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Cards Against Star Wars Review: Are There Any Errors?

Cards Against Star Wars - Cover Photo

Laugh it up, Fuzzball. Have you ever wondered what would happen if you mix Cards Against Humanity & the Star Wars franchise? Well, you’re finally here to find out! Not only do you get information about the game design, the cards, and everything, but we will also tell you about the game instructions, and share […]

Best 17 Drinking Card Games With Regular Cards

Drinking Games With Regular Cards - Cover Photo

We bet you’re looking forward to having fun with your mates this weekend. Wait… Haven’t you found your drinking card games yet? Don’t worry about it. We’re here to bring to you a list of the most entertaining drinking card games you could play with only a deck of cards, and drinks, obviously.  1. Killer […]

Cards Against Humanity Cards You Didn’t Understand – C.A.H Cards Explained

It is C.A.H cards explanation time!!! Alright, I’ll guess the scene that brought you here… You’re playing with your friends, and one of them plays the “Smegma” card (it’s a filthy word, I’m telling you), everyone starts laughing, but you. Then, you gotta pretend you understood it, and you laugh too. For some reason, I’m […]

‘Go Hoe Or Go Home’ Drinking Card Game Review

Go Hoe Or Go Home - Cover Photo

A game with such a unique name definitely catches our eye, doesn’t it? We’re assuming you can’t buy a game without reading our honest review & thoughts? We love to hear that! In the blink of an eye, you’ll learn everything about this drinking card game: the design, instructions, cards, our experience with this game […]

110+ Amazing Bachelorette Party Shirts Quotes

Bachelorette Party Shirt Saying

While planning your bachelorette party, there are 2 main struggles: finding the perfect bachelorette party games and making the perfect party shirts. For the latter, you’ll need a few customized, fun quotes, which are the final touch to making your party & photos forever memorable. And that’s what we’ll help you with!  Classic Bachelorette Party […]

Top 24 Best Movie Drinking Games: Romances, Comedies, Thrillers & More!

Movie Drinking Games - Cover Photo

There are a bunch of movies you’d watch forever and never get tired of. However, we know you wish you’d had a few drinking rules attached to them. We’re not talking nonsense! The most famous classics, romances, comedies, and horror movies are included in this fabulous list!  Equipment Needed To Play A Movie Drinking Game […]