17 Best Beer Olympics Games To Get You Tipsy & Happy!

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Starting decades ago, beer Olympics has been a thing people find cool. This is a wave of drinking games that in most cases include alcohol, to be frank, copious amounts of alcohol. Lots of countries participate in beer Olympics, counting Italy, Vatican, Hawaii, Jamaica, Australia, and a bunch more. It’s the time when teams of 4 to 6 people, compete against each other on winning drinking games, along with drinking alcohol. 

The big cheese on this series of events is games indeed. We totally agree that it can get overwhelming picking the right games. Been there, done that. We thought a list of games that are perfect for beer Olympics is needed, and here we are. We’ll start with some hosting tips, and then you’ll read our top favorite games (indoors and outdoors), together with instructions on how to play them, and some little ideas to help you out. Bottoms up! 

  • How to host the perfect Beer Olympics;
  • The games:
  1. Beer Pong;
  2. Case Race;
  3. Thunderstruck;
  4. Beer Ball;
  5. Tipsy Tower Build;
  6. Slap Cup;
  7. Ride The Bus;
  8. Ten Can Bowling;
  9. Civil War;
  10. Beer Relay;
  11. Kings;
  12. Spoons;
  13. Beerio Kart;
  14. Never Have I Ever;
  15. Dizzy Bat;
  16. Beer Frisbee Game;
  17. Volume Chug;
  • FAQ;
  • Let’s sum it up!

How To Host The Perfect Beer Olympics 

  • Divide all the players into teams. When in beer Olympics, you can’t play individually. Make sure everyone is part of a team. Teams are made of 4 to 6 players. To make it even more amazing, divide teams based on a theme, such as country, or colors (so each player in a team belongs to the same country or has the same color worn).
  • Decorate the place. Even though I prefer hosting the beer Olympics outdoors, this is all up to personal preferences. Whatever place you use, buy some decorations, such as Olympic rings, flag banners, or any other festive thing. We believe that this is a very important step and creates a more cheerful vibe.
  • Take care of the food & drinks. Finger food, pretzels, some sweets, or any snacks of your choice should take part in the event, since there will be hours of games, and you need to keep your body full of energy. Regarding drinks, besides beers, buy some wine, and vodka as well, but also non-alcoholic drinks, including water. We need to balance it all. 
  • Get a whiteboard. An A4 paper or even notes on your phone would work fine, but however, we think a whiteboard is a need. Hang it on the wall so everyone sees it, and use markers to keep the track, you know, writing points, so, everything goes fairly enough.
  • Buy some gold medals or other prizes. Not real ones tho’, we know that’s a bit on the dear side. However, many shops offer some cheap ones that would be perfect (such as Amazon). We think that it’s really important giving the winners something that makes them feel appreciated, and most likely, they will keep them as a sweet memory (and love you forever :)).
  • Inform everyone about the rules. Make sure everyone knows there can’t be any cheating used in the games. At no circumstances. If you need to take care of other things, such as keeping your environment clean (which we support), tell everyone they should be careful about spilling beer or any other possible damage. Make up some house rules, and tell everyone they can’t break them. 
  • Start the beer Olympics with an opening ceremony. This has our hearts. For example, make each team leader present their teammates & say something funny about them, announce themselves with a group choreography, have a creative walkout, and pick a song they want to be declared to, or any other clever idea you may have. 
  • Last but not least, be fair when scoring. If you don’t want to be responsible for that, make sure you pick someone trustworthy. From our POVs, we think that the best host is someone who is fair & transparent with everyone, so the games go as planned, and nobody thinks someone won because they cheated. 

 1. Beer Pong

Beer Pong

How could we start this list better than with Beer Pong? This is a cool drinking game that requires plastic cups & ping pong balls to play. After you’ve made the teams, place two teams against each other, and place a pyramid of cups on both ends of the table. Fill the cups (usually 10 are used) with alcohol, and players of each team take turns throwing the ball into their opponents’ cups. 

Once the ball stops in one cup, your opponents have to remove that cup from their pyramid and drink whatever’s in it. The team that hits all the opposite cups first, wins the game. You may also add some house rules, such as no elbows on the table, there isn’t allowed to blow the ball when you hit 3 cups in a row, every opponent drinks, or any other fancy ideas you may have. 

Tip: To make a game a bit more challenging, fill the cups only ⅓ or even ½ but not full, because this makes it harder for the ball to stop. Also, this makes it harder for you to get drunk 🙂 Yeah, it’s a win-win. 

2. Case Race

Case Race

We love when we have to adhere to no rules at all! Before I continue telling you about the game, make sure you have 1 unopened case of beers for each team. Just so you know, the goal of the game is to drink the most, and I bet you don’t say no to that! So, give each team a case of beers, place them on the table, and everyone starts drinking. 

Yes, whoever drinks the entire case first, but with no beer left in the cans, wins the game. Be cognizant that you’re not allowed to pour or throw beer, just to consume it. However, since you’re drinking a crazy amount of beer, even if you throw up after, you’re still the winner. Make sure you have one person who checks up on everyone and makes certain that no one cheats. 

Tip: Larger teams would be better in this game, since the more teammates, the less alcohol there is for everyone. 

3. Thunderstruck


Thunderstruck is really a reason people have found to chug some beer! And guess what? We love this reasoning! All you need to have to play it is some beers & a device to play music. AC/DC fans, this one goes to you! To start the game, give everyone their beers, and play AC/DC – Thunderstruck

Every single time it says ‘THUNDER’, one of you starts drinking, and doesn’t stop until that word is repeated. When that happens, the other player, going clockwise, starts to drink, and the thing just goes on and on. You may end the game after the song is finished, or you just play it over and over again, until you’re tipsy enough. Well, when the verse starts, whoever’s lucky will have to drink more, let me tell ya…

Tip: If you want the game to continue for a longer time, we recommend you change the song, so you don’t get tired of it. Good alternatives would be Ain’t No Sunshine – Bill Withers, Happy – Pharrell Williams, and many more. 

4. Beer Ball

Beer Ball

No, we haven’t put the same game twice. We’re not talking about Beer Pong. Before playing, make sure to get one ping pong ball and cans of beer for each player. The game forward is simple as hell. To play, two teams face each other and stay on opposite sides of the table. Each player, taking turns, tries to hit one of the opponent’s can with the ping pong ball. 

Once they hit one, they open one of their beers and start drinking immediately. The drinking stops when the opposite team catches the ball and slams it into the table. The goal each team aims to achieve is finishing all the beers before the other team does. We recommend y’all take turns throwing the ball, so you can all keep it together. 

Tip: We also prefer yelling ‘STOP!’ when the ball touches the table, so the game is fair and square, so, the player who’s drinking, stops right away, and everyone becomes aware. 

5. Tipsy Tower Build

Tipsy Tower Build

You thought it was all about drinking? Well, think again! This drinking game is more about creativity & speed. Each team needs their empty bottles or cans to play, and of course, drinks for everyone. I emphasize that every team playing has only 60 seconds to build their tower out of empty bottles or cans. 

The team who makes the highest, but also, very importantly, the most stable tower, wins the game. And being a little drunk, it may become a challenge thinking about how to make your tower solid, right? The style of your tower it’s all up to you, it could be just an effortless pyramid. Yes, the game gets tricky and you may get fooled to continue raising the tower higher, and not pay attention to its strength. 

Tip: One more time, focus on making your tower sturdy. Yes, the goal is to make the highest one, but, an unstable one will most likely end collapsed, and not win the game. So, keep your eye on both aspects for the best results. 

6. Slap Cup

Slap Cup

We’re about to slap a cup? Well, we’ll see that! As a fast-paced drinking game, Slap Cup requires 20 and more drinking cups, alcohol, and a ping pong ball. Fill the mass of the cups ⅓ with beer, place them on the table, and only leave 2 empty cups, that will be in front of two players staying opposite each other. These two players have to bounce the ball into the cups.

 Once that happens, they pass the ball & the cup to the other player on their left. If the player on your left bounces the ball first, they have to slap your cup and make you take whatever drink from the table. You may also fill a cup full, so it could be like the Death Cup, meaning it has the most amount of alcohol. This ‘special’ cup can be used for the last player that has their cup slapped… Pay attention babes! 

Tip: When you shoot your shot for the first time, you can pass the ball to whoever you want. Target the right players. 

7. Ride The Bus

Ride The Bus

Here We Ride The Bus! Even though the name may sound a bit absurd and not so describing, the game’s fun af. To start the game, you only need a deck of classic cards & drinks for everyone. The game generally goes in four rounds, and then there comes building the pyramid. The first round is all about guessing ‘red or black?’, and the second round is about guessing if the upcoming card is higher or lower. Continuing further, the third round has to do with ‘in-between or outside?’, which means you have to guess if the card will be in between the first and second card you guessed, or completely outside.

 And the final round is all about guessing suits, and whoever guesses correctly is rewarded 5 drinks. With the remaining cards, the dealer builds the pyramid, where each row tells how many drinks you can give. The player who has the most cards, has to ride the bus, meaning, has to play their cards, and if it’s an Ace or any Court card, they have to drink. 

Tip: If you’re left with two players who both have the same number of cards, the player who has the highest cards rank rides the bus, so there are no complications. 

8. Ten Can Bowling

Ten Can Bowling

When at the Beer Olympics, by default there will be so many beer cans, and so many empty cans and bottles. Do, why not use that in our favor? So, all you have to do is arrange the cans/bottles, as if they were bowling pins. Next, use a ball or even roll an empty can to knock the others down. 

You may make up your own rules, but however, we suggest either choosing someone to drink once you get a strike, or even drinking as many gulps as the number of cans you knocked. So, if 4 cans are down, you take 4 gulps of your beer. It’s better to make long rows rather than higher, because the highest the ‘tower’, the easier it is to knock all the cans together at once. 

Tip: We think it’s more practical using cans instead of bottles since they’re safer, and cannot be broken as glass bottles could get.

9. Civil War

Civil War

Weren’t we all pro-peace? Well, let’s forget that for a while, and make this civil war… If you liked ‘Beer Pong’, you’ll like ‘Civil War’ as well. Again, you’ll only need some plastic cups & beers! Start by dividing the players into two equal teams. Each player has 6 cups arranged on a triangle (3-2-1) in front of them, and teams are positioned on the opposite sides of the table. 

Next, fill the cups halfway with alcohol, and try to land the ping pong ball on your opponent’s cup. If you do that successfully, they have to drink whatever’s in it and remove the cup. Keep in mind that once a ball is thrown, any other player may catch it and throw it even if it’s on the floor, so, be a concentrated human! Whenever a team is out of cups, the game ends, and that team loses. 

Tip:  Since the game is very dynamic, whenever you have the ball, take your time and slow down to have the perfect shot. 

10. Beer Relay

Beer Relay

Let us relay some beer, shall we? While reading, the game may associate you with ‘Flip Cup’ (a drinking game for 3), but it has its own uniqueness. Before playing, make sure you have plastic cups & alcohol with you. To play, place 2 cups on one end of the table, and a ‘Beer Pong’ rack on the other. 

Each teammate should do these steps: drink the first cup, flip it, drink the second cup, bounce the ball in the latter, and then finally shoot the ball into the rack. When a player completes their ‘task’ with the first cup, the ‘leg of the relay’ may continue to another player of the same team. However, if because of COVID-19, or simply because some of your friends don’t like drinking from the same cup (which is understandable), look for the other games in our list. 

Tip: More of a reminder than a tip, but don’t forget to refill the two cups before moving the game to the next player. 

11. Kings


Cheers to one of the absolute best drinking games, ‘Kings’! You’ll need a deck of cards, an unopened can of beer, and alcohol for everyone. The setup is all simple. You spread the deck of cards around the beer, facedown, and ask everyone to sit in a circle. You take turns drawing cards & each card represents something of its own. Here are some of our favorites, and you’re free to make your own:

  • Ace: Waterfall, meaning everyone drinks;
  • 4: You start first by saying a phrase & then rhyme with it. Everyone does the same. If someone takes too long to answer, they drink;
  • 5: All guys drink;
  • 6: All ladies drink;
  • 8: Pick a mate to drink with;
  • 10: Pick a category and say something related to that category. Everyone does so until someone messes up. They then have to drink;
  • Jack: Start a ‘Never Have I Ever’ round. Whoever relates, drinks. 

12. Spoons


Yes, literally spoons. To begin, you’ll need spoons, a deck of classic cards, and drinks. Now, make sure you have one spoon less than the number of players, so if you’re 10 people playing, take 9 spoons. Next, depending on the number of players, that’s how many fours of a kind you have to use. In our case, we need 10 fours of a kind (4 Aces, 4 Jakes, and so on). 

The dealer shuffles the deck and deals everyone 4 cards. Once the dealer says pass, everyone has to pass one card to the player on their left. Every time someone has 4 cards of a kind in their hand, they grab a spoon, which tells them the winner. Then, each player has to grab another spoon as fast as possible. Since there’s one spoon fewer, the player who remains without a spoon, is the loser and has to take one drink. 

Tip: When playing, if you have 4 of a kind, don’t make it a big deal. I mean, don’t rush to grab the spoon since it’s way more fun when they don’t notice it at all. 

13. Beerio Kart

Beerio Kart

Let’s head out to Mario Kart but with alcohol… Before playing, make sure you have a device to play Mario Kart, and some drinks, by default. Speaking of playing, the main idea is to drink beer while driving your kart, stroller, motorcycle, etc. Be aware that you shouldn’t open the beer before the race starts, so it goes fair. 

Y’all start racing, remembering these two main rules: you can not drink while driving, and if you want to win, besides passing the finish line first, you should also have your beer finished. The moral of the story is you drive, take a rest to drink, drive again, and on repeat. If you win, but you didn’t have your drink finished by the end of the race, the second player has announced the winner (always, if they’ve finished their beer).

Tip: To make it even more fun, after some rounds, at some point, instead of drinking the beer like normal, open it in a shotgun style. We have proof drinking it that way, is a challenge itself.  

14. Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever

We literally think that ‘Never Have I Ever’ shouldn’t miss any party. All you need is a list of questions & beers. Yup, that’s all. One of you reads the questions, or you just take turns doing that. Questions on ‘Never Have I Ever’ should be something like: ‘Never have I ever had a one-night stand’, ‘Never have I ever went out topless’, ‘Never have I ever drank ‘till I got sick’, ‘Never have I ever had a mental breakdown because of my job’, or similar ones. 

Every player that agrees to the statement, meaning, they want to answer ‘I have’, they have to gulp their beer. This is how you understand a lot about your people, and there’s no word needed. You just drink & tell a lot! Let me tell you one more time: this game and other games like Never Have I Ever are irreplaceable! 

Tip: Make the questions list based on the people who’re playing. Think about what they want to talk about most, and don’t go over their limits. 

15. Dizzy Bat

Dizzy Bat

Guess who’s about to become a dizzy bat? You, of course! It’s as crazy & hilarious as it sounds. Here’s what you need: a ball and some drinks. Between all the players, there should be one batsman & one bowler for each team playing. This is what they have to do: the batsman has to down their dink asap, then start spinning in the circle. 

On the other hand, the bowler has to bowl the ball to the batsman, with the other teammates standing back. Once the ball is bowled, each team competes to hit the ball. Whatever team hits it 3 times, wins the game, and now they get to get the roles. It may sound too simple, but trust me, after being dizzy, and after you’ve drunk some chugs of beer, it may look like the globe’s spinning… 

Tip: We’d suggest you play the game either outside, or remove dangerous items from the room you’re staying in, since when spinning, the batsman may get hurt.

16. Beer Frisbee Game

Beer Frisbee Game

Ah, Frisbee brings so many old memories back. Why don’t we turn it into a drinking game? Take your flying disk, some beers & some stakes, and an empty beer bottle. Divide into teams (preferably 2 teams of as many people as you are), place the bottle on top of the stake, and start playing. Each one of you has to have one beer in one hand and leave the other hand free for the disc. 

One player of your team starts first by throwing the disc, and the other team aims to catch it. If you hit the bottle, or the other team can’t catch the flying disc, this is when all people of that team have to drink. If the opposite happens, meaning, everything goes in accord with their plan, your team drinks. 

Tip: This game can’t be played inside. Well, only if you have a stage or a football field inside your house, but we doubt that. Because there’s a flying disc, playing it indoors may cause lots of damage. 

17. Volume Chug

Volume Chug

Read this list upside down, and start your beer Olympics with ‘Volume Chug’. You’ll only need a bucket of beers (at least one beer for each player), and optionally a timer. The most important rule is that each teammate should drink at least one beer. 

So, straightforwardly, everyone holds their beers, and the timer starts. Winning the game is all up to how fast the team did finish their beers. So, if it took 10-20 seconds, you’ve awarded 15 points, if 20-30, 10 points … if more than 100 seconds, you’ll only get one point. You may play all teams at once, but that can get a bit messed up, so, take turns and play it one team at a time. Cheers fellas! 

Tip: We prefer playing it one team at a time, so there’s someone to deal with the timer, and also nothing gets confusing. 

FAQ About Beer Olympics

1. How many games are there usually played in beer Olympics?

  • Actually, there isn’t any set number. It’s all up to your mood, people’s drinking tolerance, and also the amount of beer and other material you have. We think 5-10 games is the perfect number. However, if the host sees that things are getting out of control, they may end it/ or last it longer. 

2. What should I wear to the upcoming beer Olympics? 

  • We suggest you wear matchy outfits with your team. So, if you’re all from the same country, wear something that represents your country. If not, wear something comfortable, so you only keep your mind on the games. Speaking of countries, people also usually take rugby jerseys, kimonos, lederhosen, and more. We also love seeing when someone has a beer-themed shirt, with their favorite beer printed on it, or whatever. Cool!

3. How much beer is needed for this event? 

  • When the beer Olympics happens, make sure there are 15 to 20 cans of beer for each player. However, that depends on the number of games, alcohol tolerance of the players, pre-drinking, and more information. Make your calculation, and make sure to get about 20-30 more beers, just in case you need them. I bet you don’t want to stop the game to go get drinks. 

4. Can you suggest to me some funny beer Olympics team names?

  • BeerKats, Hello Titty, Sweat & Beers, Sink or Swim, We’ll Beer Right Back, Duzzy Chicks, Babes & Beers, Alcoholichicks, and Boss Mode, are a few of our favorites. 

5. What’s the best theme for beer Olympics?

  • Well, that revolves around personal preferences. Regardless of how, we think some good ideas are the Classic Olympics, Special Events Dress-Up, Movies Characters, Greek Goddesses & Gods, and so on. 

6. Is there something important we need to remember when in the beer Olympics?

  • Obviously yes, but we think most importantly is to drink carefully. Get creative, show your team spirit, and don’t doubt yourself and your team. If you’re the host, we really suggest you also get medals & prizes (as we mentioned above), because we think that cheers everyone up. 

Let’s Sum It Up!

We think the beer Olympics is a great chance to know people & to get as competitive as you can. Definitely, the fun depends on who’s hosting it, and what games they’ve thought of playing. We recommend that you try different types of games. For example, if you’ve already played ‘Beer Pong’, skip the ‘Civil War’ since there’s a lot in common. Each game is very unique & shows different sides of you, so, don’t get stuck in one. 

If you’re hosting the beer Olympics, start planning it weeks earlier. We know you’re capable of doing a lot, but there are many things to take care of, and beer Olympics is either perfect or nonexistent. Read all our games carefully & don’t skip a rule. Nevertheless, you’re free to add your own rules, or even update ours. Some little sparks and we end in perfection.

Ps. don’t forget to drink beers on days that end with y 🙂

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