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225 Amazing Questions To Play Who’s Most Likely To… For All People And Groups.

Who's Most Likely To

Who’s most likely to LOVE this article? All of you, of course! I mean, yes, we have dozens of amazing card games, adult card games & family card games, and appreciably more, but, we need something extra, don’t we? What’s better than Who’s Most Likely To… game? I know, probably nothing… Fun fact: This was […]

Cards Against Muggles: A Special Review For Our Potterheads

Cards Against Muggles

“Don’t let the muggles get you down”- Ronald Weasley. No, I know you won’t. A Potterhead doesn’t give up easily. If you haven’t ever heard about Harry Potter, I don’t know what to say. Are you living on Earth? Harry Potter was first a book series, written by the amazing J.K.Rowling, and the first novel […]

Is Cards Against Disney Really Against Disney? – Review

Review of Cards Against Disney

Don’t let the kids hear about this name. How can something be against Disney? Against THEIR Disney! You’d be in trouble! I suppose you’re a Disney fan, since you’re reading this. I know you’re dying to know what Cards Against Disney is. I mean, why against Disney? What’s the content? Cards Against Disney is another […]

17+ Amazing Couples Card Games – Get to know your partner more

Spin the wheel of love

(Beyonce singing) All the single ladies! All the single ladies! All the single ladies! Now put your hands up(And the single gentlemen)… But don’t read this article!   You may get heartbroken. All you’ll hear is love, partners… It’s for your best dear! Have you ever heard a couple that’s been married for some years […]

14 Ways to Play Cards Against Humanity Online

Cards Against Humanity Online

Cards Against Humanity is irreplaceable, don’t try to change my mind! During the lockdown, we for sure needed some ideas to play this card game online. You didn’t know you could?  Not only during quarantine but playing this piece of artwork, from distance, works incredibly well in other situations as well! If you’re living far […]