there are more than 15 other extra packs available as well. 

2. Books A Million (USA)

Books A Million has around 20 CAH packs, including two main editions, and a few of the most famous other expansions and editions.

3. Waterstones (UK)

Besides the main game/original edition, you’ll find the Family Edition, The Glow In The Dark, Red Box, Blue Box, Green Box, and Absurd Box at Waterstones. Plus, if you want to buy it online, there is free delivery for the ones living in the UK.

4. Volumes Bookstore (Chicago)

Volumes Bookstore in Chicago has some of your favorite CAH packs too. However, don’t go up there to look for new releases or so. 

5. Quimby’s Bookstore (Chicago)

Talking of bookstores, last but not least is Quimby’s in Chicago, which offers the main editions of Cards Against Humanity.

What Online Stores Sell Cards Against Humanity?

Although retail stores are such a great idea, and safer, to be frank, personally, I’m more of an online buyer because I find it easier. For all my people who feel the same, here are the most trusted shops to buy Cards Against Humanity products:

1. Cardsagainsthumanity.com – the official Cards Against Humanity online store. You can never go wrong if you buy from the official store, which besides being the first to bring all new official products, has the cheapest, most real prices too!

2. Amazon – Isn’t it obvious? Cards Against Humanity is a bestseller on Amazon. Official or unofficial, you will find Cards Against Humanity here too. Expansion packs, editions, carrying cases, and more. Brings all the new packs, right after the official store, and the prices are reasonable as well.   

3. Muggles.cards – one of the best online stores for cards ever! Well, besides the officials, Cards Against Humanity has unofficial versions that are just as fun (actually more fun), but not easy to find. Well, not anymore. ‘Muggles.cards’ has lots of CAH editions, especially themed ones, which come in super cheap prices and amazing quality.

4. Etsy.com –  Yes. Etsy too. Besides bringing you the game packs, you may find other pretty useful products too. We’re thinking of cardholders, CAH-themed shirts, printable cards, and more.

5. eBay – a pretty famous online store. Although eBay sells both new and used products, my experience with eBay, especially when buying card games has always been great. Also, there are lots of CAH packs you may find there!  

Ps. Even though we already mentioned these two above at retail stores, you may also get Cards Against Humanity at online stores of Walmart.com & Target.com, and safe to say, these are 2 of people’s most comfortable choices.

Online Stores vs. Retail Stores – What’s the Easier & Better Way to Buy Cards Against Humanity?

As you have seen already, there are plenty of online shops, and retail shops, where you can find the game. However, there is a downside to both of them… Ying & Yang. Let’s check out all the good and the bad things about these two types of shops when it comes to buying Cards Against Humanity:

Online ShopsRetail Stores
Easy to findx
Safer (especially in pandemic times)x
Check the condition of the productx
Read product reviewsx
Access from anywhere in the worldx
Possibility to pre-orderx
Apply discount codesx

As you can see, buying the game is a lot easier & more convenient in online stores. The only disadvantages are that the shipping might cost you and that you don’t see the product physically before you get it. However, the latter is not a very big deal since you can see the reviews that previous buyers left on the product. 

Meanwhile, in retail stores, you can see the product physically, and know its condition before you buy it. But, it’ll take you time until you get to the place (and money to get there if it is too far). Made your decision yet?

Verifying Your Cards Against Humanity Set

As we mentioned previously, there are a few unofficial, fan-made packs of CAH, and that’s totally okay. However, there are shops selling them and swear that it’s an official game. If at any point you’re doubtful about the set you just bought, you can actually verify whether it is the real deal or not, here: https://www.cah.io/verify.

All you have to do is find the “RealCodes.io” sticker next to the barcode on your Cards Against Humanity set & enter that code in the section that says “Enter that code here (case-sensitive)”, on the link attached above. Finally, click on Verify and it immediately shows you if it’s a real deal or not. 

Have You Heard of Cards Against Humanity Digital Download Version?

…If you didn’t then you didn’t search for the cheapest way to get Cards Against Humanity. Well don’t worry, we’re here for it. All you gotta do is find the PDF cards of your preferred edition, print them out, and get a bit creative on making them cards sturdy and playable.

Or don’t get creative at all. We already have a special article about this, where you might find links for PDF cards of a few editions, tips to make your own cards, and the box as well. Go read it all at Advice on making CAH cards

Special information: Did you know that there are some discount codes you can use when buying your favorite CAH decks? Exactly! All you have to do is go to Cards Against Humanity savings codes, and use whatever code you need, which varies from 5% to 60% discount! 

Final Thoughts

If you were struggling to find a trusted place to buy Cards Against Humanity, you won’t anymore! There are options for both types of buyers, you may read the pros and cons of both ways of buying, and depending on your personal preferences too, you’ll definitely find the perfect place to buy!

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