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Top 19 Card & Party Games Similar To Never Have I Ever: Their Uniqueness Is The Key!

Games Similar To Never Have I Ever - Cover Photo

Aight, Never Have I Ever is cool, I’m afraid I agree with you… After time goes by, you may get tired from playing the same game all over again till you remember every single question, and some variations won’t hurt, accurate? Our Tinkerbell told us you were looking for something quite similar to your very […]

All You Need To Know About Waterfall Drinking Game: Rules, Ideas & More!

Waterfall Drinking Game - Cover Photo

It’s unbelievable how creative a human’s mind could get. They name a drinking game WATERFALL! Imagine having a waterfall but with beers instead of water… Okay, let’s get back to reality. This drinking card game is what you’ll need for your next party. I feel like you need to know that the basic rules of […]

Friends Drinking Game: Take Some Shots While Watching Your Comfort Show

Friends Drinking Game - Cover Photo

(Janice’s voice) OH MY GOD!!! A Friends drinking game, the moment we’ve all been waiting for! We can all now drink while watching our favorite sitcom. If you didn’t know, the series finale has reached around 52.5 million American viewers, let alone if we count watchers from all around the world! Friends is definitely a […]