Basketball Drinking Games To Make The Sport Even More Fun! 

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Kids of this generation won’t just watch basketball in the normal way. They wanna attach a drinking game to it! And we can’t wait but give game ideas, as always. Each drinking game is unique and has simple rules, which turn your usual basketball binge watching, into a fun, drunk one :)) 

  • What do you need to know before playing?
  • The games:
  1. General rules;
  2. NBA;
  3. NCAA;
  • Conclusion;

What Do You Need To Know Before Playing?

One cool thing about these drinking games we already know: they’re amusing! The other thing you didn’t know, is that it requires only basic stuff, nothing extra at all. Get your favorite drinks (preferably beers since they’re lighter), and you’re good to go.

We divided the rules into 3 main categories, depending on the basketball event. You may either play while watching the game on TV or while being present at an arena, the game is fun in both ways. Ps. the number of people isn’t specified. You can either play the games alone, with a small group of friends or at large gatherings. 

General Drinking Rules For Basketball Games

These rules work great while you’re watching basketball, either if you’re just at a college game, or at a major event. To have the best experience with the drinking game, divide your group into two drinking teams, and each backs up a basketball team. Now, based on that, drink depending on the rules below: 

Take one sip if: 

  • One of your teammates gets blocked at the rim;
  • A player of your team is fouled;
  • Someone curses at the refs;
  • Your opponents score;
  • Your team causes a foul;

Take a big gulp if:

  • Your opponents get a slam dunk;
  • Your team has less than 5 points when the quarter ends;
  • Someone on your team misses a free throw attempt;

Finish your drink when: 

  • Your team loses by 20 points;
  • A player in your team gets a yellow or red card;

Ps. you can also add these rules to the other two categories below. 

NBA Drinking Game

NBA Drinking Game

While watching one of the biggest basketball leagues, you can’t go wrong with this drinking game. You can either bet before the games start, or just tell which team you support. However, lots of the rules are applied to all players. Follow them below:

Take one sip if:

  • You hear the Bag Alert Wendy’s commercial;
  • There’s a slam dunk;
  • Someone on the team you support hits double digits in points;
  • Mark Jackson says ‘mama, there goes that man’;
  • A ‘Woj Bomb’ detonates;
  • Someone’s ankle gets broken;
  • There’s a celebrity in the audience;
  • A player from your team flips out;
  • You hear the buzzer beater;

Take one big gulp if:

  • A player from your team reaches 3 or 6 fouls;
  • There’s a 3-pointer;
  • Someone thanks God or points to the sky;
  • A fight breaks out;
  • One of the player cries;
  • The announcer says ‘he doesn’t look quite right’ after a star of your team is having a bad day;
  • A guest is shown via Zoom;
  • Someone’s girlfriend is starred on the screen;
  • A flagrant foul is called on your team;
  • There are alley-oops;
  • Someone is ejected from the game;

Finish your drink if:

  • The coach gets into an argument with an official;
  • Someone scores in the last 1 minute;
  • Your preferred team loses;
  • The score is tied;

NCAA Drinking Game

NCAA Drinking Game

After we’ve dealt with NBA, it’s finally NCAA’s turn! If the season ever seems boring to you, we’ve come up with rules to kill the boredom, as always. Sit on the comfiest couch corner, and keep drinking! 

Take one sip if:

  • One of the teams calls a time-out;
  • The referee calls a foul for your team;
  • One of your guys made a good block;
  • A mascot is shown on the camera;
  • There’s a lead change in the game;
  • A commercial airs while you’re watching the game;
  • Any upset happens;
  • The coach yells to the referee;
  • A 4-point play occurs;
  • You make an incorrect pick in your Bracket;

Take one big gulp if:

  • A player misses a layup;
  • The announcer says ‘true sophomore;
  • One of the players completes a double-double;
  • Clark Kellogg says ‘protect the orange’;
  • The camera shows a massive cardboard head in the audience;
  • A technical foul is called on a coach;
  • Your Bracket’s champion is eliminated;
  • Someone says Cinderella;
  • Anyone scores a touchdown;
  • The announcer says something sexual;
  • Zion Williamson is mentioned;
  • An aerial shot of the city shows on the screen;
  • Anyone says ‘Bracket Buster’;

Finish your drink if: 

  • The game goes into overtime;
  • Your team scores a game-winning buzzer-beater;
  • Dick Vitale rants about something;
  • The athlete does his best soccer imitation;
  • ‘One Shinny Moment’ plays in the background;


Guys, you basketball lovers! With all the rules we mentioned, you can drink during almost every possible basketball game, no matter what a big event it is! Regardless of the number of people, your alcohol choice, or the place you’re watching the games from, you’re gonna have the time of your life!

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