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12 Best Card Sleeves To Protect Your Cards At All Costs

Best Card Sleeves - Cover Photo

Card sleeves this, cards sleeves that, but what exactly is a card sleeve? Straight to the point, card sleeves are sheaths, most likely made of plastic or polypropylene, which are used to protect, hold & organize different types of cards. The first card sleeves (called deck protectors) were released back in 1995 by the Ultra […]

Drunk UNO: Adding Some Drinking Rules To The Very Favorite Card Game UNO

Drunk UNO - Cover Photo

That UNO is one of the most popular & entertaining card games, it is. The fact that it was the number-one selling item in the games category for multiple years, just seals what we said. Not only as a classic card game, but UNO also makes a great blast even if we play it as […]

All You Need To Know About Waterfall Drinking Game: Rules, Ideas & More!

Waterfall Drinking Game - Cover Photo

It’s unbelievable how creative a human’s mind could get. They name a drinking game WATERFALL! Imagine having a waterfall but with beers instead of water… Okay, let’s get back to reality. This drinking card game is what you’ll need for your next party. I feel like you need to know that the basic rules of […]

SERVD Card Game: Where You And Your Partner Serve Challenges & Fun!

Servd - Cover Photo

We truly support fun card games. But, there’s always a special place in our hearts for card games which also tend to create stronger bonds. This is what SERVD definitely is. A heartwarming combination of laughs, super enjoyable challenges, cute conversations, and relationship-testers.  Along the way, you’ll see that there are some extra packs of […]

Friends Drinking Game: Take Some Shots While Watching Your Comfort Show

Friends Drinking Game - Cover Photo

(Janice’s voice) OH MY GOD!!! A Friends drinking game, the moment we’ve all been waiting for! We can all now drink while watching our favorite sitcom. If you didn’t know, the series finale has reached around 52.5 million American viewers, let alone if we count watchers from all around the world! Friends is definitely a […]