Top 16 Bachelorette Party Games & Activities To Kiss The Miss Goodbye!

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If you have ever been to a Bachelorette Party at least once in your life, you know that the most important element is the party games. And for whoever’s organizing the Bachelorette, picking the right ones is the biggest challenge. Or at least it was the biggest challenge till now, since we’ve made a list of games to make all your struggles disappear, and have the best party ever! 

  1. Bachelorette’s Cup;
  2. Booze N’Babes Jenga;
  3. For The Girls;
  4. PowerPoint Party;
  5. Bachelorettes Against Decency;
  6. Bachelorette Jeopardy;
  7. Bra-sketball;
  8. Bachelorette Photo Challenge;
  9. Bride’s Memory Match;
  10. Twerk Pong;
  11. Truth Or Drink;
  12. Panty Party;
  13. Pin The Kiss On The Prince;
  14. Bachelorette Bash;
  15. Drink If Cards;
  16. Newlywed Game;
  • Final Thoughts;

1. Bachelorette’s Cup

Download for free here.

A Bachelorette edition of King’s Cup (or Circle Of Death) is a blast of its own. The idea of the game is to take turns drawing cards from a standard deck, and complete actions depending on their value. All these actions are found in the sheet we attached above, so, you won’t have to memorize anything.

2. Booze N’Babes Jenga

Booze N'Babes Jenga

Booze N’Babes is the Drunk Jenga version for the Bachelorette party! It’s up to you if you want to buy the game (for $32 at Stag & Hen) or make yours while using standard Jenga blocks, and writing the rules on them. What happens is that you will take turns moving blocks, just like in usual Jenga, but, before placing it on top, complete the challenge written on it first. The goal is to not crash the tower, and while being tipsy, that could be a huge challenge!  

3. For The Girls – $24.00

If you haven’t heard about For The Girls, do you really have TikTok? This card game includes a total of 400 cards and 5 categories: Do this dare to keep this card, (2 types of) give this card, keep this card, and the first to mess up loses this card. Basically, you roll the die which decides what card you will draw, and complete whatever it says. They’ve currently refreshed the deck and added 90+ new cards, so the game night becomes memorable! 

4. PowerPoint Party

PowerPoint Party

Cheers to finally enjoying PowerPoint presentations! When you invite the girls to the Bachelorette party, ask them to take some time and make a PowerPoint presentation on a fun topic. With fun, we mean: ‘Why Shouldn’t We Trust Men?’, ‘The Story Of Me Getting Super Drunk’, ‘Top 5 WTF Moments’, and more! You have no clue how creative the girls can get, and how y’all will burst into laughter. Here’s an example of how it goes: PowerPoint Night.

5. Bachelorettes Against Decency – $9.95

The Bachelorette version of Cards Against Humanity has a special place in our hearts. Just as in the other CAH games, the whole game spins around one main rule: making the funniest combinations. The game starts with a pink question card read by the Card Czar (who could be any of you), who waits for the girls’ white cards as responses. After everyone submits a card, the Card Czar picks her favorite answer, and that gets an awesome point! 

6. Bachelorette Jeopardy

Bachelorette Jeopardy

Exactly like in classic Jeopardy, you will divide all players into 3 teams, and decide who goes first. Teams on their turn must pick the category, and the ‘question value’. If they guess correctly, they get the prize, which could either be money, shots for the other team, small fun prizes, or more. The best advice we could give you is to make your own Jeopardy bachelorette board, and the questions too, since it’s never as fun the other way. Here’s a short TikTok tutorial that might help.

7. Bra-sketball 


Bra-pong, Bra-sketball, the funniest game ever, or however you decide to call it, starts by attaching the different-sized bras to a board, and writing points near them, increasing going to the top, just like a Pyramid. Taking turns, girls will stay at a set distance from the board, and throw ping pong balls for 1 minute. When the timer’s off, the girls count points, depending on which bra each of the balls goes. Whoever has the most points, wins! 

8. Bachelorette Photo Challenge

Bachelorette Photo Challenge

Download for free here.

A photo challenge should always be on the top of your list for the Bachelorette party, especially if you’re going to a bar or even better, on a girls’ trip! This printable party game is usually played in teams, which compete to finish all photo challenges first, and become winners!

9. Bride’s Memory Match

It’s always heartwarming to talk about memories you’ve created during life, with people you keep close to your heart. For this activity, all girls must write down a memory they have with the bride-to-be, without adding their name. Then, the bride reads all memories, and must remember who she created that memory with. Then, make sure to share all these memories in detail to the group so everyone has a good laugh, and understands how you lost your top in the pool, how you got that drunk that you almost forgot where you live, or any other crazy story!  

10. Twerk Pong

Twerk Pong

Let’s get twerking!. What you’d want to do, is tie the boxes around the girls’ waists, and add 10 or more balls in each box. Next, play a vibing song, so the girls can start playing & twerking and tend to get all the balls out of the box, without using their hands. Here’s how the game goes babes: Twerk Pong game.

11. Truth Or Drink

At the end of the day, the Bachelorette (or bridal shower) is all about untold secrets, and many drinks! All you have to do is pick some of the questions from our ‘Truth Or Drink’ list and take turns asking each other. Whoever refuses to answer (since some can be pretty embarrassing), must take a sip of their drink. The game ends whenever you’re too drunk to continue, sincerely!

12. Panty Party

Panty Party

Who doesn’t love a hilarious hen party game? Simply, when you send out the invitation, ask your ladies to bring one pair of underwear. There are no limits on the types, really. Preferably, it should be something that resembles their personality, and yes, they tell a lot. Then, the bride-to-be has to collect them all and guess which panties belong to which girl. And gets to keep the panties too!

13. Pin The Kiss On The Prince

I guess the bride won’t mind if you kiss her man… Make sure you have a huge poster of the groom-to-be stuck to the wall. Then, all girls taking turns should cover their eyes, put red lipstick on, and spin around a few times. The goal for each girl is to pin the kiss on the lips of the groom. Make sure you write your initials right after they pin their kiss, so at the end, you know which one was nearest to the goal & announce her the winner! 

14. Bachelorette Bash – $23.97

Bachelorette Bash

Bachelorette Bash is an incredible card game of 205 cards, and 6 categories: ‘Most Likely To’, ‘Would She Rather’, ‘Know The Bride?’, ‘I Have Never’, ‘Truth Or Dare’ and ‘The Wild Card’. It’s all about sharing experiences, gossiping, telling secrets, and testing how well you know the bride. Besides answering questions and choosing between options, you will deal with Wild Cards too, which add tons of excitement! 

15. Drink If Cards – $9.95

The Drink If game is fun both ways: either if you use our Drink If questions, or special cards. The ones above, not only contain extremely creative content but also come with scratch-off stickers, which while being tipsy, are pretty challenging to scratch. And because of these stickers, you won’t know what card you’re drawing! Basically, you will take turns drawing cards, scratch the sticker off, and drink if the card relates to you! 

16. Newlywed Game

How do you feel about including the groom in your bachelorette party? To play the Newlywed Game, you make a list of questions related to the couple and their relationship, or questions about the bride only. Then, record the groom answering these questions, and play it at the Bachelorette Party. Pause the video right after one question is read, so the bride can guess what the groom answered, and then resume the video to hear his actual answer. Here’s how it goes: The Newlywed Game 

Final Thoughts

Ladies, these games could do it all: make you laugh out loud, bawl your eyes out, feel a blush in your cheeks, and get you drunk! Not only will you enjoy them while playing, but also years later, since your experiences with these games will become some of your favorite memories ever. Take your time to choose your favorites, or just play them all. It can’t go wrong.

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