17 Best Beer Olympics Games To Get You Tipsy & Happy!

17 Best Beer Olympics Games - Cover Photo

Starting decades ago, beer Olympics has been a thing people find cool. However, most of the times I’ve participated in such events, I went home bored. This happened mostly because the hosts didn’t really put effort into finding good games and activities. Starting today, the Beer Olympics will be fun again. You just need to play the games below! 

  • The games:
  1. Beer Pong;
  2. Case Race;
  3. Beer Ball;
  4. Tipsy Tower Build;
  5. Ten Can Bowling;
  6. Beer Relay;
  7. Beerio Kart;
  8. Never Have I Ever;
  9. Dizzy Bat;
  10. Beer Frisbee;
  11. Louisville Chugger;
  12. Flunkyball;
  13. Flip Cup;
  14. Beer Darts;
  15. Wisest Wizard;
  16. Battle Shots;
  • Final words! 

 1. Beer Pong

Beer Pong

Supplies: 20+ plastic cups, and ping-pong balls | Players: 2 or more (ideally, 2 to 4).

How could we start this list better than with Beer Pong? To start playing this drinking game without cards, divide all players into teams, ask teams to face each other on opposing sides of the table, and set up a pyramid of cups for both. Taking turns, you’ll throw your ping-pong ball into your opponent’s area. If you manage to land the ball into one of their cups, they have to drink whatever’s in that cup and remove it from the pyramid. The team that remains with no cups left in their side, loses the game. 

2. Case Race

Case Race

Supplies: One unopened case of beers per team | Players: 8 or more (2 teams of 4+).

We love it when we have to adhere to no rules at all! Just so you know, the goal of the game is to drink the most, and I bet you don’t say no to that! So, give each team a case of beers, place them on the table, and everyone starts drinking. Yes, whoever drinks the entire case first, but with no beer left in the cans, wins the game. Be cognizant that you’re not allowed to pour or spill beer away. However, since you’re drinking a crazy amount of beer, even if you throw up after, you’re still the winner. Make sure you have one person who checks up on everyone and makes certain that no one cheats. The fewer players, the more there is to drink! 

3. Beer Ball


Thunderstruck is really a reason people have found to chug some beer! And guess what? We love this reasoning! All you need to have to play it is some beers & a device to play music. AC/DC fans, this one goes to you! To start the game, give everyone their beers, and play AC/DC – Thunderstruck

Every single time it says ‘THUNDER’, one of you starts drinking, and doesn’t stop until that word is repeated. When that happens, the other player, going clockwise, starts to drink, and the thing just goes on and on. You may end the game after the song is finished, or you just play it over and over again, until you’re tipsy enough. Well, when the verse starts, whoever’s lucky will have to drink more, let me tell ya…

Tip: If you want the game to continue for a longer time, we recommend you change the song, so you don’t get tired of it. Good alternatives would be Ain’t No Sunshine – Bill Withers, Happy – Pharrell Williams, and many more. 

4. Beer Ball

Supplies: One ping-pong ball & cans of beer per player | Players: 4, 6, or 8.

To play Beer Ball, or Power Ball two teams face each other and stay on opposite sides of the table. Teams, taking turns, try to hit one of the opponent’s cans with the ping pong ball. Once they hit one, they open one of their beers and start drinking immediately. The drinking stops when the opposite team catches the ball, slams it into the table, and says ‘Stop’. Then, it’s the other team’s turn. Each team aims to finish all the beers before the other team does. We recommend y’all take turns throwing the ball, so you can all keep it together. 

4. Tipsy Tower Build

Tipsy Tower Build

Supplies: Drinks for everyone | Players: 4 or more (2 teams of 2+); 

You thought it was all about drinking? Well, think again! Tipsy Tower Build is more about creativity & speed. I emphasize that every team playing has only 60 seconds to build their tower out of empty bottles or cans, which they must finish drinking first. The team who makes the highest, but also, very importantly, the most stable tower, wins the game. And being a little drunk, it may become a challenge thinking about how to make your tower solid, right? The style of your tower it’s all up to you, it could be just an effortless pyramid or an architectural invention. It’s a cool drinking game to play at home as well! 

5. Ten Can Bowling

Ten Can Bowling

Supplies: Empty cans or bottles, and alcohol for everyone | Players: 2 or more;

When at the Beer Olympics, by default there will be so many beer cans or bottles. So, why not use that in our favor? All you have to do is arrange the cans/bottles as if they were bowling pins. Next, use a ball or even roll an empty can to knock the pins down. You may make up your own rules, but however, we suggest either choosing someone to drink once you get a strike or even drinking as many gulps as the number of cans you knocked. So, if 4 cans are down, you take 4 gulps of your beer. It’s better to make long rows rather than higher ones because the higher the ‘tower’, the easier it is to knock all the cans together at once. 

6. Beer Relay

Beer Relay

Supplies: A few plastic cups & beers | Players: 2 to 20 (up to 10 per team).

Let us relay some beer, shall we? While reading, the game may associate you with ‘Flip Cup’, but it has its own uniqueness. To play, place 2 cups on one end of the table, and a ‘Beer Pong’ rack on the other. Each teammate should do these steps: drink the first cup, flip it, drink the second cup, bounce the ball in it, and then finally shoot the ball into the rack. When a player completes their ‘task’ with the first cup, the ‘leg of the relay’ may continue to another player of the same team. However, if because of COVID-19, or simply because some of your friends don’t like drinking from the same cup (which is understandable), look for the other games on our list.  

7. Beerio Kart

Beerio Kart

Supplies: Devices to play Mario Kart, and beers for everyone | Players: 2 to 8.

Let’s head out to Mario Kart but with alcohol, you know, driving responsibly. The main idea of the game is to drink beer while driving your kart, stroller, or motorcycle. Be aware that you shouldn’t open the beer before the race starts, so it goes fair. Y’all start racing, remembering these two main rules: you can not drink while driving, and if you want to win, besides passing the finish line first, you should also have your beer finished. The moral of the story is you drive, take a rest to drink, drive again, and on repeat. If you win, but you didn’t have your drink finished by the end of the race, the second player is announced the winner (always, if they’ve finished their beer).

8. Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever

Supplies: A list of questions & beers | Players: 2 or more.

Although not a traditional Beer Olympics game, Never Have I Ever adds sparkle to all gatherings. All you need to do is borrow questions from our Never Have I Ever list, and ask them out loud. Every player that agrees to the prompt, meaning, they want to answer ‘I have’, they have to gulp their beer. This is how you understand a lot about your people, and there’s no word needed. You just drink & tell a lot! Basically, when you don’t drink, it means you haven’t done that specific thing. 

9. Dizzy Bat

Dizzy Bat

Supplies: A baseball bat & drinks | Players: 4 or more (at least 2 per team).

Guess who’s about to become a dizzy bat? You, by all means! It’s as crazy & hilarious as it sounds. In all teams, there should be one batsman & one bowler. This is what they have to do: the batsman has to down their drink ASAP, then start spinning in a circle, with their forehead in the bat. On the other hand, the bowler has to bowl the ball to the batsman, with the other teammates standing back. Once the ball is bowled, each team competes to hit the ball. Whatever team hits it 3 times, wins the game, and now they get to get the roles. It may sound too simple, but trust me, after being dizzy, and after you’ve drunk some chugs of beer, it may look like the globe’s spinning… 

10. Beer Frisbee

Beer Frisbee Game

Supplies: Frisbee (flying disc), beers, stakes, and an empty bottle | Players: 2 to 4.

Ah, Frisbee brings so many old memories back. Why don’t we turn it into a drinking game for large groups, a Beersbee? Divide everyone into teams (preferably 2 teams of as many people as you are), place the bottle on top of the stake, and start playing. Each one of you must have one beer in one hand and leave the other hand free for the disc. One player of your team starts first by throwing the disc, and the other team aims to catch it. If you hit the bottle, or the other team can’t catch the flying disc, all the people on that team have to drink. If the opposite happens, meaning, everything goes according to their plan, your team drinks. 

11. Louisville Chugger

Supplies: Plastic cups, one bat per team, a table, and beers | Players: 4 or more (at least 2 per team).

Louisville Chugger is one risky, challenging drinking game you should definitely try. Divide players into teams, and let one player from all teams go at once. The active player must put their forehead in their bat, spin 10 times, and then run to the table which has cups of beer, and must be around 50 feet away. This active player must drink one cup of liquid without using their hands, and then run back to their team, and tag another teammate, which has to do the same too. The first team in which all players have drank one cup of alcohol and came back to their team, wins.  

12. Flunkyball

Supplies:  1 ball, 1 empty bottle, and 1+ beer per player | Players: 8 (preferably 2 teams of 4).

As one of the coolest outdoor drinking games, Flunkyball starts with all people getting divided into 2 teams that stand on opposite sides. One empty bottle should stand in the middle of the two teams, while all players keep a beer in front of them. If one of the players from a team hits the empty bottle, all the other teammates must drink their beer, until the opponents put the bottle up again. The first team to finish all their beers wins the game. However, you may also apply penalties to the game: when the beer tips over, beer is turned off too late, and similar ones.

13. Flip Cup

Supplies: plastic cups, and beers | Players: 4 or more.

Flip Cup, a drinking game for 3, is one of the most preferable for partying people. Just as in previous games we mentioned, Flip Cup is played in teams too. One player from each team goes first, and they start by chugging the beer from the cup in front of them. Then, they must place the cup on the edge of the table, and flip it upside-down, only using one hand. Once you finish this task, then it’s the next player’s turn to do the same. The first team in which all players have completed their missions wins!  

14. Beer Darts

Supplies: Beers for all players, and a few darts | Players: 2 or more.

Beer Darts, which by the way is a great beach drinking game, makes all people divide into 2 teams, and stay about 10 feet away from each other. Teams take turns to throw the darts at the opponents’ cans of beer. If successful, the owner of the beer must drink it until it doesn’t leak anymore. If you hit the bottom of the can, the owner must down the beer and is eliminated from the game as well. The team remaining with beers left in front of them wins the game. 

15. Wisest Wizard

Supplies: duct tape, cans of beer | Players: 3 or more.

In Wisest Wizard or Wizard Staff, players aim to make the highest staff of cans. In simple terms, anytime you finish drinking a beer, you tape it into your staff. Whoever has the highest one by the end of the night, gets the title the ‘Wisest Wizard’. To make it more challenging, you may add levels too. This means that for every level, you get a different name, and probably should complete a few challenges as well. For instance, you become an Acolyte in the second level. An Acolyte should complete a covenant. Become as creative as you wish with it! 

16. Battle Shots

Supplies: A battle shot board, at least 12 shot glasses, and a privacy screen | Players: 2 or more.

Not only it is a great drinking game for 2, but Battle Shots has many other great features too! The idea of the game is to guess coordinates on the board, and hopefully make your opponent drink. Usually, two players compete at once and take turns playing. On your turn, you have to say a coordinate of a ‘ship’, for example, 7D. If there’s a shot glass in that coordinate, your opponent must drink whatever’s in it. You may use different tastes and liquids, and consider our shots & shooters recipes too!

Final Words

We think that the Beer Olympics is a great chance for people to socialize and show their competitive spirit. However, that is only possible if you play well-chosen games, and with our list, we bet you won’t have trouble with that. Depending on the time duration of your event, pick several games, and make sure that they are as unique from each other as possible. Bottoms up!

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