The Bachelorette Drinking Game: We’ve Just Blown Up The Bachelorette!

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We’ve successfully completed many types of, you know, bachelorette party game descriptions, but it’s time for something you’ve all been waiting for. If you had no clue before, ‘The Bachelorette’ is an American reality show, and that’s exactly our target for today. In the following, we’ll show you some drinking rules which relate to all 19 seasons, characters, and lots of the dramas happening there.

What we absolutely adore about The Bachelorette drinking game is how simple, and yet how entertaining it is. Almost 75% of this reality show audience are women, therefore, this drinking game is quite enjoyed by women. However, if boys decide to play, they’ll probably love it even more! 

  • Reminders;
  • Have a sip;
  • Take a shot;
  • Down your drink;
  • The Bachelorette’s Finale drinking game;
  • To sum it up;

Reminders In The Sight Of Playing

You already know we’re talking about a drinking game, specifically made for a TV Show, right? It’s simply just like the movie drinking games we had, but including one main difference: you’ll play whatever episode of the show you want, rather than playing the same movie all over again. 

All you need to play is a few friends, some of your favorite drinks (which also depends on how drunk you want to end), and of course, some rules. But don’t worry about the latter. We got it all settled up. Once you take all the equipment, play one of The Bachelorette episodes on your preferred platforms, such as Hulu, Disney+, Amazon Prime,, and more. 

Have A Sip Of Your Drink Whenever… 

Have A Sip Of Your Drink Whenever...
  • They talk about their journey;
  • There is a helicopter or boat ride;
  • Someone mentions a connection with another contestant;
  • A contestant is topless on the screen;
  • The Bachelorette goes to the country;
  • Claire mentions she’s 39;
  • There’s God or religion mentioned;
  • Anyone sings, raps, or plays an instrument;
  • You see a rose/a rose is given out (not the Beauty & The Beast’s rose though);
  • Gabby says ‘yeah’;
  • One of the girls says ‘my husband is here’;
  • Someone tells that they’re lucky about their partner;
  • A contestant cries;
  • You think John Paul Jones would’ve made the show better;
  • There’s a long thoughtful stare from the bachelorette;
  • Someone talks directly to the camera or there’s a monologue;
  • ‘Roll Tide’ is said. And that is said a lot;
  • Cam says ‘ABC always be CAM’;
  • Rachel being a pilot is referenced;
  • A new villain emerges;
  • Someone gets interrupted while on a date;
  • One of the contestants gets rejected;
  • Hannah kisses a guy;
  • Anyone gets called special;
  • There’s intimacy (a.k.a sex) included;
  • Claire steers the conversation towards herself;
  • A contestant is blamed for being there for the wrong reason;
  • One of them gets angry or pissed of;

Take A Shot If…

Take A Shot If...
  • Some fireworks are exploding on one of the dates;
  • There’s a kiss happening;
  • Someone pops a bottle of champagne;
  • You hear someone say ‘here for the right reasons’;
  • It’s time for the hot tub date;
  • A guy asks to steal Clare away;
  • The camera pans to the tray of roses;
  • One of the protagonists cries;
  • Anyone gets into a fight (verbal or physical);
  • A participant is ‘here to find love’;
  • Luke P says ‘let me make myself clear’ and continues to mess up;
  • Anyone is bleeped;
  • Chris Harrison is connected heartily to The Bachelorette;
  • They make the boys wear ridiculous outfits;
  • A tweet talks shit about a guy (mostly shown at the bottom of the screen);
  • Someone tells a dramatic/unbelievable story;
  • The medical team arrives;
  • Something cringey happens;
  • A cocktail hour is canceled;
  • The guy tells her that they’re in love;
  • A contestant curses or swears;
  • A participant is accused of cheating;
  • One of the guys snitches on another guy;
  • An animal is appearing on the screen; 
  • Clare’s age is brought up;
  • They say ‘it’s the most dramatic season of The Bachelorette’;
  • You’re thinking ‘wow, what pretty fall foliage!’;
  • Someone mentions the words ‘clarity’ or ‘regret’;
  • A guy sneaks off to see the bachelorette;
  • A current girlfriend/boyfriend shows up;

Down Your Drink When…

Down Your Drink When...
  • One of the contestants announces that they’re in love;
  • A 2-on-1 date happens;
  • Someone proposes;
  • An ex of one of the contestant’s shows;
  • Anyone is given a fantasy suite key;
  • The Bachelorette sends someone home )obviously before the rose ceremony happens);
  • Someone happens to be taken away from the ambulance;
  • One participant asks the girl’s dad for permission to marry her;
  • An eliminated contestant comes back on the show;
  • ‘I love you’ is said out loud;

The Bachelorette’s Finale Drinking Game

The Bachelorette's Finale Drinking Game

The finale was special, and that’s why it deserves some special rules. There were lots of tears, laughs, and an endless amount of love, and using the rules you’ll find below, you’ll remind yourself of all of these special moments. 

Drink When…

  • Someone says ‘I’m scared’;
  • ‘I never thought this would happen’ is said;
  • A contestant second-guesses their journey on the show;
  • There’s a diamond ring showing;
  • Hannah tweets something shady;
  • Michelle cries or tells she made a huge mistake;
  • Brandon proposes;
  • Tino & Rachel profess their love;
  • A Bach Nation alim appears on the screen;
  • Jed sings ‘Mr.Right’;
  • Someone talks about how hot Tyler C. is;
  • You guessed correctly who the bachelorette will be;
  • Luke P. comes back to the show;
  • A male starts crying;
  • During the AFTR special, the next bachelorette is announced;
  • Jesse talks about him hosting The Bachelor;
  • The final rose ceremony starts;
  • Gabby says yes to Erich’s proposal;
  • They mention something about Dancing With The Stars;

To Sum It Up

We bet you never knew that applying drinking rules to a reality show can make it 10 times better. It is entertaining for all types of people, especially if you’re a fan of watching The Bachelorette. Oh, and especially if you’re actually having a bachelorette party. If you want your girls to have their special games as well, you may check the Bridesmaids’ drinking game. Thank us later babes.

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