Top 21 Bachelorette Party Games & Activities To Kiss The Miss Goodbye!

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We all know what bachelorette parties are about. Celebrating your last night as a single woman, making fun of the fiance, taking crazy pics with your chicks, and even drinking! Is there a way to have these all at once? Mercifully, yes. There are a bunch of party games that allow you to do all the above-mentioned stuff and let me tell you, they are BREATHTAKING! 

Now, just so we don’t get confused. Yes, we already explained our bridal shower party games. Buddy, there’s a slight difference between a bachelorette and a bridal party. The bridal is organized for the bride’s family and friends, while the bachelorette is the typical party only for the bride’s closest friends to have a blast together. Now, imagine how extraordinary are games that are made to be played by besties… Memories will be irreplaceable, just so you know! 

  • Tips For An Unforgettable Bachelorette;
  • Drinking Bachelorette Party Games:
  1. Bachelorette Roulette;
  2. Booze N’Babes Jenga;
  3. Pizza Box Toss;
  4. 80 Risqué Drinking Cards;
  • Fun Bachelorette Party Activities/Games;
  1. The Burn Book;
  2. PowerPoint Party;
  3. Ring Hunt;
  4. Lick And Stick;
  5. Would She Rather?;
  6. Bachelorettes Against Decency;
  • Crazy Bachelorette Party Games;
  1. Lie Detector;
  2. Bra-sketball;
  3. Panty Party;
  4. Grown-up Pictionary;
  5. Guess The Toy;
  6. Pin A Kiss On The Prince;
  • Printable Bachelorette Party Games:
  1. Bachelorette Scramble;
  2. Bachelorette’s Cup;
  3. Bachelorette Photo Challenge;
  4. Lingerie Shower Bingo;
  5. Drink If
  • Conclusion;

Tips On Planning An Unforgettable Bachelorette

  • Start with the guest list. Only invite people you love and you want to. It is supposed to be about you and your closest people. You’re gonna go wild and crazy, and you should do that with people you’re most comfortable with. 
  • Check your budget and set the location. Now, typically, it would be a blast to go on a holiday trip with your besties, at the beach or another fancy place. However, bachelorettes are incredibly fun even if it’s held at home or a local cafe in town. It’s all about the people, not the place. 
  • Set the date and send invitations. We always recommend you start planning your bachelorette at least 3 months earlier, make the orders, and get everything set. If you will, some formal invitations would be a classy way to let the girls know about the details, but however, an SMS or email does the job. You must let them know 2 weeks – 1 month earlier.
  • Purchase your bachelorette t-shirts. We heartily think that matching outfits at bachelorette parties are a must. That’s why, depending on your preferences, go and purchase your favorite shirts, hoodies, or tank tops, with whatever captions you prefer. They are budget-friendly and add magic to your party. If you’ve run out of thoughts, check out our bachelorette party shirts ideas.
  • Put effort into making the playlist. Well, there’s nothing like a right or wrong playlist. It depends on the music taste of you and your guests, but you must take your time and try to pick some good songs. There gotta be some party music to dance your hearts off, something classy, and of course, something the heart-broken girls like… Don’t you dare forget to include Beyonce’s All The Single Ladies! However, if you need ideas, here’s a Youtube playlist for you: Bachelorette Party Playlist.
  • Make a list of activities. Bachelorettes should have more than one game. Obviously. This is when the ‘the more the merrier’ phrase comes in. Pick your favorite games and always try to do a mix. Not only questions, or dares. Include drinking, challenges, answering questions, dirty games, and whatever you wish. Believe me, they add magic to your party. 
  • Prepare some good snacks & drinks. Well, if it’s going to be in your house, take some fruits, make a good charcuterie board, cupcakes, finger food, and also cocktails and other types of drinks & alcohol. You’re gonna sing and dance for hours, make sure you keep your body hydrated, and energized. On the other hand, if it’s going to be in a bar or something, just tell them about the preferred menu.
  • Buy/make some prizes for the winners. Lots of the games will also have a winner by the end. To make it perfect, get some small gifts, or even make some DIY cards or trophies for the winners. It’s something they’ll forever remember.

Drinking Bachelorette Party Games

A great way to start your Bachelorette Party is undoubtedly by playing drinking games. You drink just enough so you have no censor and answer every single question, and not get embarrassed at all! Below, you’ll find 4 of the coolest drinking games to get you and your babes drunk.

1. Bachelorette Roulette

Bachelorette Roulette

Number of girls: 2 to 8 (if it’s a larger roulette and you have more glasses, it can be played by even larger groups);

Time needed to play: Typically around 20 to 30 min.

What to prep: A drinking roulette (which you can make by yourself, or order from eBay for $9.99) & drinks of your choice.

How to play:

Let’s start the night the right way: drinking! Thankfully, you only need a drinking roulette and some crazy girls. Well, in simple words, it is all about pouring different liquids into the shot glasses, including water, vodka, and different types of alcohol, and drinking them. To be clear, all of your girls take turns to spin the wheel, and that decides which shot all of them should drink. If you want to make the game yourself & not spend a penny, you can use a bottle as a wheel. Trust me, it does the job! 

2. Booze N’Babes Jenga

Booze N'Babes Jenga

Number of girls: 2 to 10;

Time needed to play: Approximately 30 min.

What to prep: The Jenga game, which you can order from Bachette for $29.99, or make it yourself by using normal brown  Jenga tiles, and alcohol, obviously. 

How to play:

Jenga is always a go-to game. Booze N’Babes Jenga is precisely made about you and your babes. Besides the main rule, which is you know, moving the blocks without crashing the tower, now each block has a question or a challenge. The good thing is that you can make your own version, using normal Jenga and writing stuff on the blocks, or if it sounds too complicated, you may order it from shops of your choice. Basically, you draw a tile, place it on top, and then complete the challenge. There are drinking dares, performances, showing skills, and ways to get to know each other. It’s a blast! 

3. Pizza Box Toss

Pizza Boss Toss

Number of girls: 6 to 10.

Time needed to play: 30 to 60 min.

What to prep: An empty pizza box, a coin, and some drinks.

How to play:

You have no idea what to do with the pizza boxes after you’ve finished eating? Well, we’re happy to announce we’ve got a drinking game without cards for you!  Take a coin and toss it into the pizza box. Wherever it lands, you should draw a circle around it, and write a task inside. It could be anything you like: Never have I ever, drink if, truth or drink, and more. Don’t forget to include some drinking tasks as well. Next, everyone takes their turn to toss the coin, and if it lands in an already drawn circle, you have to complete whatever is written on it. 

4. 80 Risqué Drinking Cards

80 Risque Drinking Cards

Number of girls: 2 to 12+.

Time needed to play: 20 to 30 min.

What to prep: The deck of cards which is available at for $9.95 & a few drinks.

How to play:

Drinking cards could never go wrong. This set of risqué cards includes 4 main categories: Truth Or Dare, Drink If, Gotcha, and Most Likely To. There are many catchy questions, which apply to all the guests, not only the bride. Well, you gotta drink if you’re single if you’ve got blue eyes, if you’ve heard your parents doing the deed, or if you have the biggest boobs. And a few others, needless to say. The cool thing is that it is not all about getting tipsy, since you know, you’ll take a few sips. It’s also about getting to know the girls better. A drink tells a lot! 

Fun Bachelorette Party Activities/Games

You can never go wrong with a bunch of cool games or activities to have with your girls. It breaks the ice, creates unforgettable experiences, and helps you let things go. The best thing is that none of the girls will be left out, neither the bride nor the maids, no matter if they’re innocent or not… 

5. The Burn Book

The Burn Book

Number of girls: 2 to 10.

Time needed to play: 50 min to 1 hour.

What to prep: The burn book, which you can make by decorating a normal notebook, or order the prepared one from Amazon for $17.06.

How to play:

This is giving Mean Girls!!! All the ladies know what this is. A book where you write all the teenage (or not so) dirtbags, well, to be specific, for both the bride and her babes. There will be so many kisses printed on the paper, and countless stories will be told. It could also be turned into something emotional. All the girls can write something that’s killing them inside, write about someone they hate or who has hurt them and even curse their exes. The best is yet to come. After everyone has written all their down & dirty, you together gotta burn the book! Yes. This is how you say goodbye to bad feelings. You can also make your own book. And design it together!  

6. PowerPoint Party

PowerPoint Party

Number of girls: 4 or more (for more than 4, preferably, play it in teams).

Time needed to play: 60 to 90 min.

What to prep: laptops (optionally phones) for each group, a projector, or TV to show the presentations.

How to play:

Guess what? This is gonna be the first time you’ll actually enjoy making presentations! Give the girls 10 minutes (in teams or individually) to make a PowerPoint presentation for a specific topic. Here are some ideas: ‘Why Shouldn’t We Trust Men?’, ‘The Story Of Me Getting Super Drunk’, ‘How Much Do I Love The Bride?’, and a bunch of others. You have no clue how creative the girls can get, and how amazing the presentations will turn out. After everyone finishes presenting, let them vote about their favorite one. Here’s an example of how it goes: PowerPoint Night.

7. Ring Hunt

Ring Hunt

Number of girls: 5 and more (if there are 8 or more people, divide them into groups of 2 or 3);

Time needed to play: 30 min;

What to prep: rings for each group or individual, which can be some of your everyday rings or some special led ones from Amazon ($11.99)

How to play:

Let’s go to a ring hunt ladies. It’s quite similar to our Scavenger Hunt, but now we’re all looking for rings. It’s up to you if you want them to be normal diamond rings, or some extraordinary ones, which are easier to find. Next, hide the rings anywhere in the house, and ask all girls to find them. Don’t forget to let a piece of paper with a dare written on it near the ring. Yes, you’re correct. Every girl who finds the ring has to bring it to the party room and complete the challenge. Typically, there should be one ring for each girl, so no one is left out. 

8.  Lick & Stick

Lick & Stick

Number of girls: 4 to as many as there are.

Time needed to play: Depends on the number of players, but most likely around 30-40 min.

What to prep: A deck of classic cards.

How to play:

Well, we may call this a drinking card game, can’t we? It’s amazing how a single deck of cards can bring that much fun. It is recommended that only 2 people play at a time, facing each other, and then switch. Next, the active girls should close their eyes, lick the back side of the card, and stick it to their forehead. After sticking, they can open their eyes, and see their opponent’s card. The final move is that both girls should guess if their card is higher or lower than the other player. Whoever guesses incorrectly, has to drink. It’s a win-win both ways tho’.

9. Would She Rather?

Would She Rather

Number of girls: 2 to 10;

Time needed to play: 20 min;

What to prep: The list of questions ( preferably from for only $4.95), or a DIY one.

How to play:

A girl is always up to see which of her girlfriends knows her best! The ‘Would She Rather?’ game is a great way to do that. After purchasing the game and printing them all out, or writing your own questions down, what you should do is give each guest one playing a piece of paper. Set the timer for about 5 to 10 minutes, and ask everyone to guess the statements about you. After everyone is finished, you should check all the answers and put in the total score. Whoever has the highest one, wins the game, and knows you best! You can add even more personal questions or even embarrassing ones. It’s girls’ night, you can do whatever!

10. Bachelorettes Against Decency

Bachelorettes Against Decency Examples

Number of girls: 4 to 20+ (you can also play it with 2 or 3 players).

Time needed to play: 30 to 90 min;

What to prep: The deck of cards. The printable one costs only $9.95 at our shop.

How to play:

There’s nothing more exciting than the bachelorette version of Cards Against Humanity! Just as in the other CAH games, the whole game spins around one main rule: making the funniest combinations. The game starts with a pink question card and all girls should pick one of their white cards as a response, or fill in the blank. Then, the girl who reads the pink card (which is named the Card Czar), reads all the answers, without knowing who said what, and picks her favorite match. That player gets one point, and in the end, whoever has the most points wins. Optionally, you can also turn it into a drinking game

Crazy Bachelorette Party Games

You’re looking for something more embarrassing, especially for the bride? Well, you’ll now meet some games that will definitely make her blush. They’re naughtier, crazier, dirtier, and needless to say, funnier. There will be many questions answered, and let me tell you, many, hmm… actions completed.

11. Lie Detector

Lie Detector

Number of girls: 3 and more.

Time needed to play: 10 to 15 min.

What to prep: A list of private & embarrassing questions for the lady on the hot seat. 

How to play:

Lie detectors are always fun. Just so you know, you won’t use a polygraph this time. I mean, you can use it, but it’s not necessary. The point of the game is that all the guests should ask the bride-to-be some embarrassing, personal, fun questions, and she should tell the truth. Or not. Based on her facial expressions and the way the bride answers, her babes should guess if she’s telling the truth or not. At the end of the game when you run out of questions, the bride should tell if she lied while answering, and specify the truth. Besides the bride, the other players can be on the hot seat as well. It’s all up to you! 

12. Bra-sketball 


Number of girls: 4 to 12+.

Time needed to play: 50 to 60 min.

What to prep: a display board, bras of different sizes, ping-pong balls.

How to play:

It’s just as fun as you assumed! Bra-pong or bra-sketball, as we like to call it, is such a simple game. Start by attaching the bras to a board, and write points near them. Typically, on the top, there are the most points, and at the bottom, the lowest, just like a pyramid. Let someone organize the game and count the points. Give all your girls ping-pong balls, and tell them they have 10 to 20 minutes to throw the balls into the bras’ cups. For each successful throw, they get points. When the timer’s off, the girl with the most points wins the game. Besides playing individually, you can also play bra-sketball in teams, and it’s just as amazing!

13. Panty Party

Panty Party

Number of girls: 5 and more.

Time needed to play: 10 to 20 min.

What to prep: panties that represent the guests (which should be brought by the guests themselves).

How to play:

While we’re at underwear, let’s have our panty party! If you’re planning to play this game, while making the invitations, mention every girl to bring a pair of panties. It could be slip shorts, thongs, Disney-themed, and whatever. Preferably, it should be something that resembles their personality. Yes, underwear tells a lot about the person! Anyways, back to our point, the bride-to-be has to collect them all, hand them on a clothesline or just arrange them in a way, and guess which panties belong to which girl. Let’s test the bride’s guessing skills a bit. They’re needed in marriage, right?

14. Grown-Up Pictionary

Grown-Up Pictionary

Number of girls: 4 or more (there should always be 2 – 4 teams of players).

Time needed to play: 30 min.

What to prep: a whiteboard or blank paper, markers, and pieces of paper with clues written on them.

How to play:

Well, the term ‘Grown-Up’ is a softer way of saying dirty, and naughty, and y’all know that! To begin with, you should write some Pictionary clues on some small pieces of paper (as adult-y as you’d like: topless waiter, role play, stripping, and more), fold & put them in a bowl. Divide all girls into teams, and each team should have one drawer. The drawer should pick one piece of paper, and try to draw it as clearly as possible on a board or blank paper, while the teammates should guess. If they guess correctly in 1 minute or less, they get one point. Each team gets its turn, and of course, whoever has the most points when you run out of words, is the winning team! 

15. Guess The Toy

Guess The Toy

Number of girls: 4+ (the more the merrier).

Time needed to play: 10 min.

What to prep: A bunch of sex toys & a box to put the toys in.

How to play:

Yup, it’s as naughty as it sounds. Basically, all you gotta do is ask the girls to put sex toys into a box or bag. They can be some gifts for the bride or can be something the bride already owns (whoopsies). Just so you know, the bride should be blindfolded before the toys are placed. Next, she has to guess what each of the toys is, or even what their length is if you wish, just by touching it. The items can be anything, starting from lingerie to very, um.. complicated ones I may say. This can also be played by the other girls after the bride finishes her round. Cheers! 

16. Pin A Kiss On The Prince

Pin A Kiss On The Prince

Number of girls: 3 to 10+.

Time needed to play: 20 to 30 min.

What to prep: A poster of the groom, lipsticks, a pen, and a bandana or a sleeping mask to close the eyes.

How to play:

I guess the bride won’t mind if her girls pin some kisses on her prince… Before starting, make sure you have a huge poster of the groom-to-be, and then stick it to the wall. All the girls, taking turns, should cover their eyes (most likely with a sleeping mask), put red or pink lipstick on, and spin around 1 or 2 times. The goal for each girl is to pin the kiss on the lips of the groom. After someone pins their kiss, make sure you write initials, so at the end you know which one was nearest to the goal (hopefully the bride), and that girl is the winner!  

Printable Bachelorette Games

Printable Bachelorette & Bridal Shower games are always a good option. You only need a printer, and they work even if you use only black & white colors. Below you’ll find a few of the best ideas. Enjoy!

17. Bachelorette Scramble

Bachelorette Scramble

Number of girls: 3 or more (if there are more than 6 people, divide them into teams).

Time needed: 10 to 20 min.

What to prep: The list of words, which can be easily done if you print the template, as many as you need. You can download a good free version here.

Short description:

Scramble has been following us since kindergarten. Give all guests one piece of paper, and ask them to ‘unlock’ the words. Of course, all of them are wedding-themed, so you know where to focus. Whoever guesses the most correct words, wins! 

18. Bachelorette’s Cup

Lingerie Shower Bingo

Number of girls: 4 to 10.

Time needed to play: Averagely 30 min.

What to prep: A deck of cards and the rules paper, which is available for free download at Stag & Hen.

Short description:

Remember King’s Cup (or even Circle Of Death)? It’s the same, but it’s specifically made for the bride-to-be and her babes. Long story short, using a deck of cards, after drawing a card, you read the rules and perform actions. For instance, if you drew a Queen, everyone has to drink! 

19. Bachelorette Photo Challenge

Bachelorette Photo Challenge

Number of girls: 4 to 12+ (typically it’s played in teams).

Time needed to play: Around 60 min or more.

What to prep: Phones, and a printed paper with the rules for each group/player. Download it for free here.

Short description:

A photo challenge should always be part of your Bachelorette party, especially if you’re going to a bar or anywhere you meet strangers. You have different photo challenges, which besides having different levels of difficulty, give you different points. So, if you take a selfie in the men’s bathroom, you get 20 points, while if you take a photo wearing a stranger’s hat, you get 5 points.

20. Lingerie Shower Bingo

Number of girls: 2 to 12.

Time needed to play: 4 to 10 min approximately.

What to prep: The Bingo paper (which is available for free at Stag & Hen), and bring the gifts to the bride so she may open them. 

Short description:

Y’all know how Bingo works. This time, while the bride opens her gifts, you should draw a mark on every item that matches your bingo cards. Once you get 4 in a row, diagonally, vertically, or horizontally, you announce out loud ‘Bingo’, and you’re the winner! 

21. Drink If…

Drink If...

Number of girls: 3 to 15.

Time needed to play: About 20 to 30 min.

What to prep: The Drink If… paper (download it for free here), and drinks for each player. 

Short description:

Do you need more drinking games? Well, ‘Drink If…’ matched perfectly. It’s as simple as it sounds. If you relate to a statement on the playing paper, you have to drink. So, if you have a tattoo or a child, or you’re taller than 5’7’’, you drink. Optionally, the number of drinks depends on the round. So, the round number tells the number of shots!


Guys, we had mixed emotions while writing this. That’s because of how unique all games are. Some will make you cry about how well your girls know you, some will make you laugh out loud, and some will also make you blush and embarrassed. We gotta admit that. 

Take your time while picking your favorite bachelorette game, since it all depends on your preferences. Include different ones: printable, drinking, answering questions, completing challenges, and also activities. This is how each girl will at least find one favorite game, and everyone will be very comfortable and happy, especially the Bachelorette Queen! 

Now, keep calm and get your bachelorette on! 

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