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What Is a Muggle in the Harry Potter World?

What Is A Muggle In The Harry Potter World - Cover Photo

No matter how many times you’ve watched or read the Harry Potter series, you’ve definitely noticed the word ‘Muggle’ being mentioned thousands of times. If you need to clarify and understand these terms so you don’t get lost, read this article, or just look for the things you need an explanation for. You’re welcome Potterhead!  […]

17 Best Beer Olympics Games To Get You Tipsy & Happy!

17 Best Beer Olympics Games - Cover Photo

Starting decades ago, beer Olympics has been a thing people find cool. However, most of the times I’ve participated in such events, I went home bored. This happened mostly because the hosts didn’t really put effort into finding good games and activities. Starting today, the Beer Olympics will be fun again. You just need to […]