24 Bachelorette Party Shirts Ideas: Tank Tops, Hoodies, And More! 

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Apart from champagne and crazy girls, and card games, printed T-shirts are a must for all bachelorettes. No excuses. We took our time and adding all of our love, we made a list of the best bachelorette t-shirt ideas for your party. No matter if it’s your special day, or you’re organizing it for your beloved girl, never skip this step! You will have trouble picking your favorite ones.

We’ve thought of that as well!

1. Friends TV-Show Themed T-Shirts- $10.50+

Friends TV-Show T-Shirts

There’s no better t-shirt idea for Friends fans than this one. The one where… represents the heading of every episode, and the little colored dots, you know what they stand for. The girls can choose between 9 available colors, and also their comfy size (starting from S to 3XL). The material is very high-quality, and also keep in mind that the price includes only one t-shirt. You can add your own custom text, such as the roles of all bridesmaids, the relations, or even quotes from Friends (I found my Lobster!). Ps. check the Friends drinking game to add the sparkle! 

2. Team Bride T-Shirts – $11.25+

We absolutely love this design! There’s a special white t-shirt for the bride, and all the other guests have Team Bride written on it. The letters font is charming, and we adore the little heart above the text. There are a huge number of 21 colors available for you to choose from, and always make sure the bride has at least a slightly different color from the bridesmaids. Don’t worry about the size. You can find yours starting from S to 3XL! Feels very soft and cute to wear these t-shirts, and they look pretty fancy with all outfits, even if some are classy ones. 

3. Cards Against Humanity T-Shirts – $15.95

Cards Against Humanity T-Shirts

Looking for funny & super cool t-shirts? Well, stop scrolling! Glimpses of Cards Against Humanity, make everything better, especially clothing. Similar to the game, one of the players (well, the bride) has white fill-in-the-blank cards (t-shirt), while all the others have black ones as answers. As you can clearly see, each black t-shirt’s caption is funnier than the other. There are other colors available, but black & white is the idea of CAH, always! You can add your favorite jokes from the game, and remove anything you find inappropriate. You horrible people! 

4. I Do Crew T-Shirts – $8.89+

I Do Crew T-Shirts

Well, a girl shares everything with her girlfriends. Even her ‘I Do’ little details. That’s why all of them are the ‘I Do Crew’ of the lovely bride! The pink and white are a fabulous combination of colors for bachelorettes, but however, other colors (around 22 colors) are available. The design is very adorable, especially that diamond ring in the ‘O’ of the ‘I Do’. Pretty creative, such a soft & qualitative material, and comes in all sizes! Another luxury feature is that you can choose the letters’ color, and rose gold is available. That’s all a girl needs! 

5. If You’re Reading This… T-Shirts – $12.59+

If You're Reading This... T-Shirts

Aight, we know the bride-to-be is gonna get married, but, what about her girls? Yeah, they will most likely get drunk. These t-shirts say it all. We love how chaotic the letters are, and how well they fill the whole t-shirt! Of course, there are other colors available and sizes as well, starting from XS to 3XL. They’re made of soft light fabric, and mercifully machine wash doesn’t damage them. If you’re not going to use them again, we recommend you give all your guests their t-shirts to take them home, since they will be some sweet memories from your bachelorette! 

6.   Wizard Themed T-Shirts – $16.60+

Wizard Themed T-Shirts

We got something for all the Wizard fans or even the Muggles. For the bride, there’s the t-shirt that says she put a spell on him, obviously. Now, for the bridesmaids, they’re gonna be witches. Yey! Well, some of them are the bride’s witches, while a few are the witches of honor. The quality and the design are fascinating, especially when, you know, the bride is into witches and all that. All sizes are available (S to 4XL), and you can choose the colors of your preferences. They look so stylish with jeans or even skirts. To look extra, tie the end of the shirt just as shown in the picture. Advice from a friend 🙂

7. Football Jersey T-Shirts – $160.00

Football Jersey T-Shirts

If perhaps, she was the type of girl who would always play football with the neighborhood guys, you should go for the Football Jersey shirts. This is a pack of 5 t-shirts, the white one for the bride, and the 4 others for her girls. There are 11 colors available, and sizes are from S to XL. It’s up to you if you want them to fit perfectly, or to be oversized. All t-shirts have text written behind them, which really feel like kits. Also, the color may depend on the bride’s favorite football team, so everything will be related to what she loves. 

8. Groom’s Face T-Shirts – $11.99+

Groom's Face T-Shirts

This gotta be one of the funniest ideas ever! I mean, besties share their husbands as well, right? After picking your favorite color, and sizes for all guests (from XS to 2XL), send them the groom’s picture and name. Yes, that’s right. All girls will have the groom’s face printed on their t-shirts. Looks so realistic, the crop is perfect, and it would be fun to make some jokes about the groom right before the wedding. Also, we don’t doubt the bride would love the idea. I mean, seeing your husband’s face every time you turn your head? Genius! 

9. Minnie Mouse T-Shirts – $19.99

Minnie Mouse T-Shirts

She’s a Disney fan, and you’re wondering what Disney gift to get her. The Minnie Mouse T-shirts are perfect. They’re super cute and have cool captions and designs. The bride has the ‘Bride’ written in Disney font, and the bridesmaids have all different texts. Well yeah, most of them are related to drinking. The quotes, even though they are customized for the bridesmaids, they’re related to some Disney movies’ quotes. It isn’t a ‘tale as old as time’ anymore, it’s a tale as old as wine! There are different colors available (and sizes), however, we think pink and white is the perfect girlish Disney combo! 

10. Retro Bachelorette T-Shirts – $11.06+

Retro Bachelorette T-Shirts

It’s always a yes for retro shirts! This set of t-shirts includes the ‘Bride’ for the, obviously, bride, and ‘Babe’ for all her babes! The design is the same, the captions are different, and the color is most likely. They look very classy and feel comfortable since they’re made of cotton and polyester. You can also add double-sided printing and a custom text of your choice. Of course, the main character is how pretty the retro effect looks. Now, imagine how magical it will look in your bachelorette photos… 

11. Most Likely To… T-Shirts – $13.99+

Most Likely To... T-Shirts

Most Likely To…, is hands down, one of the most entertaining party games. Along with these t-shirts! Each t-shirt has a custom text, which should relate to the girl wearing it. Of course, the bride should have the most likely to get hitched, or married shirt. The bridesmaids can take the most likely to keep the party going, get wild, or kiss a stranger. Yes, always match the text with the girl’s personality. It is a game changer! Other colors are available too and size from S to 2XL. If you have any little girls at your party, toddler shirts in this design are available as well!

12. V-Neck Bachelorette T-Shirts – $19.79

V-Neck Bachelorette T-Shirts

If you’re stuck on ideas, classic V-neck t-shirts are a great option. We absolutely adore the cut of these t-shirts, and how the bride & bridesmaid are written right at the V-neck. It makes it invisible enough to tell that it is not a random t-shirt, but not to fill the whole area with text. Makes amazing outfits with whatever types of jeans (especially the straight leg ones), and looks very stylish if you also put on some jewelry. There are dozens of colors available, but we always choose white for the bride over the others. To look extra cool, we’d recommend you choose the color of the bride’s t-shirt for the color of the letters on the bridesmaids’ t-shirts and vice versa…

13. Barbie Looking Hoodies – $29.22+

Barbie Looking Hoodies

There’s nothing more magical & nostalgic than these barbie looking hoodies. The design, the letters font, the color, they all scream Barbie! These are zipped hoodies that have text on both sides, and they’ll most likely be the bachelorette’s roles. Sizes from S to XL are available, and you can also order them in gray, black, or navy, but honestly, we think the white & hot pink combo is the hottest and makes you really feel like a barbie… A very good thing is that you can wear them on top of whatever shirts you want, even on top of your favorite bachelorette t-shirts. They’ll never be too much! 

14. Bride & Babes Crop Tops – $18.66+

Bride & Babes Crop Tops

Where are my crop top lovers at? These Bride & Bride’s Babe t-shirts are made for pretty girls. For all of you! The font looks like handwriting, and our favorite text color is undoubtedly the golden rose… They’re not too short, but short enough to make you feel powerful! As always, leave the white one for the bride (if she likes white) and choose different colors for all the bride’s babes. These look better if they’re oversized, so, pick one size larger than you usually wear. Take the silly glasses and mustache sticks, and take some cool picks! 

15. Crime Bachelorette T-Shirts – $18.99+

Crime Bachelorette T-Shirts

In this episode of bachelorette, every girl has done a crime. Clearly, the bride has stolen his last name. Well, her bridesmaids could’ve kidnapped the groom, twerked for shots, and are too hot to handle. Write the date of your bachelorette on top of the t-shirt, so everyone will have their funny, and super-cool memory of your bachelorette. What we love most about the captions on these t-shirts is the little note below, the cellmate of every bridesmaid is the bride. That is clever. Once again, match the crime to the girl you think relates most to it. Even the innocent ones. 

16. Beach Bachelorette Party Tanks

Beach Bachelorette Party Tanks

Obviously, you’re not gonna wear hoodies if your bachelorette is going to happen at the beach. Go get your tank tops! The bride has a ring in her hand. But, what do her babes have? That’s right. Drinks. Drinks in their hand. Well yeah, the bride has both: a ring and a drink, and that’s a privilege. There are 13 colors available for you to choose from, and sizes from S to 2XL. Ah, how voguish these tanks look with shorts or some mini skirts… You’re gonna be at the beach, drinking, and feeling freer than ever with these charming bachelorette party tanks. 

17. Disney Princesses T-Shirts

Disney Princesses T-Shirts

Why don’t you make them all feel like Disney princesses, since, you know, they’re all Disney princesses? Each shirt has a different princess drawn on it, and a different movie quote. Our favorite about the bride is the Aurora white ‘Bibbidi Bobbidi I do’ t-shirt. Feels really royal, and the caption says it all. There’s also Elsa, Jasmine, Ariel, Cinderella… Every little girl (and grown-up) had their favorite character. Let them pick their t-shirt based on that. Thankfully, all sizes from XS to 3XL are available. About the colors, we prefer each t-shirt to have a different color since everyone will feel more special. 

18. Here Comes The Bride Sweatshirts – $38.96

Here Comes The Bride Sweatshirts

Here comes the bride, doo doo doo… Well, we gotta let people know who’s walking in. These sweatshirts, besides keeping you warm, have amazingly cool graphics on the back. The bridesmaids, clearly, won’t tell that here comes the bride. They’re gonna bring the party!!! The hoodies are very cozy, and oversized, which is a love language for all girls. There is ash, light blue & pink, black and white options, and as always, pick white for the bride. Besides the bachelorette, they can be used anytime you want. Just like the usual hoodies & sweatshirts you love wearing every day. 

19. Aloha Bachelorette Tees – $5.09+ 

Aloha Bachelorette Tees

You’re gonna have your bachelorette outside the town? A girls’ trip? That’s dope! The first thing you wanna do is get your Aloha (which is the Hawaiian word for affection & love) tees. There’s gotta be the Aloha bride, and the Aloha beaches. No, not a bad word. We’re innocent. As you assumed, they’re made for the beach. Tank tops, light material, flowers, open back. There are more than 10 colors available, and also any size you need. If you love V-neck t-shirts, you may order them as one. Combine them with any pants, dress, or shorts, it will beyond a doubt look just as fashionable!  

20. I’ll Bring The T-Shirts – $7.64+

I'll Bring The T-Shirts

We already know what the bride will bring. But, why don’t we tell the world what each of the girls will bring? Well, one can bring the shots, the other can bring the trouble or the tequila. To make it extra lovely, let them actually bring that stuff, so you know, they abide by their own captions. There’s always gotta be some girls who are extroverts and will bring lots of cool troubles, and many bridal shower party games, so why not tell everyone who brings the fun! Pick your favorite colors, and add your own funny captions so they turn out perfect.  

21. The Office T-Shirts

The Office T-Shirts

You’re part of the party planning committee? Well, that’s what the bride loves! Michael was the World’s best boss, but she’s gonna be the World’s best bride! Captions on each t-shirt are related to at least one of the Office’s episodes. If she’s a fan of the show, she will definitely understand each of the jokes. What’s special about these t-shirts is that they use Kornit to print, which is eco-friendly & safe for all ages. Don’t forget to add other jokes though: Dwight, you ignorant slut! Assistant to the regional bride, I won a dundie, and hundreds more. Everything’s funny there. That’s what she said. 

22. Feyonce T-Shirts – $18.89

Feyonce T-Shirts

We can’t magically make all girls feel confident, but we can for sure give them some Beyonce-themed shirts! The bride gets the Feyonce, or even the ‘He put a ring on it’. The bride’s babes get their ‘Who run the world’, ‘Love on top’, ‘Drunk in love’, and many others, who are just a few of Beyonce’s hits! Ask all the guests for their size, between XS and 3XL. Also, don’t you dare forget to play the queen’s songs on your bachelorette. You’re gonna be drinking, having fun, and singing ALL THE SINGLE LADIES out loud! Even the bride, even though she’s not so single anymore… 

23. Funny Bachelorette Muscle Tanks – $23.00+

Funny Bachelorette Muscle Tanks

We’ve heard about the maid of honor, but the maid of dishonor? The bride needs her. These funny tanks’ captions are right what you need. The bride’s getting married and shit, one of the bridesmaids is thirsty, the other is a hot mess or the one who drinks well with others. No matter, if you’re having your bachelorette by the pool, at an open restaurant, or inside your house, these muscle tanks do their job. There are all sizes available and dozens of different colors. The color combination shown in the photo above is such a good one, so, consider that.

24. Bride Tribe T-Shirts – $16.31

Bride Tribe T-Shirts

No, that is not the middle finger. That’s the ring finger. The one he put a ring on! These classic black & white t-shirts, with Bride & Tribe written on them, are just as astonishing as they could get. Well, instead of the letter ‘i’, you have a finger, with a ring on it shown. It helps form the word, and also tells about the bride! To add the sparkle, you can also include the bride’s initials on the shirts or each bridesmaid’s name on their own, so they will all feel personalized. Pick your size & your favorite color, and you’re good to go! Fun fact: if you didn’t know, tribe means somewhat like crew or squad.  


We made sure to pick the most unique designs, the most comfortable material, and the most reasonable prices. Take your time to think about the color, the customized text, and even your preferred clothing style. As always, we recommend you get the bride’s ideas & preferences since, after all, the bachelorette is all about her. 

Yes, it’s gonna be the best ‘I Do’ crew you’ve ever gonna see!

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