16 Best Drinking Beach Games: Sky Above, Sand Below, Drinks In Hands!

Pack your bags, we’re going to the beach! I truly believe that our biggest motivation to work all year is that we know we’ll have summer vacations. Being an adult, sometimes just swimming and getting a tan isn’t enough fun. Do y’all agree? Drinking beach games are precisely what you need. Yup, we have mentioned a bunch of freaking amazing drinking games without cards earlier, but nothing beats beach games!

We’ve tested all the games ourselves, and believe me, our days at the beach have never been cooler! What makes our hearts full, is that besides having our group of friends we meant to play with, other people casually joined us. It’s our little sweet socializing formula. The mass of the below-mentioned games don’t require any special equipment to play, so you won’t have to spend extra money to have fun. Keep your chin up, we’re also giving you instructions on how to set up and play each game! 

  • Valuable information before playing beach games;
  • The games:
  1. XXL Beer Pong;
  2. Beersbee;
  3. Hammerschlagen;
  4. Flunkyball;
  5. High Noon;
  6. Dizzy Bat;
  7. Fromel;
  8. Sip Sip Shot;
  9. Goon Of Fortune;
  10. Steal The Bacon;
  11. Beer Darts;
  12. Battle Shots;
  13. Drunk Kanjam;
  14. Choo-Choo;
  15. Most Likely To…;
  16. Attached At The Hip;
  • Conclusion;

Valuable Tips Before Playing Beach Drinking Games 

Sunscreen is your summer bestie. Remember that when playing beach games, you’re gonna be under direct sun, and you should always protect your skin, at all costs. Dermatologically recommended you should reapply SPF every 2 hours.

Find a good spot to play. The beach does be overloaded sometimes, so, make sure you go and find a large enough place to play your games since every player should be aware of what’s happening. Also, it isn’t such a great experience to be interrupted by other people while playing. Just saying.

Find a good hour during the day. Sorry to say, but it is somewhat stupid to go and play games from 1 to 3 PM, considering that it is the peak heat of the day. Based on our experience, we think that the perfect time is starting from 4 or 4 and a half, however, that also depends on the day & location. Make it simple for yourself. 

Inform everyone that you will play games and not spend the whole day in the sea. All players should be prepared for the game, including energy, and comfortable outfits. Tell everyone to dress wisely, considering that it’s going to be hot out there. A good mood is key to having a good game day. 

Calculate the amount of beers/other drinks you need. Logically, since these are drinking games, you’re gonna need lots of alcohol. Don’t forget to get some extra drinks for any extra player that may join you. We recommend beers when playing drinking games since they have less alcohol. There should at least be 2 beers per person. However, that’s up to what you think you need. 

Pick more than 2 games. If you tell people you’re having a game day at the beach, and you end up playing just a single game, they’d be disappointed. Believe me. Make sure to pick 2 or more different games, so even if someone doesn’t like one game, will like the other, and everyone is happy. Also, when playing just one game, you won’t even get tipsy (and yeah, we love games that get us drunk)!

Keep yourself hydrated. Beers & alcoholic drinks aren’t enough. Yes, when spending a normal day at the beach, you go to the sea & get refreshed. But, when playing games, usually you can’t do that. That’s why, keep some bottles of water, juices, ice cubes, or even some spraying bottle to help you out. 

Last but not least, know your limits. It’s okay to test your limits, but don’t go too over them. Know when to stop yourself from drinking, and if the game requires you to continue, it’s okay to get something non-alcoholic. Health comes first. 

1. XXL Beer Pong

XXL Beer Pong

Equipment:  A volleyball/ beach ball & beers | Players: 2 teams of 2 to 4 people.

If you know one thing about us, it’s that ‘Beer Pong’ is always our go-to game. Now, hear me out: instead of using plastic cups & ping-pong balls, you’re just gonna use nature’s beauties. Divide into teams, and dig holes in the sand (just like a pyramid, starting with one hole and ending with 4), enough for the ball to stop. Both teams should have this kind of pyramid in front of themselves. Keep a long enough distance from the other team, and start bouncing the ball. Once the ball lands on one of your component’s holes, they have to chug their beer and fill the hole with sand. The team who ‘runs out’ of holes first, loses. 

2. Beersbee


Equipment: 2 poles, 2 beer bottles/cans & 1 frisbee | Players: 2 teams of 1 to 3 people.

It’s time for your favorite childhood outdoor game, Frisbee, but with a cool twist! Start by sticking the poles in the sand, and placing the two bottles on top of them. Each team stays behind one pole, about 30 feet away from the other team. The game goes on until 12 points, and when one team has 6 points, you switch sides. If your team cannot catch the frisbee, all teammates drink. If your frisbee hits the bottle without touching the pole, your team is awarded 2 points, and the other team drinks. If the bottle is knocked out after you hit the pole, you get 1 point. If the other team manages to catch the bottle after being knocked out, before falling, you don’t get the points, and your team also drinks. Fav version of Frisbee so far! 

3. Hammerschlagen 


Equipment: 1 hammer, a tree stump, a few nails & beers | Players: 3 or more

The name’s too German, isn’t it? Well, the origin of this game is as well. However, you may also find the game as the Stump drinking game. To start, each player hammers one nail halfway into the tree stump. Next, taking turns, everyone carefully throws the hammer into the air, catches it, and hammers one opponent’s nail. If they do that successfully, that player (to whom the nail belongs) has to take a pull on their beer. If you miss and can’t hammer the nail, you drink. Also, if sparks fly from the bang, all players drink. Obviously, this game is played individually and works incredibly fine as a drinking game for small groups. If you wish, feel free to add your own house rules. Bottoms up! 

4. Flunky Ball


Equipment: 2 tennis balls, alcohol, an empty bottle | Players: 2 teams of 3 to 5 people.

What about we include some running in our games? What do we say to that? To start playing, after dividing into two teams, place one empty bottle or can (however, cans are harder to get knocked over) in the middle of the two teams. Each team should be approximately 1o feet away from the bottle. Now, one team starts first by throwing the tennis ball, trying to knock the bottle over. If that happens, one player from the other team should run and go set the bottle back up and then go back to their team’s spot. While they do that, other teammates of that team should drink, until the bottle is up again. Remember that when one team is throwing the ball and don’t have to drink, all drinks should be on the floor. 

5. High Noon

High Noon

Equipment: water balloons, cans of beer | Players: 2 teams of 2 or more people

Okay, y’all know the High Noon game… We’re about to make it a very summery game, mercifully. Start with 1 player from each team. Put the cans of beers in your pockets (if you have them), or just hold them in your hands. Stay back-to-back with your opponent, and walk 5 to 10 paces (the latter’s up to you). Next, turn around, say ‘GO’, and chug your beer as fast as you can. Once you do that, crush the beer you brought down, and try your best to hit your opponent. Before you start your walk, all members of both teams should hold one water balloon. Now, if you fail on hitting the other player with the crushed empty can, you better start running, since all your opponents are about to throw their water balloons at you. It is unexplainable fun! 

6. Dizzy Bat

Dizzy Bat

Equipment: Wiffle ball & bat, beers | Players: 2 teams of 1 and more people.

Yup! Dizzy Bat is also a Beer Olympics game, and you have no idea how fun it is! The game is all about spinning around a circle, and when drunk, that is hella challenging! One player, which we like to call the ‘batsman’, drinks their entire beer, places the bat on the sand, and starts spinning around it like 10 times. Next, they get 3 seconds to ‘recover’, before some player of the other team throws the ball (or most likely an empty, crushed can) at them. If the batsman manages to hit the ball, their team gets 1 point. Otherwise, the other team is rewarded with points. Continue this process, one team at a time, taking turns, until you feel really dizzy…

7. Fromel


Equipment: Cans of beers | Players: 2 or more people

Finally, a game that works well even for 2 people only… This gotta be the weirdest, and yet the funniest drinking game we’ve ever played. The game goes like this: all players get their cans of beer and start smashing them on their foreheads. At some point, the can will start to have some holes. You’ll have to drink the beer through the holes. Now, whoever empties their beer first, wins. Now, another option is that you use only one can and pass it through to all players, and whoever drinks the last sip, wins. Don’t even act surprised. I told you it’s going to be weird…

8. Sip Sip Shot

Sip Sip Shot

Equipment: beers & shots | Players: 5 or more people.

Remember ‘Duck Duck Goose’, your favorite? Well, this is the drinking game with shots version. To begin with, ask everyone to sit in a circle. One player (it could be you), stands up and goes around the circle while bopping every player on their heads and telling them ‘sip’. When you think it’s time, you say ‘shot’ to one player. That’s when you gotta run. The player you said ‘shot’ to, has to stand up and then chase you (the bopper). If they manage to chase you before you find a place to sit on the circle, you continue your ‘bopping job’. Otherwise, if they don’t succeed, they have to take a shot and take your job.

9. Goon Of Fortune

Goon Of Fortune

Equipment: bladers of Goon, a clothesline & alcohol | Players: 3 and more.

I told you this hills-hoist is a multitasker! Start by pining the bladers on each corner of the clothesline, and ask everyone to stand in a circle around it. Spin the line and don’t touch it until it stops. The player who is under the blader, when the line stops spinning, has to tip their head back and take a sip from the blader. The last player that remains in the game (meaning, they haven’t taken a drink), they’re the winner. Feel free to add your own rules to the game to make it even cooler, such as if the line spins (let’s say) 15 times, and then stops on one player, they have to get their pants pulled down and then drink.

10. Steal The Bacon

Steal The Bacon

Equipment: balls & alcohol | Players: 2 teams of 2 and more people

You’re at the beach! Of course you’re not going to sit down and play. You gotta run! To play this game, you’ll need a few balls (the more the better), or anything you could hold, such as inner tubes. Place all the objects somewhere on the sand, and divide all players into 2 teams. Draw a corner on the sand, on both sides, so each team has its spot. Someone blows a whistle, set a 1-minute timer, and both teams go and try to take as many balls (or others) as possible, to send them to their corner. When the timer ends, whoever has more balls, wins the game, while the other team’s players should all shotgun a beer each.

11. Beer Darts

Beer Darts

Equipment: a few darts, cans of beer | Players: 2 and more.

We’ll never have enough beer-drinking games, will we? Well, you may either play this next game sitting in chairs, or standing up (the simplest way). All you have to do is play 2 players at once. Both players stay about 10 to 12 feet away from each other, and place one opened beer can in front of them. Taking turns, both players try to hit the can with the dart. Now if you fail, the play goes to the other player. If you succeed, your opponent has to drink their entire beer, and then that player switches with another one. To make it even cooler, you may make it a rule to drink from the hole the dart made, and not open the beer normally. Cheers fellas.

12. Battle Shots

Battle Shots

Equipment: DIY battle cardboards, shot glasses, drinks | Players: 2 and more.

Start by standing face to face with your opponent, both having your boards. Create an L shape on the board using the glasses. Make sure you sit on the sand and find a comfy place before playing. The whole idea behind it is that you call your opponent’s coordinates, where you think their ships are positioned (for instance, D5). If you guess correctly, you draw one X on the board and your opponent drinks. Otherwise, if you guess wrong, you draw an O, which will help you from saying the same coordinates twice. If you sink all the other player’s ships, you win, and they have to drink all the remaining shots (yours). Thank you.

13. Drunk Kanjam

Drunk Kanjam

Equipment: Kanjam, alcohol | Players: 2 teams of 2 people.

Another Frisbee game! We love to see it! The whole point of the game is to work with your teammate and throw the disc to the Kan, and the amount of drinking is all based on your performance. Here’s when you should drink:

  • Take 1 drink: If your disc doesn’t land on the Kan OR when your opponents score successfully;
  • Take 2 drinks: If their frisbee hits your Kan unassistable OR if it ends on the slot;
  • Take 3 drinks: If their disc lands on the top of the Kan;

14. Choo-Choo


Equipment: Drinks only | Players: 2 and more.

If there’s one thing we haven’t been yet, it’s gotta be a train! This is like the simplest game ever. All you have to do is remember that every time you laugh, you should pump your arms from side to side, just as if you were a train, and also say ‘Choo-Choo’. You’re a train now. You should know it. Every time one of the players forgets to do it, they have to take a sip or a shot. Now, you may announce the ‘Choo-Choo hour’’, meaning that’s the time where the rule is applied, or just use it as a side game during the whole beach day. Up to you, as always.

15. Most Likely To…

Most Likely To...

Equipment: Questions, beers | Players: 2 and more.

‘Most Likely To…’ works in every possible scenario. You have no idea what to play? Go for ‘Most Likely To…’. It never disappoints! The most important part is to make the right questions, and you can do that with no stress while using our special article about Most Likely To… Questions. You’re welcome! The hardest job is over. Now, all you have to do is read the questions out loud, and whoever player gets tagged the most in each question has to take a sip of their drink. So, let’s say the question is ‘Who’s most likely to get sick from overdrinking’, and they all point at you, you drink. Just as simple as that!

16. Attached To The Hip

Attached To The Hip

Equipment: pieces of paper, a pen, drinks | Players: 4 and more

Let’s get close to each other. Not by heart. Literally close. Write body parts on small paper, and bring them together (or put them in a bowl). Next, ask each player to draw a paper from the bowl, in which they’ll have a body part written. These are parts 2 by 2 players should attach to each other. So, let’s say if you have written ‘hand’ in your paper, and your partner has ‘back’, you have to keep your hand and their back attached for as long as possible, which means that you should go and do everything the other player does. If you can’t stay close for too long, the moment you separate, both of you take one shot. You’ll love it! 


It’s heartwarming how a game can change the whole vibe. Besides just staying the day sunbathing & swimming, you’ll also have lots of fun and a few drinks. Most of the games are really simple, and you need a quick setup & very essential equipment to play.

We would recommend you plan your day before it starts. Think about the games, considering the number of players and conditions you have. Also, if the game requires you to drink often, use beers since it doesn’t get you drunk fast. Otherwise, if you have to drink once in a while, shots work great. This also depends on how drunk you want to get. 

Don’t forget to always stay safe and know your limits. And yeah, life takes us to different leads, but our favorite is definitely the beach!

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