100 Groom & Bride Bachelorette Trivia Questions

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Do we all know the purpose of bachelorette parties? To get to know more about a lovely person of yours who’s about to get married! Plainly, the best way to do so is by playing a trivia game, with meaningful questions. What we love most about the questions below, is that they work just as great with both the bride and the groom-to-be! 

  • Random questions;
  • Questions about the careers;
  • Questions about their relationship;
  • Wedding questions;
  • How to prep & play;
  • Final thoughts;

Random Questions

Of course, we have to start safely. The questions below are innocent, fun, and can be played by everyone in your party. This tests how people know the bride & groom’s favorite things, habits & memories, and is definitely a way to get to know them better.

  1. Who is the older of the two?
  2. Where was each of them born?
  3. When did they meet?
  4. What’s a definite way to get them angry?
  5. What month were they born?
  6. If they were given any superpower, what would they want?
  7. Which one of them likes playing couples card games more?
  8. Who is more emotional?
  9. What is their dream vacation?
  10. Do they have a favorite movie?
  11. Who is their celebrity crush?
  12. Do you know anything about their first job?
  13. What is her/his favorite way to spend free time?
  14. What are their Zodiac signs?
  15. Do they have any siblings?
  16. What car do they drive?
  17. Which one of them is more of a bookworm?
  18. Is the bride/groom more of a cat or dog person?
Bride & Groom With A Dog
  1. Who will do more chores once they start living together?
  2. What are their middle names?
  3. Did they go to college?
  4. If they went viral, what would it be for?
  5. What is their eye color?
  6. Who’s more of a hug person?
  7. What is one ingredient that he/she thinks doesn’t belong in a pizza?
  8. Are they lovers of The Bachelorette show?

Questions About Their Careers & Future

If you know a bit about the couple, you definitely have some clue about their careers as well. These questions will test how much you know about their dreams, job experiences, favorite coworkers, and more! 

  1. What is their dream job?
  2. Where do they see themselves after 5 years?
  3. Is the current job paying them well?
  4. Do they look forward to joining any sports?
Bride & Groom Playing Sports
  1. Where in the world would 
  2. What is his/her ridiculous goal?
  3. What is one hobby they would like to develop in the future?
  4. Did they ever think of changing careers?
  5. If he/she could play in a movie, what would the genre be?
  6. How many kids do they want to have?
  7. What is their biggest ambition for next year?
  8. Do you know who their favorite colleague is?
  9. What do they aspire to career-wise?
  10. Do they look forward to changing their location?
  11. Who is more creative?
  12. Which one of the two is more likely to do something illegal to get a better job?
  13. What is her/his dream car?
  14. Who is their role model when it comes to their career?
  15. Which one of the two cares more about passion than money?
  16. Are they looking to make any investments in the future?

Questions About Their Relationship

Questions About Their Relationship

Well, we’ve gathered here for the bride & groom, right? That’s why, we’re finally bringing up some questions all about their love life, love language, anniversaries, and everything you could think of when love is mentioned… 

  1. Where was their first date? 
  2. Who said ‘I love you’ first?
  3. Who has better taste in presents?
  4. What is their favorite body part of each other?
  5. Who gets angry faster?
  6. Do you know anything about their first fight? 
  7. Would they ever get matching tattoos? 
  8. Whose love language is touch? 
  9. Who asked who out first?
  10. Who is the game & party host of the relationship?
  11. Who is the funny one in the relationship?
  12. Which one of them is more dramatic?
  13. When was the moment they knew they loved each other?
  14. Who’s the early bird?
  15. After how many dates did they first kiss?
  16. Which personal trait do they love most about each other?
  17. Where was their first holiday?
  18. Was it love at first sight?
  19. What were they wearing on their first date?
  20. Who is usually the first one to say sorry?
  21. What is their favorite memory together?
  22. How long have they been together?
  23. What is their idea of a perfect date night?
  24. In what month is their anniversary? 
  25. What is their song?
  26. Who’s the talker & who’s the listener of the relationship? 
  27. What are they most likely to argue about?
  28. According to you, who wears the pants in the relationship?
  29. When did their parents meet for the first time?
  30. Who cooks more?
  31. Who is more romantic of the two?

Wedding Questions

Wedding Questions

We all know that it’s nerve-wracking to organize the wedding and everything that comes with it. Now, why don’t we take a moment and appreciate what the bride & groom-to-be went through, and see how well you know about the wedding details, venue, event, and the cake, of course! 

  1. Who proposed to whom? 
  2. Any idea about the flavor of the wedding cake?
  3. Does the wedding have a theme?
  4. What color is the groom’s suit?
  5. What part of the wedding planning have they enjoyed most?
  6. Will they have a traditional wedding?
  7. Which guest is most likely to embarrass them on the wedding day?
  8. Who will make a toast at the wedding? 
  9. What will be their first dance song? 
  10. Who will walk the bride down the aisle? 
  11. What kind of flowers will the bride carry? 
  12. How many dresses did she try on before choosing one?
  13. Who dealt more with the wedding organization? 
  14. What are they most looking forward for the wedding day?
  15. What are the exact words when he/she proposed to you?
  16. Who will sing at their wedding?
  17. What does he/she think is the scariest part of marrying each other?
  18. What was the hardest part of the wedding preparations?
  19. How many guests will be at the wedding approximately? 
  20. Did they plan the honeymoon? 
  21. Who’s outfit costs more?
  22. Would the bride trust the groom for her wedding dress? 
  23. Who’s more stressed about the wedding? 

How To Prep & Play The Trivia Game

First things first, make sure you don’t pick many questions. Traditionally, 15 to 20 questions are the right amount. Go through our list, pick your favorites (which can belong to one category or several categories), and write them down. If you wanna have the best experience, you may print the questions in one of the versions at muggles.cards, and spread the sheets to all the guests at your party. 

Next, give the guests about 5 to 10 minutes to answer. They may either team up (team bride vs. team groom) or play individually. After everyone has answered, the bride and the groom may give the correct answers, and check which of the guests was closest to the correct answers, therefore, has more points. Optionally, you may give the guests with the highest score a significant gift. 

Final Thoughts

Seems like you just read the best trivia game questions list & guide for your wedding day, bachelorette party, or any special day! Make sure you pick suitable questions, prepare the game correctly, and everything will be beyond fun! It’s definitely one of the best ways to connect with the bride & the groom, and give them the support & love they need for their big day!

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