The Official Barbie (2023) Drinking Game Rules

Barbie (2023) Drinking Game Rules - Cover Photo

The internet went crazy for the new Barbie movie. You know how we are. We couldn’t help but make a movie drinking game about it, and deserves as much hype as the movie! Not only you will enjoy rewatching (or watching for the first time) this fabulous Greta Gerwig movie, but you’ll have some drinks too! 

  • Equipment needed to play;
  • Take a sip;
  • Drink a gulp;
  • Finish your drink;
  • Final thoughts;

Equipment Needed To Play The Barbie Drinking Game

Hi Barbie! Hi Ken! We won’t trouble you much. Here’s all you need to play this lovely drinking game without cards:

  • A bunch of friends. The coolest thing about such games is the flexibility of players. So, you may either play it by yourself only or with 2 to 20+ other people. 
  • The new Barbie movie. If you need a hand, the movie is available on Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. 
  • A device to watch the movie. If there are more people watching, make sure you play Barbie on a TV or projector, for a better experience. 
  • Drinks for everyone playing. We recommend beers (2-3 per person), because it’s lighter, and with this game, you’ll get to drink a lot! 

Right below, you’ll find 3 categories of rules, hence, 3 different amounts of drinking. That comes because of the repetition of specific scenes & phrases. 

Take A Sip Of Your Drink Whenever:

  • ‘Hi Barbie’ is said;
Hi Barbie
  • Barbie drinks & eats air instead of real things;
  • The pink house is shown;
  • Someone says ‘patriarchy’;
  • Barbie wears a new outfit;
  • There’s a fantastical element in the story;
  • Barbie works together with her friends;
  • Someone says ‘sparkle’;
  • There’s a display of strong friendship & loyalty;
  • A new character is introduced;
  • The beach appears on the screen;
  • A character breaks the fourth wall;
  • Mattel tries to fool Barbie;
  • There’s a musical number showing on the screen;
  • Barbie & Ken share a heartfelt conversation;
  • Someone besides Barbie is in the pink car;
  • Barbie displays her problem-solving skills;
  • Allan brings his ‘NooOoooO’;
  • One of the characters uses their special power;
  • There’s a group hug;
  • A character bursts into a song;
  • President Barbie appears on the screen;
  • Anything about genitals is mentioned;
  • There’s a scene of a flying vehicle;
  • Mattel CEO, Will Ferrell, talks about Mattel;

Drink A Big Gulp Of Your Drink When:

  • They talk about Barbie’s flat feet;
They Talk About Barbie's Flat Feet
  • ‘Dance The Night’ song plays;
  • Barbie travels to the real world;
  • You feel bad about Ken;
  • Team Barbie comes up with a plan against the Kens;
  • A makeover scene shows;
  • There’s a message about gender inequality;
  • Depression Barbie appears;
  • Barbie uses one of her everyday items in a creative way;
  • Your eyes fill with tears during the scenes at the end;
  • Sasha is mean to Barbie;
  • Barbie has to choose between heels and sandals;
  • Kens talk about beaching off;
  • Barbie gets picked up by Mattel;
  • There’s a joke used;
  • Barbie talks about her love for fashion;
  • There are flashbacks of Barbie’s origin or childhood;
  • Team Barbie gets victory;
  • Barbie cries;
Barbie Cries
  • Sasha finally stands out for Barbie;
  • Ken expresses his admiration for Barbie;
  • There’s a scene featuring doll Barbies;
  • Barbie accidentally chooses real life instead of heels;
  • A rainbow appears;
  • You sing along to ‘I’m just Ken, anywhere else I’d be a 10’;
  • Ken tries to pass himself off as a doctor;
  • Barbie interacts with animals;
  • You begin to understand the real meaning of the movie;

Finish Your Drink When:

  • Barbie says ‘You guys ever think about dying?’;
  • Gloria finishes her big speech (ngl that made us cry);
  • The movie ends with a happy celebration;
  • Barbie meets the old woman on the bench  & helps her come to a realization about the real world.
Barbie Meets The Old Woman In The Bench

Final Thoughts

This drinking game, Barbie edition, is for everyone: for the Barbie lovers, obviously, and for those who think the movie is overrated, but still love it in secret! Play the movie, get some drinks, and use these rules for the best game night. For all our Barbies & Kens, don’t forget to have fun and be nice to yourselves, as Ken said, ‘I am Kenough’!

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