23 Best Of Bridal Shower Games & Activities- Brides To Be Love ‘Em!

Bridal Shower Party Games

Now, what is this bridal shower? Don’t we have the bachelorette and bachelorette card games? Isn’t it enough? 

Here’s the thing: The bachelorette is a mix of fun & meant to kinda prepare the bride for her ‘new’ life, while the bachelorette is all about losing the track and having as much fun as possible!

One of the main reasons why we love these games so much is because most of them don’t require something special, so you don’t have to spend money. You’ll spend enough organizing the wedding, don’t worry!

After doing our research as always, we picked the games that made the most sense and were really fun, not just some random ones. We also tested them in bridal parties, to see if the bride and her guests really enjoyed them & and this is how we came out with the games you’re about to read the following.

No doubt you’ll find the perfect games for your personality, but you’ll also get information about every little detail related to them!

Here’s what this article is all about:

  • How Do You Organize the Best Bridal Shower?;
  • Picking The Right Game;
  • The Games List: 
  1. Find The Guest
  2. Make The Best Cocktail 
  3. Put A Ring On It 
  4. Be Creative, Finish The Poem
  5. Bride And Groom Questions
  6. Love Songs 
  7. Recipe Contest
  8. Wedding Details
  9. Mordun
  10. Finish The Phrase
  11. True Or False 
  12. Pass The Rice
  13. Cold Feet
  14. Guess The Age Of The Bride
  15. Would She Rather?
  16. Make The Perfect Dress
  17. Bridal Scratch And Win
  18. Tell The Memories
  19. Emoji Pictionary
  20. Put The Ring On The Bottle
  21. Never Have I Ever Girls Edition
  22. Finish The Lyrics
  23. Guess It Or Drink It 
  • What’s Our Final Word?  

How Do You Organize The Best Bridal Shower?

Even if you’re making a surprise for your bride-to-be bestie, or you’re organizing your own shower, it’ll take lots of time and creative ideas! But, you don’t have to worry ‘bout it anymore, we’re life savers!

It’s something like hosting a game night, but, a bit more complicated. Here’s what you’ll have to take care of: 

  • Plan your budget. Of course you’ll want to have fun and all, but you don’t have to spend so much on unnecessary stuff. Make a list, do the math, and analyze how much you’re about to spend.
  • Take care of the decorations. The first thing that we pay attention to at a bridal party are the decorations, it is a fact! We’re not saying to spend every penny, you can make cute decorations out of simple things, all you need is some creativity!
  • Create your guests list. Well, we don’t want you to invite people you don’t really love. You know, people sometimes tend to invite people just because the ‘tradit’ says so. We’d recommend you to spend your bridal with your most important people, so, pay attention when inviting them!
  • Make a good playlist. It’s known worldwide, girls LOVE dancing and singing (even if they don’t have a clue how to sing). That’s why, do some research and find some good songs. Don’t forget ‘The Single Ladies’ though!
  • Make a good food menu. You don’t want to let your guests get hungry, do you? Get some snacks, finger foods, pizza, alcoholic drinks, sodas, and you know, everything that is tasty!!!
  • Don’t you dare forget the games. What? What games? The bridal shower games! The ones we’ll show you in this article, and we undoubtedly know you’ll love them. You’re welcome 🙂

Picking The Best Game

Play more than one game/ activity: Since the bridal night is long and it isn’t just about a few minutes, the best choice would be if you pick 2 or more games to play. That’s how you’ll have different activities, and there would be more ways to break the ice between your guests. Also, the more games, everything will definitely become more delightful.

Start with questions & answers. The best way to start the bridal shower is finding a way to lay the first stone. And, the best way is to ask questions related to the bride or the other guests, so they all get to know stuff about each other, and no one feels being left out or forgotten.

Do you wanna use your brain, or do you just want to dance and have fun? Some of our games, just like ‘Write A Poem’ or ‘Finish That Thought’(and more), require some concentration and ideas as well. But, this can sometimes be boring if you’re a group of people who are not into these things, so you probably have to look for other games, such as ‘Put A Ring On It’ or ‘Cold Feet’.

For different groups of people, choose some conversation starters. If you have invited people who haven’t actually met each other earlier, you’ll have to find something to make them all feel involved and feel like they know each other for a long time. A specific game could be ‘Never Have I Ever’, ‘True Or False’, or others, because you’ll all tell a lot about yourself.

You can also add some drinks to the game. Except for the games that require drinking (Guess It Or Drink It, Make The Best Cocktail), you can also add drinks to random games, for example, as a punishment for the loser. If you make the worst toilet paper dress, you have to drink, if you fail finishing the lyrics, you drink again! You make the rules girl, it’s your world!!!

1. Find The Guest

Find The Guest Game

You’ll need: Game sheets (optional) | Best for: People who know each other.

This is a great activity, especially if you all know each other in a way or another, so you know who’s related to those questions.

No, not just for people who know each other. It works just as great if they haven’t ever met earlier, no problem at all! This is how when someone tags someone else for a specific question, they get to know details for every guest in the room. 

As you get it, it is an awesome ice breaker. Here are some questions you can use:

  • Has traveled to 10+ countries;
  • Drives the same car as you;
  • Married in the last year;
  • Plans to have more than 2 kids;
  • Is left handed.

(These  remind me of ‘Who’s Most Likely To’ questions, not gonna lie!)

2. Make The Best Cocktail 

Make The Best Cocktail

You’ll need: Alcoholic & Non Alcoholic drinks | Best for: A group where everyone drinks.

If you’re looking for a good drinking activity, this is probably the one. You should have some knowledge on mixing and making cocktails, we don’t wanna poison each other, do we? 

You all compete to make the best cocktail for the bride. At the end, she tastes them and decides which is the tastiest one. After that, you all drink!

Here are some make-at-home cocktails:

  • Cosmopolitan cocktail; 
  • Raspberry gin;
  • Vietnamese mojito;
  • Pink negroni.

3. Put A Ring On It

Put A Ring On It Game

You’ll need: Ring Gummies & Chopsticks | Best for: Everyone!!!

This should be one of my favourite bridal games ever! It’s fun, and it is actually amazing even if you have some teenagers or kids at your party.

You all seperate in two groups, and the point is to be the first to put 10 gummies in the chopstick, ONLY using your mouth, no hands allowed!

It’s not as easy as it looks, trust us!

4. Be Creative, Finish The Poem

Be Creative, Finish The Poem

You’ll need: A paper & a pen | Best for: Creative minds.

If you wanna do an activity that will be a memory forever, do this one, ASAP! What you have to do, is you ask your guests to write a line about you & and your foon to be husband.

Anyone can start first, and then each one continues the line, until the paper comes back to the player who started first & this is how they create a poem for their favourite bride! (You can also use funny phrases though)

We recommend you to fold the paper, so they won’t know who wrote what!

5. Bride And Groom Questions

Bride And Groom Questions

You’ll need: Paper | Best for: Parties where there’s a groom as well.

Will the groom attend the bridal??? What!? Well, there are no rules anymore, you can do whatever you want!!! You can also have the groom for a few minutes, so your guests can ask you both questions (they’ll especially tease your future husband, you know, girls!!!).

(You can make them write the answers so you’ll know if they give the same answers)

Anywayssss, here are some questions to help you out:

  • What did you do on your first date?;
  • Who will cry first on the big day?;
  • Who is the pickier eater?;
  • Who met the future in-laws first?

6. Love Songs

Guess The Song

You’ll need: Songs! | Best for: Every girl that loves music!

One of the simplest, but yet, lots of fun. You won’t stop laughing when your girls mess up… You can use bride themed songs, but random songs work great!

So, you (or any other) play a short verse of a song, and the first to guess the singer (or the song, based on your rules), wins one point.

You can use some small gifts for the one who guesses the most songs, and, the one who loses, has to drink. Yeyy!!!

If you need some songs, don’t worry, that’s why we’re here:

  • Thinking Out Loud – Ed Sheeran;
  • Love On Top – Beyonce;
  • Let’s Get Married – Jagged Edge;
  • Everything – Michael Bublé.

7. Recipe Contest

Recipe Contest

You’ll need: Papers & pens | Best for: Girls that know recipes.

You know when we said the bridal shower is also about preparing the new wife? Yes, that’s right! This is one of them.

You can make some diy cards, and that’s very easy, but if you have a busy schedule, you can also order some blank recipe cards on Amazon.

To make it easier for your girls, you can tell them in their invitation to think of a good recipe to share with you.

They all write their favourite recipes, including the ingredients, preparation time, process, and more. At the end, you choose your favourite one. (You’ll use them all though…)

 8. Wedding Details

Guess The Wedding Details

You’ll need: Details list | Best for: All girls.

Is guessing stuff one of your strong points? Well, check out this activity. Making your guests guess the details it’s lots of fuuun… Especially when they have no idea if they’re right or wrong. Don’t you dare give them any hint!

Some of the things they have to guess can be these:

  • Flowers color;
  • Chairs decor;
  • Special food;
  • Cake color/ design.

9. MORDUN – $10.99


You’ll need: Set of cards | Best for: Lucky girls!

The game of luck! Yes it is! It has no complicated instructions… First, make sure to have 2 photos of the groom and cut the face as a circle, so it matches the blank place in the cards.

There are 46 celebrity cards and 2 blank ones (as I mentioned). It also comes with scratch stickers, so the game organizer puts them in the face of the character in the cards, and the other girls should scratch off them. 

The 2 girls who luckily find the groom’s face in the cards, win!

10. Finish The Phrase 

Finish The Sentence

You’ll need: A words list| Best for: Girls who really know the bride.

Who knows the bride best? Actually, who has telepathy with her? You all get the list (including the bride) and you guess what the bride thinks after reading that word. 

For example, finish the thought : What does the bride think when she’s reading holy? 

At the end, check the papers and see which of the maids’ answers matches best with the bride’s answers. 

11. True Or False

True Or False

You’ll need: Facts! | Best for: Open people.

Do you want all your guests to socialize with each other and feel like they know each other for years? Of course you do!

Make them all say 3 facts out loud: Two of them should be true, and one should be a lie. Yes, just like two truths and one lie, exactly!

Next, they all have to guess which one is the lie. Use prizes and punishments for the one who guesses most and least!

12. Pass The Rice

Pass The Rice Game

You’ll need: Rice | Best for: Energetic people

How are you as a teammate? As you can see, this game is supposed to be played between two teams.

Here’s the thing: At one end of the room you’re staying in, have 2 bowls full of rice, and, at the other side of the room, put 2 empty bowls (or any other container).

Every team should create a row, and pass the rice hand to hand, from the full bowl to the empty one. The team who ‘transports’ all the rice first, wins!

13. Cold Feet

Cold Feet

You’ll need: A bowl with ice, rings | Best for: Girls who love coldness

This is as cold as it looks! We don’t wanna give your guests a cold, but, anyways… Basically, you’ll have to put your feet on a freaking iced water bowl…

You put some rings in the water (plastic, or other cheap ones), and taking turns you have to take the rings out of the bowl using your feet. Don’t fool yourself, it’s not that easy sis, you’re gonna freeze….

14. Guess The Age 

Guess The Age

You’ll need: Photos | Best for: Girls Who Are Good At Guessing

This one’s one of the cutest games. Looking at all your beautiful memories. Going through every stage of your life….

First, choose some photos (10-15 would be fine) of you from different ages. Let your guests guess what age you were in specific photos. The girl who guesses the most, what are you waiting for, give her a gift! 

15. Would She Rather?

Would She Rather
EPS10 vector file

You’ll need: A list of questions | Best for: Everyone

You have probably heard about the ‘Would You Rather’ game… This is a little different. First, you have to suppose what the bride would rather do, then, she tells you all who was right.

Some of the questions can be:

  • Mexican takeout OR Chinese takeout;
  • Cook dinner OR Do the dishes;
  • Get a piercing OR Get a tattoo;
  • Red wine OR White wine;

16. Make The Perfect Dress

Make The Perfect Dress

You’ll need: Toilet Paper | Best for: Creative people

You’re gonna need some fabric, scissors, a sewing machine… Lol, no, just kidding… Do you have some rolls of toilet paper? That’s all we need!

Create some groups with 3-5 people in each group. One girl in every group should be the ‘bride’. The other members have to make her a dress out of toilet paper (that can turn out very creative though).

You together choose the most realistic & beautiful dress. It’s gonna be very obvious!

17. Bridal scratch And Win – $9.99

Bridal Scratch And Win

You’ll need: Cards | Best for: Everyone! 

What is it with me and these scratch games? Nothing, they’re just fun! This activity has a total of 30 cards, and only 3 of them are winning cards.

Is this a lottery? Well, kinda yes… It is all about luck. All of you should scratch off the cards, and whoever finds out that in their card is written ‘winner’, they win a gift (whoever makes the party should take care of the gifts).

18. Tell The Memories

Tell The Memories

You’ll need: Strong Memory | Best for: Girls who have memories with the bride.

It’s time for one heartwarming game… No doubt! You can make each other cry, let me tell you.

Here’s how it works: All your girls have to write their favourite memory with you (it can also be a bad one that helped you grow), but, without mentioning their name. The bride has to guess who wrote what. Everytime she guesses it wrong, she takes a shot!

19. Emoji Pictionary

Emoji Pictionary

You’ll need: A printable (or DIY) list | Best for: Girls who use emojis

As simple as it looks. You just have to concentrate and try to connect the emojis together, that’s how you find out a word or sentence.

Let’s test it out: What do you think the first one in the picture means? C’mon now, this is easy. It’s the bride to be!!!

20. Put The Ring On The Bottle

Put The Ring On The Bottle

You’ll need: Diy (or Amazon) bottles & rings | Best for: Punctual people.

Are you good at throwing things and putting them right into their place? You’ll definitely be good at this game.

You place all the bottles on a table or on the floor. Next, all of you use all the rings and see how many of them you can shoot in the bottles. The loser drinks (and everyone else though)!

21. Never Have I Ever Girls Edition – $12.95

Never Have I Ever Girls Edition

You’ll need: The cards set | Best for: Girls who do not get blushed for anything!

No doubt every edition of Never Have I Ever is amazing. But… but! This girls edition is just another level! 

This is all about spilling the tea and telling all the crazy stuff you have done back when you were ‘little’. Here’s what questions you can find inside:

  • Never Have I Ever stalked an ex bf/gf on Facebook;
  • Never Have I Ever been the “I know I’m sexy drunk.’;
  • Never Have I Ever used a dating site;

Every card has a FYI (for your information) that tells a fact for any detail in the question.

22. Finish The Lyrics

Finish The Lyrics

You’ll need: Songs | Best for: Anyone who likes music

You should know what ‘finish the lyrics’ is. If you don’t.. Idk, I have no words left!

You find some good songs that you think are more famous and your babes can finish the song.

You take turns and see which group can finish more lyrics. Here are some cute song:

  • Beyonce – All The Single Ladies;
  • Bruno Mars- Just The Way You Are;
  • Rihanna – Diamonds;
  • Whitney Huston – I Wanna Dance With Somebody.

23. Guess It Or Drink It

Guess It Or Drink It

You’ll need: Questions, drinks | Best for: Girls that drink

Last but not least, guess it or drink it! How do you play this? You (the bride to be) ask your guests a question: If they guess it, you drink, if they don’t, they take a shot.

List of other drinking card games.

Don’t use basic questions, try to find something more deep, this is how they’ll get to know you better. I mean, you can use somethings like these:

  • What do you think is my favourite thing about my man?;
  • Where did the groom propose me?;
  • Did we first date secretly?;
  • What was my nickname when I was a kid?


First things first, we really hope you enjoyed the games we have chosen for you. No, we don’t hope, we know you loved them!

Don’t forget to take a look at our tips, so it’ll be easier for you to choose the perfect games for your bridal shower!

We tried to make a mix of activities, including drinking games (don’t forget you can also read about some more diy drinking card games), conversation starters, questions and answers, team games, and more!

Till next time, look at the bride side!


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