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Most of us, if not played, at least heard of Cards Against Humanity. It is that party game for horrible people. 

If you only heard of the game, but never played it before, take this as a warning: If you’re sensitive to dark, dirty humor, don’t buy it! We’re talking about the original version/edition. 

But, Cards Against Humanity has family friendly editions too. If you’re that sensitive to such humor, the Family Edition, or Kids Against Maturity are in fact very fun to play. 

The question is, where to buy this game, its editions, its expansion packs, its cases & storages, or any other product related to it?

What are Card Games Terms Expansion Packs, Editions?

Where to Buy Cards Against Humanity?

Cards Against Humanity cannot be found just anywhere. This is surprising considering that the game is one of the most popular card games. 

However, the game can be found in online stores (of course), and in a few retail, or book stores. Meaning there are about just enough options for the online buyers, and the in-person buyers. 

Before we get into that, let’s find out:

Why Can’t You Buy Cards Against Humanity Just Anywhere?

Well, it is a legit question. Especially considering the popularity of the game. A lot of people interested in buying the game, have seen ads on the internet but haven’t really found anything on the actual store. 

The thing about this is that the actual manufacturer of Cards Against Humanity doesn’t want you to just go around any store, look around it and find it in just any of its corners. Novelty, people. Novelty.

Which Retail Stores Sell Cards Against Humanity?

If you’re an in-person buyer, and want to find a store that sells Cards Against Humanity, it’ll be slightly difficult. BUT, not as difficult now. 

Here are the stores (even though a few of them) that you can find the game in:

  1. Walmart(USA)

Surprisingly enough, you can find the game in Walmart too. It is surprising the fact that you can find Cards Against Humanity in a retail store. Yes.

  1. Target(USA)

Yes. You can find Cards Against Humanity at Target, and on 

There’s this option that Target offers through their website, it makes it easier for you to buy the product; It is called “in-store pickup” which is basically paying online, and picking the product at the store. 

  1. WHSmith (UK)

You’ll find the original game/main game, and the Family Edition. You’ll get free delivery if you spend more than $20. 

  1. The Warehouse (New Zealand)

Yes. You can buy the main Cards Against Humanity edition, and the Family Edition there. Though they cost slightly more than they would online, or other stores.

  1. Mr Toys (Italy)

If you go to Mr Toys, you’ll find the main Cards Against Humanity game, the Family Edition, and a few of the expansions. 

Which Bookstores Sell Cards Against Humanity?

WASHINGTON DC – DECEMBER 10 – Cards Against Humanity card game shot in The Washington Post
  1. Barnes and Noble (USA)

You can find the main game Cards Against Humanity, but also three expansions: Red Box, Blue Box, Green Box, and the Family Edition. 

  1. Books a Million (USA)

You’ll find Cards Against Humanity, its edition and expansion packs too. 

  1. Waterstones (UK)

Besides the main game/original edition, you’ll find the Family Edition, Red Box, Blue Box, Green Box, and Absurd Box. Plus, if you want to buy it online, there is free delivery for the ones living in the UK.

Stores That Don’t Sell Cards Against Humanity

These are the stores you don’t want to bother looking for Cards Against Humanity in. 

You might find it surprising, but you already know the reason why you won’t find the game in these stores. 

You won’t find the game at:

Fred Meyer (USA)

You will not find the game at Fred Meyer, nor their website. They do have other adult card games, but not Cards Against Humanity.

KMart (USA)

No, KMart does not have the game. However, for some reason they do have the Kids Against Maturity on their site. Here:

Toys’R’Us (USA)

This one should make sense, since Cards Against Humanity is an adult game. And Toys’R’Us are more of a store for youngsters. 

Sears (USA)

You can find the game online on, but not in the store. 

Party City (USA)

They’ve got classics, puzzles and whatnot, but not Cards Against Humanity. Don’t bother looking there. 

What Online Stores Sell Cards Against Humanity?

As I mentioned above, there are just enough stores available for both types of buyers. 

Personally, I’m more of an online buyer because I find it easier. Of course both ways have their positive and negative sides (we will talk about that later on this article). 

Considering that, and that this is a blog all about card games, of course we know the deal of what and where it is selling. 

Here’s where you can buy Cards Against Humanity online:

  1. – the official Cards Against Humanity online store.

You can browse and check out all their official products there, and if enthusiast enough, you can buy them (it is fairly easy to).

  1. – the best online store for cards ever!

Well, besides the officials, Cards Against Humanity has unofficial versions which are not easy to find. Well, not anymore. 

Editions you had no idea existed, like Cards Against Disney, or Cards Rick and Morty, and a lot more can be found here.

  1. Amazon – obviously…

Cards Against Humanity is a bestseller on Amazon. Official or unofficial, you will find Cards Against Humanity here too. Expansion packs, editions, cases. You search it!

Besides these, you can also find the game in:

Yes, Target too. Editions, packs, bundles. Even though limited, you can find something there.

Besides expansion packs and editions, you can find other unofficial products(things such as earrings, or T-shirts) related to Cards Against Humanity. 

You can find editions, expansion packs, and cases of the game. Also, free shipping is available. 

Sears does not sell them itself, the game is available there through their marketplace sellers.

Online Stores vs Stores – What’s the Easier Way to Buy Cards Against Humanity?

Well, honestly speaking it is a lot easier to find the game online. 

As you have seen already, there are plenty of online shops, where you can find the game. However, there is a downside to it…

Let’s check out all the good and the bad things of online shops and stores when it comes to Cards Against Humanity:

Online StoresRetail Stores/Stores
Easy to findx
Time savingx
Safer (pandemic wise)x
See the condition of the productx
See product reviews
Access from anywhere in the worldx

As you can see, buying the game is a lot easier in online stores. The only disadvantages are that the shipping might cost you, and that you don’t see the product physically before you get it. 

However, the latter is not a very big deal since you can see the reviews that previous buyers left on the product. 

Meanwhile on retail stores you can see the product physically, know its condition before you buy it. But, it’ll take you time until you get to the place (and money to get there if it is too far).

IN CONCLUSION: Buy it online for hell’s sake!

Verifying Your Cards Against Humanity Set

We all know about popular things having fake “fanmade” versions. It happens to Nike, to Givenchy, to Apple, the list goes endlessly on…

Just like other popular things this happens with a popular card game such as Cards Against Humanity too. 

So, if you’re doubtful about the set you just bought, you can actually verify whether it is the real deal or not, here:

All you have to do is, find the “” sticker next to the barcode on your Cards Against Humanity set. And enter that code on the section where it says “Enter that code here (case-sensitive”. 

You click verify. 

And you find out whether your set is the real deal, or the fake deal. I know, super easy!

Have You Heard of Cards Against Humanity Digital Download Version?

If you didn’t then you didn’t search for the cheapest way to get Cards Against Humanity.

It costs you a lot less than buying the cards. Instead, you purchase the cards that usually come in a pdf file as a digital download. 

Once that is done (the purchase, and the download), you print the papers in any paper thickness you wish, and finally cut them.

A little bit of DIY will make you love and keep the cards more. You can also laminate them if you feel like giving it that feeling of fabricated cards.

What is Cards Against Humanity?

Cards Against Humanity “is a party game for horrible people.”

It is an adult card game which is loved and played a lot. It is one of the most favorite card games out there.

Some Cards are hard to catch and weird but you can learn cards meaning of them here.

How to Play Cards Against Humanity?

The game is popular for a few reasons, one of them is the simplicity of the game. 

The game can be played by 4-20 players, but if you’re not 4 there are ways you can play Cards Against Humanity with 2-3 players.

The rules of Cards Against Humanity are very simple. To put them briefly:

  1. Card Czar – the judge
  2. Black Cards – question/fill in the blank cards.
  3. White Cards – answer cards.
  4. Choose a Card Czar of the round, they’ll also read the Black Card for the round.
  5. Everyone except the Card Czar gets 10 White Cards.
  6. After the Black Card is read, each of the players pick a card from their hand and put it faced down on the table. 
  7. The Card Czar reads the combinations, and decides which one is the funniest.
  8. New round=New Card Czar.

That’s all you’ve got to know about the basic rules. However, the game can get more fun if you include other rules too. 

In case you’re curious: Rules of Cards Against Humanity Made Simple


There are options for both types of buyers. However, it is pretty obvious which way is easier and somewhat ‘better’…

Oh for god’s sake! It’s ONLINE STORES! You’re welcome.

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