25 Best Adult Christmas Party Games: Superior Activities Games!

Christmas Party Games

What? Less than a month til’ Christmas? Let me process this real quick… 

What’s our favorite thing about our favorite holiday? I mean, besides eating all the delicious dishes and getting gifts… The Christmas games, yes you guessed it, as always!

Here’s another surprise: We will talk about adults, not kids! They have enough fun,  we want some too! 

All of the games you’ll read about in the following were played on Christmas nights, and they’re actually people’s favorites!  

We also added a buying guide that’ll help you a lot, and showed you our favorite games, it’s all gonna be simple, pinky swear! 

Weeell, I mean there’s nothing wrong with playing some random adult card games, or spending lots of time searching for other party games, but, why do that when you have us?

Wanna see what’s in this article?

  • What’s The Importance Of Party Games For Christmas?;
  • Editor’s Best Picks;
  • The Fabulous Christmas Party Games:;
  1. Christmas Movies Emoji Game;
  2. Gift Wrap Challenge;
  3. Christmas Alphabet Drinking Game;
  4. Truth Or Dare Christmas Edition;
  5. CAH Holiday Pack;
  6. How Many Ornaments?;
  7. Fit The Marshmallows;
  8. Unwrap The Gift With The Oven Mitt;
  9. Christmas Scavenger Hunt;
  10. Guess The Christmas Song;
  11. Christmas Rhyme Time;
  12. Card Scramble;
  13. Arrange The Bells;
  14. Can You Wrap The _____?;
  15. Made Up – Holiday Story;
  16. Make A Snowman;
  17. Keep Them Cracking;
  18. Never Have I Ever;
  19. Finish The Lyrics Or Drink;
  20. Drink If;
  21. Say Christmas;
  22. Holiday Pictionary;
  23. Drink When In Dinner;
  24. Santa Hat In The Corner; 
  25. Fill The Santa’s Cup;
  • How Do We Choose The Perfect Holiday Game For Us?;
  • What’s Our Final Word?

What’s The Importance Of Party Games For Christmas?

Party games always tend to bring people closer. And they’re very successful at it, especially if we’re talking about Christmas! Party games are undoubtedly great if you’re all in one room, but unfortunately, you all won’t stop looking at your phones, until you find something more fun to do (such as games)!

We’re talking about the best ice breakers! If you met some new people just on Christmas, go ahead, play games together! It is a fact already, party games are the best icebreakers. They make us see each others’ mindsets, tell different stories & experiences, but most importantly, they ‘force’ us to have fun together!

They make you feel nostalgic. Indeed. Specifically, if we’re talking about some games with the movies and songs and all that, because we always find ourselves remembering details from our childhood or when we were years younger (and life was better obviously).

You drink, oh, you do that a lot! What do we mean? Did you think that we forgot to mention the drinking games for our ‘let’s lose our track’ fellas? Not really! You’ll play, discuss, take some shots, and of course, laugh! (Drink carefully though!)

Party games are a Christmas dose of happiness! You have no idea how much you’ll laugh, with the games we chose? You’ll have a stomach ache from laughing.. How can you stop laughing while turning your friend into a snowman?? 

Editor’s Best Picks

The Best Guessing Game: Movies Emoji Game

“It’s lots of fun, and it also requires lots of concentration and creativity.”

Our Favourite Drinking One: Fill The Santa’s Cup

“You’ll definitely lose your track at the end of the game. Wanna drink a cocktail?”

The Most Competitive: Make A Snowman

“How clever a human can be! Making people compete with each other using toilet paper. Hilarious!”

The Creative Game: Made Up – Holiday Story

“This works best if you all have a creative spirit deep down. It’s in your hand to be the funniest – or even the dirtiest!”

The Weirdest One: Can You Wrap The____?

“It’s always hard wrapping these weird games. How are we supposed to wrap a Rugby Ball???”

1. Christmas Movies Emoji Game

Christmas Emoji Movies Game

You’ll need: Movie List | The point: Guess the movies based on emojis.

Don’t you dare think this is an easy game, it isn’t! One emoji can have multiple meanings, just so you know…

Well, you find some famous Christmas movies, and try to make the most similar movie name using emojis. Even easier, you can just print some papers, and use them….

Make it a competition. Give every player one paper (or in teams if you want so), and see who can guess the most movies! Let the game begin…

2. Gift Wrap Challenge

Wrap The Gift Challenge

You’ll need: Boxes (or gifts) & wrapping paper | The point: Be the fastest to wrap a gift.

First things first, we recommend playing this individually, not in teams. Too many hands would never complete the task fast.

So, you got it. You give a real gift or even an empty box to all people in the room, set a timer, and see who can finish wrapping it for (example) 30 seconds or 1 minute.

One more thing: It would be great if you find the boxes all in the same size, because this is how the game would be totally fair.

3. Christmas Alphabet Drinking Game

Christmas Alphabet Drinking Game

You’ll need: Shots! | The point: Find words for each letter.

Remember when in 1st grade you had to find words for each letter of the alphabet? Well, this is what you’ll have to do, kinda… 

It’s always fun seeing adults mess up the alphabet. I don’t blame people though. Actually it’s hard finding a Christmas word for every letter, especially when you’re under pressure.

Yes, that’s the game. You sit in a circle, and answer in turns. For example, if your letter is B, you’ll have to say, for example, bells. Otherwise, if you hesitate, or take too long to answer, darling, you take a shot!

4. Truth Or Dare Christmas Edition

Truth Or Dare Christmas Edition

You’ll need: A good company       | The point: Make questions and challenges.

Truth or Dare here, Truth or Dare there… Everywhere! Don’t make me explain the rules, it’s a classic game, you should know em!

Yes, there are lots of versions (Truth Or Dare For Couples is one), but this Christmas edition is the most festive one, as you know.

You take turns and ask each other if they want to answer a question, or complete a challenge. It’s up to you! Here are some questions and dare ideas:

– What’s your worst memory of Christmas?
-You’re allowed to choose one person you’d rather spend your Christmas with! Who would it be?
-Were you ever given a gift that you hated?
– Sit on everyone’s lap and tell them what you want for Christmas;
– Act like a Cowboy Santa till your next turn;
– Drink ½ of the player on your left’s cup.

5. Cards Against Humanity Holiday Pack – $6.42

Cards Against Humanity Holiday Pack

You’ll need: The deck of cards | The point: Make the best combinations.

What?? Cards Against Humanity has a holiday pack? Don’t act surprised. You know that we can find dozens of CAH expansions & editions out there!

This is NOT a stand-alone pack! It has 30 cards inside that are meant to be added to the main game, or other editions as well….

On the third day of Christmas my true love gave to me: three French hens, two turtle doves, and ______, Elf cum, the shittier Jewish version of Christmas, are just some of the hilarious cards.

6. How Many Ornaments?

How Many Ornaments

You’ll need: The exact number of ornaments | The point: Guess the number of ornaments.

You wanna make your guests use their brain and guess the number of ornaments of your tree? This is the game…

First, make sure to count all the ornaments before they arrive, and when the evening begins, you make them give a number for the ornaments, and write them down.

At the end of the night (or day), you read all their answers and see which one was the closest. Use some small prizes for the winner. It’s Christmas, there should be gifts!!!

7. Fit The Marshmallows

Fit The Marshmallows

You’ll need: Marshmallows | The point: To fill your mouth with marshmallows.

Okay, this is one of my favorites, ever! Don’t over-fill your mouth kids! It’s disgusting…

No, in our case, it isn’t. It’s actually very funny and everyone will enjoy it… You compete with each other to see who can fit more marshmallows into their mouth for 1 minute. 

Don’t try saying a word with that fulfilled mouth. You don’t wanna spit marshmallows in your opponent’s face, do you?

8. Unwrap The Gift With The Oven Mitt

Unwrap The Gift With The Oven Mitt

You’ll need: Oven mitts | The point: Unwrap with the oven mitts

This is a challenge itself. I think you know that this isn’t easy… It’s about to get stressful.

I bet you all have these oven gloves in your house. If you have an oven, and a house, of course!

Give some gifts (real gifts are better) to your guests, and they all take turns to unwrap the gift with the oven mitts. Set the stopwatch and see who unwraps it faster. Give the gift (the gift they unwrapped) to that person, to the winner, you know!

9. Christmas Scavenger Hunt 

Christmas Scavenger Hunt

You’ll need: An items list | The point: To find the most items on the list.

Scavenger Hunt is always fun. No matter what. No, not just the Halloween one, we’re talking about every edition!

Since it’s Christmas, there are lots of festive decorations all around the house and the neighborhood as well.

Divide all the players in teams, and see which team can find most of them! The losers drink!

10. Guess The Christmas Song

Guess The Christmas Song

You’ll need: A Christmas playlist | The point: Test your Christmas music knowledge

There are tons of famous Christmas music, we know that, you know that… There are some tunes we hear so many times, but can’t really name them…

In this game, you’ll have too… You play a song for some seconds, and your opponents should guess the song. If they guess the song name and the artist, they win 2 points. If they guess one of them, they win 1 point.

Best if you play on teams. Here are some song ideas:

  • Meghan Trainor – I’ll Be Home;
  • Santa Tell Me- Ariana Grande;
  • Holly Jolly Christmas – Michael Bubble;
  • All I Want For Christmas – Mariah Carey.

11.  Christmas Rhyme Time

Christmas Rhyme Time

You’ll need: Ideas! (Some drinks wouldn’t hurt) | The point: To be creative

Where are my creative fellas at? This is the game for you, definitely. 

First, one of you starts by saying a sentence related to Christmas, of course. Next, taking turns, you all add one more sentence, but the point is to rhyme with the previous one.

If any of you take too long to continue, or your sentence doesn’t actually rhyme, sorry mate, you have to drink (we know you love doing that)!

12. Card Scramble – $23.46 

Card Scramble

You’ll need: The game | The point: Be the first player to go around the game.

Card Scrambles are always fun, we don’t care about the age… This Christmas edition is… lovely!

In this game are 3 gameplay options, the board, 32 action cards, 96 space cards, 4 character pieces and so on. The manufacturer recommends the game for 2-4 players, ages 12 or older. 

Since we were only mentioning some easy-to-play games, this one can seem a bit complicated. No worries, here’s a video to help you out: How Do We Play Christmas Scramble?

13. Arrange The Bells

Arrange The Bells

You’ll need: Bells, boxes | The point: Arrange the boxes without opening them.

How much we love these intuition games! First, we recommend you to take 5-10 boxes that have different numbers of bells inside. 

Make each team arrange them, starting with the box they think has the least bells inside, to the one with the most.

At the end, open the ‘gifts’ and see who guessed them right. Simple, yet, lots of fun…

14. Can You Wrap The _____?

Can You Wrap The _____

You’ll need: Coffee mugs, or others | The point: To wrap a weird-shaped gift.

We love challenging ourselves. We really love doing that… Judging by the name, I assume you kinda got the point.

How tf do you wrap a coffee mug, or a rugby ball, or a dinosaur, huh??? Well, make this a competition, there’s always a way to do that!

Divide all the players in 2 teams, give them a hard-to-wrap gift, and see who comes with the best results!

15. Made Up- Holiday Story

Made Up - Holliday Story

You’ll need: Creativity | The point: Continue a non-existent story…

Imagine 10 different minds creating a story. How fun would it be! It’s in your hands if you want the story to be funny, heartwarming, cute, or even dirty!

Don’t forget, you have to be concentrated! One of you starts the story by saying a sentence, the other one continues with saying the previous sentence and adding their own. So you have to remember what your friend said! 

So, so creative, and you’ll definitely laugh… A lot! Keep that in mind! 

16. Make A Snowman

Make A Snowman

You’ll need: Toilet paper | The point: Make the best snowman using toilet paper.

Christmas without snow, and without a snowman… isn’t Christmas, literally. Do you remember when we talked about the Roll The Mommy game?

Well, it’s kinda the same… But this one is way funnier, since you’re about to use some carrots and all these decorations. Make a competition, and see who makes the prettiest snowman!

Some people are so smart, how could they even think of creating this game? I’m jealous…

17. Keep Them Cracking – $11.15

Keep Them Cracking

You’ll need: The cards | The point: Answer questions you never wondered about.

Trivia card games… oh, our forever love. There are hundreds of Trivia games, and they’re all amazing, I don’t doubt.

This Christmas pack is recommended for people who are 16 years or older, ya know, because of the content…

Some of the cards can be: What is the only animal that has a chin?, What is the name of the only Disney Princess to have a tattoo? ,and more.

Note: The content isn’t all about holidays, but it is meant for holidays, meaning it’s a great conversation starter (or even fight starter, who knows!).

18. Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever Christmas Edition

You’ll need: drinks | The point: Learn more about each other & drink!

I can’t count till the number of Never Have I Ever editions…. I really can’t, they’re too much. 

The Christmas edition is all about making questions about each other. If they agree (they say I have), they drink, if not, they stay stober!

Some of the questions can be: 

  • Regifted a christmas present;
  • Done anything embarrassing at Christmas time;
  • Been in handcuffs for Christmas;
  • Lied to my family for Christmas.

19. Finish The Lyrics Or Drink

Finish The Lyrics Or Drink

You’ll need: Songs & beverages | The point: Finish the Christmas songs’ lyrics.

Games where music is included are always fun. I don’t care what you say (sorry not sorry).

Finish the lyrics, yes, it’s a classic game, but you’ll always enjoy it. Specifically if we’re talking about the amazing Christmas songs…

Find some good songs, such as: White Christmass, It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year, Rockin Around The Christmas Tree, and tons more, and see who is the finishing-the-lyrics king or queen!

20. Drink If – $9.99

Drink If Cards

You’ll need: Drink If cards | The point: If you relate to the card, you drink.

Why are we so addicted to drinking, why?? Especially to these drinking card games! Can it be because we’re adults? Definitely. 

This set has 24 Santa-shaped cards. One of you reads the cards, and everyone who relates to it has to drink! 

Drink if you love this game!

21. Say Christmas

Say Christmas

You’ll need: Shots | The point: Say Christmas in different voices.

Now, what is this? Can’t everyone say Christmas?? That’s the point, to say that word in different voices…

This is a game for mimics, definitely. You all take turns and try to say Christmas in  a different voice from the previous player. 

If you miss out or you can’t really find another voice, you drink, fortunately!

22. Holiday Pictionary 

Holiday Pictionary

You’ll need: A whiteboard (or simply papers) | The point: Guess what your teammate drew.

If you don’t know what a Pictionary game is, get out of this room! No, we kidding, we love you… 

You’ll be in teams, you draw something that is related to Christmas, and your teammate has to guess what you drew.  

If you’re a great artist, that’s cool. If not, that’s funny!

23. Drink When In Dinner

Drink While In Dinner

You’ll need: Words, drinks | The point: Drink everytime a specific word is mentioned.

Dinner wouldn’t be that fun if there weren’t any games or stuff… You can do something: Make a list of some words, such as Christmas, cheers, dinner, gifts, or anything you want. 

The point is: If any of you mention any of these ‘danger’ words, you drink!

24. Santa Hat In The Corner

Santa Hat In The Corner

You’ll need: A Santa Hat & Tv | The point: To keep drinking!

Basically, a game where all you have to do is watch and drink. Yes, that’s all about it.

First, place the hat in the corner of the TV, play a movie, a TV-show, or anything you want.

Everytime it looks like the character is really wearing the hat, you all take a drink. Yes, all of you, no excuses!

25. Fill The Santa’s Cup 

Fill The Santa's Cup

You’ll need: Drinks, a cup, classic cards | The point: Drink based on the cards.

Okay, this is the last diy drinking game, I solemnly swear! 

You take the classic deck of cards, and you set rules for each one of them. For example, Ace stands for vodka, King for beers, and so on. Set some cards, for example, 2s & 3s, so the player has to drink, but also pour some of the drinks in the Santa’s Cup.

Every player has to drink based on their card. The player who draws the special card, let’s say, the Queen, has to drink the Santa’s Cup. This is pretty similar to Halloween Fill & Drink.

Include 5 or more types of drinks, so it’ll be a fun cocktail in the cup.

How Do We Choose The Perfect Holiday Game For You?

Would you like your games to be related to any movie or even songs? We told you, you’ll find every possible game in this article. Some of them, just as that Emoji Game or Finish The Lyrics, require (obviously) some specific movies or playlists. You can’t talk about a movie if any of your guests haven’t watched the movie, right? 

Do you like Christmas minute-to-win-it games? These types of games are always part of any party, I don’t doubt. The Christmas ones are always more fun, talking based on my experience…. They make you feel so competitive and maybe intense sometimes. Such games can be the Wrap The Item, or that Snowman With Toilet Paper!

Are you good at being creative? C’mon, you should be! Well, to be honest, they really do require good ideas (funny ones as well), lots of concentration, and the key, of course, creativity, but hands down, they’re enjoyable. When I say creative, I mean Rhyme Time, Made Up Story, Say Christmas, and so on…

Where’s that festive spirit? I get it, some of you just want to drink, dance, and sing. You don’t have enough nerves to do more creative stuff. You may call it maturing, yes you may… Don’t sweat it, you can also read about the Drink If, Guess The Song, Fill The Santa’s Cup, and of course, some more!

What’s Our Final Word On These Christmas Games?

We know you wanted more, but unfortunately, this is it. The best of the best games. They’re all worth it. Trust me! 

Since you all have different characters and preferences, make sure to pay attention to the game details, and make sure to follow our buying guide to choose the perfect game for you.

You know, don’t choose a drinking game if more than half of your guests don’t drink, it would be uncomfortable. 

What will you get for this Christmas? Fun. You’ll get fun!

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