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What Is a Muggle in the Harry Potter World?

What Is A Muggle In The Harry Potter World - Cover Photo

No matter how many times you’ve watched or read the Harry Potter series, you’ve definitely noticed the word ‘Muggle’ being mentioned thousands of times. If you need to clarify and understand these terms so you don’t get lost, read this article, or just look for the things you need an explanation for. You’re welcome Potterhead!  […]

Best 20 Family Reunion Games To Make The Reunion Remarkable!

Family Reunion Games - Cover Photo

Family reunions can be anxious. Mainly if it includes inviting some cousins you haven’t met in the last 10 years. That’s what happened to me. Luckily, I’ve already made a list of games, that absolutely killed the boredom, and made the reunion less awkward. Since I can’t gatekeep information, I will share this list with […]

New Releases for Cards Against Humanity in 2023

Cards Against Humanity 2023 Releases - Cover Photo

We are all eyes & ears whenever CAH releases some new products. It could be just as stupid as a hidden letter in mayonnaise, or a box of onions (the real ones know what I’m talking about), but it’s still exciting. These last few months, were Cards Against Humanity’s months. And clearly, we’re here to […]