The Bridesmaids’ Drinking Game: An All-Time Favorite! 

The Bridesmaids Drinking Game - Cover Photo

By all means, we could mention the Bridesmaids’ drinking game at the bachelorette party games, but we thought this elite game deserves an article of its own. However, the game isn’t exactly about the bridesmaids you’re thinking of. It’s not made precisely about the pretty besties of the bride-to-be. We bet you’ll be glad to know the game is all related to the Bridesmaids movie of 2011! 

Long story short, all that is expected to do from you, is play the movie and drink every time our sweet instructions tell you to. You need no extra equipment, either a specific number of people or strict rules. You just must bring your will to have fun and you’ll be perfectly fine!

  • Pieces of information you need to know;
  • Take a sip of your drink;
  • Finish your drink;
  • Summarize;

Pieces Of Information You Need To Know

The most precious thing about this movie drinking game is that it only requires some basic equipment. We may say you can’t live without them. Specifically, here’s what you’ll need to prepare before playing:

  • A device to watch Bridesmaids’ movie in. It is available on Netflix, and some free websites, such as 123Movies.
  • Glasses or cups of your choice for each player.
  • Drinks, alcoholic of course, but bring some non-alcoholic ones, you know, just in case you need them. 

Even though it works fine even as a single-player game, meaning you could play it by yourself, however, drinking together with a bunch of friends is always more enjoyable. So, invite as many people as you want, start watching the movie & getting tipsy!

Take A Sip Of Your Drink Every Time:

Take A Sip Of Your Drink Every Time...
  • Someone calls Annie by her name;
  • One of the characters swears or curses;
  • The word ‘Bridesmaid’ is said;
  • Someone cries (keep the tissues close to you though);
  • People kiss on the screen;
  • Any of the actors sing;
  • Annie makes things way more difficult than they actually are;
  • They remind you how stupid Brynn and Gil are;
  • Anyone drinks (and they do that a lot, just as if they were playing drinking games);
  • Annie’s mum’s pieces of art are shown in the movie;
  • Big movie stars are starring in the movie (including Kristen Wiig, Matt Bennett, Melisa McCarthy, etc.); 
  • Rita repeats how much she hates her family;
  • ‘Cake Baby’ is said by someone;
  • Annie is holding a drink or a bottle of wine;
  • One of the characters says ‘f*ck’ or ‘sex’;
  • Anyone mentions something about the wedding or the word itself;
  • Annie says ‘Oh my God!’ (it’s not the Janice’s from Friends OMG though!);
  • Someone talks or says something in French;
  • You see Hon Hamm or Rebel Wilson;
  • There’s a discussion going on about tail lights;
  • Anyone pukes or feels sick;
  • Annie’s bakery is mentioned or seen;
  • Megan tells how much she wants to fight a specific person;
  • A character gets food poisoning;
  • Someone says ‘blindfolded’;
  • You feel bad for what Annie is going through;
  • There’s a toast happening;
  • Annie has a public breakdown;
  • Anyone mentions Paris;
  • You recognize an actor from another movie;
  • Someone is on the plane;
  • Annie ignores voicemails;
  • Any of the characters talk about the bachelorette or anything related;
  • A song is playing in the background (mostly when they walk down the aisle);
  • The main character embarrasses herself;
  • There’s an adults-only scene on the movie;
  • Anybody poops, which, to be frank, is not that satisfying to watch;

Finish Your Drink When:

Finish Your Drink When..._1
  • Annie tells people she and her bestie had taken Spanish classes together;
  • Lilian’s bridal shower is ruined;
  • Someone gets into a car accident;
  • Helen & Annie become friends;
  • Megan actually fights someone;
  • One of the characters says a sexual metaphor (which you wish you didn’t understand);
  • They’re looking to find Lillian since she disappeared;
  • The wedding finally happens;


We totally agree that this game could be played by all genders, by all types of people, but of course, we believe that our ladies will adore it most! Well, especially if you’re actually having a bridal party and your bridesmaids as well, so you have tons of reasons to party & drink. While we’re on this topic, just a friendly reminder, don’t forget to take care of the party t-shirts

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