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100 ‘Quiz The Groom’ Questions To Test How Well He Knows The Bride!

'Quiz The Groom' Questions - Cover Photo

An extremely fun part of a bachelorette party is asking the groom a few questions and making him blush! This trivia game is such a great way to test how well the groom knows the bride. But if their answers don’t match, you should know that bride (or both) has to pay a price 🙂 […]

17 R-Rated Bachelorette Party Games: Presenting The List Of Naughtiest Games!

R-Rated Bachelorette Party Games - Cover Photo

In case you were wondering, no, bachelorette party games will never be enough! No matter how many categories we include, there will always be games we’ll find out about later. We know all our girlies were waiting for this: a list of r-rated party games to make you all spill the tea and get out […]

The Bridesmaids’ Drinking Game: An All-Time Favorite! 

The Bridesmaids Drinking Game - Cover Photo

By all means, we could mention the Bridesmaids’ drinking game at the bachelorette party games, but we thought this elite game deserves an article of its own. However, the game isn’t exactly about the bridesmaids you’re thinking of. It’s not made precisely about the pretty besties of the bride-to-be. We bet you’ll be glad to […]

24 Bachelorette Party Shirts Ideas: Tank Tops, Hoodies, And More! 

Bachelorette Tops Ideas - Cover Photo

Apart from champagne and crazy girls, and card games, printed T-shirts are a must for all bachelorettes. No excuses. They have the power to make every single girl attending the party feel confident, especially the bride. The cutest thing is that they all match and are customized. You may pick between dozens of designs, and […]

80 Embarrassing Bachelorette Questions: Provoking, Funny & Juicy All In Once

Embarrassing Bachelorette Questions - Cover Photo

Guys, there’s one secret ingredient to make bachelorettes better besides drinks & music: questions to make the couple embarrassed! This is what usually gets them blushed and makes the party way cuter. We know we have many games, including ‘He Said She Said’, but however, we feel like we need to spice things up! Apart […]

22 Hen Party Games (And More Details) To Make Your Hen Indelible!

Hen Party Game - Cover Photo

What’s Hen now? Ahh, too many terms all about the bride and parties about her… How do we remember them all? Don’t we have bachelorette, and bridal, and… My brain is exploding!  Now look, Hen and Bachelorette are two different terms used to describe the same event: a fun night before the wedding, all about […]

23 Best Of Bridal Shower Games & Activities- Brides To Be Love ‘Em!

Bridal Shower Party Games

Now, what is this bridal shower? Don’t we have the bachelorette and bachelorette card games? Isn’t it enough?  Here’s the thing: The bachelorette is a mix of fun & meant to kinda prepare the bride for her ‘new’ life, while the bachelorette is all about losing the track and having as much fun as possible! […]