Top 15 Coolest Marvel Card Games For Our Cool Marvelites!

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Knock, knock! Who’s there? Hulk. Hulk who? Hulk smash his way into your heart! Huh, here’s what we’re gonna do with these games: smash our way into your hearts!

We thought of making a special article for all the Marvel cool people, specifically, writing about dozens of card games that bring fun and memories back. You’re missing Spiderman, Hulk, Captain America, Doctor Strange, Thor, and all the others? Well, great news! It’s time to meet them again!

Here are today’s specials:

  • The card games: 
  1. 5 minute Marvel;
  2. Marvel Fluxx;
  3. UNO Flip Marvel;
  4. Eye Found It!;
  5. Cards Against Marvel;
  6. Smash Up;
  7. Marvel Champions;
  8. Codenames;
  9. Apples To Apples;
  10. Box Against Avenger;
  11. Say What You See;
  12. Aquarius Playing Cards;
  13. Who’s Your Hero?;
  14. Munchkin Marvel;
  15. Marvel Quiz Game;
  • Choosing the best Marvel game: Questions to answer;
  • Conclusion: What’s best about these games?

1. 5 Minute Marvel

5 Minute Marvel

What? Only 5 minutes in Marvel? You judgy human! You can’t imagine what fun 5 minutes can bring! Let’s dive into details:

  • 5 Minute Marvel is available at Amazon (for $24.93) and Walmart (for $43.78);
  • A fast-paced cooperative card game, made by Spin Master;
  • Designed for 2-5 players, ages 8+;
  • Includes 285 cards, 6 bosses, 10 hero mats;
  • Decide between the Marvel Heroes, and choose the one you’ll play;
  • Unite with the other heroes, then fight and outwit the villains;
  • Encourages teamwork & builds strategy skills.

2. Marvel Fluxx

Marvel Fluxx

We talked about Fluxx earlier, didn’t we? Well, the Marvel edition is a whole new level! You don’t think so?

  • Marvel Fluxx is available at Amazon (for $16.99) and Walmart (for $29.99);
  • A card game brought to you by Spin Master, once again;
  • Made for 2 to 6 players, ages 8 or older;
  • There are 100 cards in the game, and 1 Collector’s coin;
  • 35 goal cards, 27 keepers, 23 new rules, 21 actions, bonus cards;
  • Collect the keepers, try to match the goals, play based on the new rules & complete the actions;
  • When the goals get completed, the game ends. 

3. UNO Flip Marvel

Uno Flip Marvel

It’s Uno’s time to shine! All the cards are Marvel-themed, including heroes & villains. But, is it the same as the main Uno game? 

  • UNO Flip Marvel is available at Amazon ($4.79), Shop Mattel ($6.49), and Target (4.79);
  • The classic game of UNO, with two sides of cards, made by Mattel Games;
  • Designed to be played by people over the age of 7, for 2 to 10 players;
  • Includes 112 cards, double-sided;
  • Feature Iron Man, Blank Panther, Captain America, and more favorite characters;
  • A card has both the heroes’ side and villains’ side;
  • Follow the instructions and play each card, just as in normal UNO
  • Remember: When you have only 1 card left, shout ‘UNO!’

4. Eye Found It

Eye Found It

What did the eye find? Well, we’ll find out together. It is very creative, and we definitely love the box!!! Let’s go:

  • Eye Found It! is available at Amazon (for $9.99) or Barnes & Noble (for $7.99);
  • A hidden picture card game, made by Ravensburger;
  • Works great for 2 or more players, ages 3+;
  • Has 57 full-color cards inside;
  • There are beautiful Marvel illustrations in the cards & the box;
  • Adults and kids love it. Actually, this game teaches kids amazing lessons;
  • Follow the instructions, flip the top card of the deck, watch out for the hidden characters or objects, and win!

5. Cards Against Marvel

Cards Against Marvel

Oh man, it’s finally a Cards Against Humanity fan-made edition! It’s time to make some funny combinations, and all related to your favorite heroes or even villains:

  • You can get Cards Against Marvel at DuoCards (for $9.95);
  • A party card game, made by CAH & Marvel fans;
  • Includes a total of 944 cards, divided into 298 blue and 646 white ones;
  • Made for adults only, over the age of 17, for 4 to 20+ players;
  • The Card Czar reads the blue cards, the other players pick one of their white cards to fill in the blank. You know it already: CAH rules;
  • The funniest answer gets one awesome point, and whoever has the most awesome points wins the game!

6. Smash Up

Smash Up

What are we going to smash up? We’re gonna smash up fun! Lots of fun! Now, honestly, what’s this game about?

  • Smash Up Marvel is available at Amazon ($26.82) or The Op Games ($34.99);
  • This card game is made by The Op Games;
  • Including 160 cards, divided into 8 sections, base cards & card dividers;
  • There are 4 heroes and 4 villains in the game;
  • Features Spider-Verse, Avengers, Hydra, Kree, Masters Of Evil, and more;
  • Make different combinations, smash groups, and create whatever scenario you want;
  • Choose your combos, and score your victory!

7. Marvel Champions

Marvel Champions

All Marvel characters are champions, aren’t they? Well, of course, excluding the filthy villains. They bring no good!

  • Marvel Champions is available at Amazon ($63.99) or Walmart ($55.99);
  • A strategy card game made by Fantasy Flight Games;
  • Designed to be played by 1-4 players, ages 14+;
  • There are about 350 cards which include She-Hulk, Spider-man, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, IronMan, and the others;
  • You pick your favorite hero and battle as them;
  • Balance your hero’s strength and weakness, and stop the villains;
  • Complete the challenges and survive the attacks.

8. Codenames

Codenames Marvel

It’s Codenames y’all! Who could say no to that!? Identifying spies is the key in the main game, right? But, what about this Marvel edition? 

  • Marvel Codenames could be found at Amazon ($21.49) or Walmart ($32.74);
  • A party card game, brought by USAOPOLY;
  • Works best with 2-8 or more players, ages 9 and up;
  • Contains a total of 265 cards, including 200 asset cards, 40 key cards, and 25 agents (team) cards;
  • Could be played in teams or individually;
  • Each team has its directors, which give clues and help identify the assets.

9. Apples To Apples

Apples To Apples

Who would’ve thought there’s an Apples To Apples Marvel edition? Well, turns out it is! We don’t wanna spoil it, but it is infinite fun:

  • You may find this card game at Amazon ($13.50) or Walmart ($14.99);
  • Guess what, this is another game made by Mattel!;
  • Made for people who are 12 and up, for 4 to 9 players;
  • There are more than 300 cards in the box, red apple, and green apple cards;
  • Take turns being the judge, and each judge should start by playing a green apple card;
  • The other players should play a red apple from their hand to make a combination;
  • The best combination wins. Ps. be careful with the special cards!

10. Box Against Avengers

Box Against Avengers

Here’s one more card game related to CAH. We couldn’t continue without mentioning it, sorry not sorry! Avengers is Marvel’s kid, right?

  • Box Against Avengers is available at DuoCards (for $9.95);
  • Another unofficial CAH edition, made by Avengers’ fans;
  • Made for 4-20 or more players, ages 17 and up;
  • Includes a total of 239 cards;
  • You’ll have fun making jokes (including dirty ones) about your favorite, and not only, Avenger characters;
  • Make the funniest combinations between white & black cards, and get one awesome point!

11. Say What You See

Say What You See

Let’s deal with Marvel Comics! If you’re good at guessing, you’ll do great in this game as well. What are this game’s specifics?

  • Say What You See is available at Amazon ($19.49) or Showbags ($12.95);
  • A quick-fire card game made by Paladone;
  • Designed to be played by 2-4 players, ages 8 and more;
  • Comes with 79 cards and 2 cardholders;
  • You should pass the cards’ box and guess what the illustrations in the cards represent, meaning, one of the characters;
  • Seems simple, but, let me tell you, there’s so much competition!

12. AQUARIUS Playing Cards

AQUARIUS Playing Cards

Getting tired of using normal classic cards? Well, here are Marvel Avengers-themed cards to add the sparkle! What cards are in this deck, specifically?

  • Marvel Playing Cards, available at Amazon ($9.99) or SeriousCards($6.95);
  • Playing cards made by Aquarius;
  • Includes 52 normal cards and 2 jokers;
  • All the cards have Marvel characters drawn on them;
  • Each card is unique, and of course, there are cards from 1-9 and the Court (Kings, Queens, and Jacks);
  • Work best for every possible classic-card game, even for drinking ones;

13. Who’s Your Hero?

Who's Your Hero

C’mon now, tell us who’s your hero! It brings all your superheroes to life, so, it’ll feel like watching the movies all over again. Ah, it is so unique! 

  • Who’s Your Hero? is available at Amazon ($8.99) and eBay ($15.95);
  • A creative card game made by Top Trumps;
  • Includes 30 cards inside the plastic box;
  • Features Agent Venom, Ant-man, Black Panther, Captain America, Carnage, and more;
  • Choose your best stat, compete with the others, and collect the cards!;
  • Each card (character) has its own Strength, Skill, Size, Wisecracks, Mystique, and Top Trumps Rating, which will give your heroes strength;

14. Munchkin Marvel

Munchkin Marvel

(Drum rolls in the background) It’s Munchkin Marvel, humans!!! Did you know that Munchkin means tiny? Hello tiny Marvel:

  • Munchkin Marvel is available at Amazon ($22.98) or Target ($20.49);
  • A role-playing card game, developed by USAopoly;
  • Includes 168 playing cards, 6 role cards, and 6 plastic trackers;
  • This card game is meant to be played by 3 to 6 players, ages 10 and up;
  • There are characters from all around Marvel Universe, such as Mandarin, Red Skull, Hydra Soldier, Iron-Man, and you know the others already!;
  • Open the door, look for the monster/villain, fight them, grab treasures, and reach the specific level to win;
  • You’ll also meet some agents of S.H.I.E.L.D!

15. Marvel Quiz Game

Marvel Quiz Game

You thought we’ll talk about 15 Marvel games and not a single quiz game? Turns out you guessed wrong! This time you’ll for sure test your Marvel knowledge!

  • Marvel Quiz Game is available at Amazon ($14.95) or Top Trumps ($14.99);
  • An entertaining card game, made by Top Trumps;
  • There are over 500 questions in the game;
  • It can be played by 2 or more people, ages 12+;
  • Includes questions from both the movies and books;
  • Play individually or in teams. It’s better if there are only 2 opponents;
  • You read the questions and the other team should answer. It continues this way until they guess it wrong;
  • Just as simple as that. Test your memory, fellas!

Tips On Choosing The Best Marvel Game For You

For the best results, make sure you answer these questions about yourself. 

Do you want to play & fight as your favorite character? If you’re that addicted to a specific Marvel character, it makes you feel very confident & happy if you have the chance to be them. ‘5 Minute Marvel’, ‘Marvel Champions’, ‘Who’s Your Hero?’, are some examples of what I’m talking about. Pick your hero, and start competing! 

Are you more into teamwork games or individual? No worries, you may find lots of both types. If you want to work in teams, you’ll need more players. I assume 4 would be enough. If interested in these games, you may consider playing ‘Codenames’, ‘Marvel Quiz Game’, and so on. On the other hand, the remaining games work quite better if you’re all competing for yourself.  

Are Cards Against Humanity lookalike games your type? If yes, great news, we also added these kinds of games to our list! You have the chance to make jokes about your favorite (or not-so) superheroes or even monsters and have tons of laughs. There may exist more, but our favorites are definitely ‘Cards Against Marvel’, ‘Box Against Avengers’ and ‘Apples To Apples Marvel Edition’. Make the funniest combinations & laugh your hearts out!

Do you prefer competing with the other heroes, or working together with them? Not all the games on our list are that competitive, to be honest… Some of them make you all just play together and have fun. We may mention here ‘Eye Found It’, ‘Say What You See’, ‘5 Minute Marvel’, and the others. But, there are also games where you compete to be the winner. Some examples could be ‘Munchkin Marvel’,’ Fluxx’ or ‘UNO Flip Marvel’. They all bring infinite fun! 

Conclusion: What’s Best About These Games?

Whether you’re a kid or an adult, Marvel always brings fun, no matter what it is! Now just imagine how cool collaboration between a card game & Marvel is… Besides they’re lots of fun, they help with different skills as well. I mean strategy skills, concentration, teamwork, creativity, speed, and more! 

They bring all the memories back, and it will feel like watching the whole Marvel movies & series all over again. These card games will also help you unite with all your Marvel people, whether they’re friends, relatives, family members, or anyone else you want to connect with. 

Honestly, all these Marvel games work incredibly well with all ages, starting from kids. It just depends on the level of difficulty and how well they can understand the instructions, but other than that, the content is all appropriate. 

Til Marvel brings out any other masterpiece, enjoy these lovely games!

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