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Top 15 Pool Drinking Games For All Our Aquaphiles

Pool Drinking Games - Cover Photo

It’s confirmed. We’ll never get enough of outdoor drinking games. When you’re at a pool with a bunch of friends, you assuredly need our pool drinking games. This time, besides getting refreshed in the pool, you’ll also get drunk & competitive. All rules and other useful information are shared below.  1. Pool Volley 8 to […]

Basketball Drinking Games To Make The Sport Even More Fun! 

Basketball Drinking Games - Cover Photo

Kids of this generation won’t just watch basketball in the normal way. They wanna attach a drinking game to it! And we can’t wait but give game ideas, as always. Each drinking game is unique and has simple rules, which turn your usual basketball binge watching, into a fun, drunk one :))  What Do You […]

‘Circle Of Death’ Drinking Game: How To Play The Standard Way & Special Rules

Circle Of Death - Cover Photo

You may be brave, but are you brave enough to be a part of the circle of death? ‘Circle Of Death’ is one of the most fantastic card-based drinking games you’ll ever run into! With basic equipment and our rules, you’ll turn the basic game night, into a fun game night!  Equipment Needed To Play […]

100 Do Or Drink Dare Ideas: Innocent Ones, R-Rated, For The Girls, And More

Do or Drink Dares - Cover Photo

If you were wondering, there’s a slight difference between Truth or Drink, and Do or Drink. The latter includes challenges! Unambiguously, you either complete the dare (or even answer the question) or take a drink!  About The Game If you’re unaware, there’s also a card game named Do or Drink. However, making your own dares […]

16 Best Outdoor Drinking Games To Have The Fun Of Your Life

Withal usual indoor drinking games are delightful, when the sun is shining and it’s all warm out there, outdoor games are a blast. Since I’m assuming y’all love all things that can be played on the beach, pool, or in your backyard, we’re happy to introduce to you our favorites!  1. Stump Stuff: A level […]

Let’s Ride The Bus – Instructions To A Cool Drinking Game!

Ride The Bus - Cover Photo

Have you ever thought of riding a bus? Get some cards, a bunch of drinks, and some friends, by default. Needless to say, there will be a driver and some riders, that’s how it works! Follow our rules and you’re ready to ride!     The Equipment & Setting Up The Game First things first, here’s all […]

Cards Against Humanity Family Edition Rules Precisely Explained

The Family Edition is assuredly one of CAH’s best extra packs. Even though the game’s pretty simple, we thought it would be better to present to you all the game rules, and special tips, so you could have the best experience with this game!  Essentials When Playing CAH Family Edition One good thing about Cards […]