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How to Play ‘What Do You Meme?’ – Including House Rules

What Do You Meme Rules - Cover Photo

Every now and then, people tend to make simple things complicated. But we’re not here for it. The rules of ‘What Do You Meme?’ are simple, and will be explained simply. It’s that simple that you think you’re missing something, but that’s all it is in fact. Based on my experience with such card games, […]

Best 20 Family Reunion Games To Make The Reunion Remarkable!

Family Reunion Games - Cover Photo

Family reunions can be anxious. Mainly if it includes inviting some cousins you haven’t met in the last 10 years. That’s what happened to me. Luckily, I’ve already made a list of games, that absolutely killed the boredom, and made the reunion less awkward. Since I can’t gatekeep information, I will share this list with […]

New Releases for Cards Against Humanity in 2023

Cards Against Humanity 2023 Releases - Cover Photo

We are all eyes & ears whenever CAH releases some new products. It could be just as stupid as a hidden letter in mayonnaise, or a box of onions (the real ones know what I’m talking about), but it’s still exciting. These last few months, were Cards Against Humanity’s months. And clearly, we’re here to […]

Head Trip Cards Against Humanity: Upcoming Pack Guide

Cards Against Humanity Head Trip - Cover Photo

In today’s episode of Cards Against Humanity packs, we’re bringing Head Trip. If you are just like me and wish that the manufacturers of CAH actually brought something different from what we’re used to seeing, this pack is made precisely for us. Although the game hasn’t been released yet, we’re happy to provide you with […]

21 Absolute Best Drinking Card Games

Shots Drinks

Since I’ve always loved social gatherings and had the chance to attend hundreds of parties, one thing I always noticed is that people go through trouble to find good drinking games. And we all know that that’s what makes parties fun! Drinking card games have been staples of entertainment for decades, and the best part […]

Cards Against Humanity Savings Up To 60% Codes And Coupons

Cards Against Humanity Savings Codes - Cover Photo

Now, let’s be fair. Cards Against Humanity isn’t expensive. Especially when considering the enjoyment it brings, and the massive deck of cards. However, if you’re a student, you’re saving for a new house (just like me), or you just want to get things cheaper, these savings codes will come in handy. There are several codes […]

Where to Buy Cards Against Humanity in Stores? Find Locations


Most of us, if not played, at least heard of Cards Against Humanity. It is that party game for horrible people everyone loves. People have asked me thousands of times about where to get Cards Against Humanity (including extra packs) and that’s all we will discuss today. The most important thing is that all the […]

17 Board Games Similar To Gloomhaven Which Are Exceedingly Entertaining

Games Like Gloomhaven - Cover Photo

Perhaps you’ve played ‘Gloomhaven’ countless times, and now you can’t think of a life without it. But yeah, you have to give up on this game, right? Gotcha! The great news is that you won’t completely get rid of the game! Based on our very own experience, we have made a list of games like […]