16 Perfect 4-Player Drinking Games: Made For The Perfect Number Of Players!

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4 is believed to be the perfect number. Not only it represents stability and determination, but it’s also a significant number when playing drinking games. Since we haven’t mentioned games for 4 people yet, it’s finally time for us to bring you a hella good list of such games!!!

  • The games:
  1. Sploosh;
  2. Movie Drinking Games;
  3. Land Mines;
  4. Friends & Enemies;
  5. Buzzed;
  6. The Beer Hunter;
  7. Waterfall;
  8. Kim Jong Un;
  9. Drink Drank Drunk;
  10. Dodge Beer;
  11. Power Hour;
  12. Drunk Heads Up;
  13. Task Master;
  14. Shot Or Text;
  15. Beerio Kart;
  16. What’s My Problem?;
  • Windup; 

1. Sploosh


Requirements: A large cup, drinks for all players. And fingers.


Sploosh (often found as Fingers) begins with all 4 players, which have to pour some of their drinks into the center cup. Then, they put their fingers (one or two) on the rim of the cup. In the count of 3, everyone has to decide whether to keep their fingers in the cup or remove them. All players take turns to guess the remaining fingers on a count of three. If you guess correctly, you have to say ‘thank you for a good game of Sploosh!’ with a straight face. If you guess incorrectly or forget to say the phrase, you’re out. 

2. Movie Drinking Games

Movie Drinking Games

Requirements: Your favorite movie & drinks.


Playing a drinking game while watching a movie is always a good idea. For this one, all you gotta do is play the movie and drink every time a specific scene shows on the screen. For instance, you’ll drink when someone gets into a fight, two characters kiss, or one of the main characters dies. You’re free to make up your own rules, however, we already have a bunch of them mentioned. Yes, Hallmark movies drinking game rules work magically too!

3. Land Mines

Land Mines

Requirements: One quarter and beers. 


FYI, there won’t be real mines, if you were wondering. Taking turns, all players have to spin the quarter and chug the beer until the quarter falls on one side. If you manage to finish your drink, it’s the next player’s turn. If not, you should finish it in the next round. You have to spin the coin and drink with the same hand. Once you finish a can of beer, that can be used as a landmine. Meaning, you can slam it down on the coin during another player’s turn, and they have to finish the drink and begin all over again. These landmines stay in the game until it’s over.

4. Friends & Enemies

Friends & Enemies

Requirements: A 52-cards deck & alcohol. 


Of course we will mention drinking card games! Start by shuffling the deck and dealing the cards evenly to all players. Then, one of you starts first by playing a card and telling someone to drink. That player has to drink as many drinks as the card value. However, if the specific player has a matching card in their hand, they can play it and reflect the drinks to another player. Also, the chosen player can ask for help from everyone, and they can play a matching card to save the current player from drinking and give the drinks to someone else.

5. Buzzed


Requirements: A deck of cards, drinks, and something to represent the buzzer.


Guys, this is not about the Buzzed manufactured game. This is a standard-cards game! Start by dividing all cards among the players, evenly. Then, on a count of 3, everyone has to flip over one card of their pile. Once you have a matching card with another player, you have to slap the buzzer. The last one to do so takes a drink and gets a point. At the end of the game, whoever has the most points, loses and gets an extra drink.

6. The Beer Hunter

The Beer Hunter

Requirements: A six or twelve-pack of beers.


This gotta be one of the craziest and funniest beer Olympics games ever! All players have to shake one of the beers and put it again in the pack, without the other players watching. Since there are 6 beers (or 12 if you wish), at least two of them will remain unshaken. Now, everyone has to pick one of the beers and place it in their head. Once everyone’s ready, you all open your beers. Yes. On top of your head. If it opens calmly, you have to drink it. If not, your head & hair will drink it!

7. Waterfall


Requirements: A standard deck of cards, drinks, and a bottle or glass of beer. 


If there’s one thing you know we love, it has to be the Waterfall. To start the game, place the extra cup or bottle in the center of the table, and spread all the cards around it, facedown. Continuing further, all players going clockwise have to draw a card and check the value. Each card value has a specific rule. E.g., if it’s a 4, all ladies of the group drink. If it’s a 10, you start a categories game. If it’s a Queen, you can ask a player of your choice a question, and if they refuse to answer, they drink. You can check the full rules here :))

8. Kim Jong Un

Kim Jong Un

Requirements: Kim Jong Un… Kidding. You only need a few drinks and 3 dice.


A game named after a leader? Well, that’s not very common, is it? All you need to know about this game is that y’all take turns rolling all the 3 dice at once. For every 1 rolled, you take 1 sip. For every two of a kind, you give that many sips. If you roll any 6, you can make a new rule. If someone rolls 3 dice of a kind, they become Kim Jong Un. This means they become a leader and can add or remove any rule, make anyone drink, oblige everyone to laugh with every joke they say, and whatever the leader wishes. 

9. Drink Drank Drunk

Drink Drank Drunk

Requirements: A device to go to drinkdrankdrunkgame.com & drinks for all of you! 


Ahh, these lovely drinking game apps… What we love most about Drink Drank Drunk is its simplicity. You write the players’ names, keep the drinks near, and read the cards. There will be general rules, and specified ones, for each player. You can also play from different rooms, by using a room code and sharing it. There are many drinking challenges and questions, and during the game, some special cards will pop on the screen, which you can use at any time you want (such as getting rid of one weakness card). 

10. Dodge Beer

Dodge Beer

Requirements: One can of beer for each player, and a ping pong ball. 


Dodge Beer is recommended to be played outside (even at the beach) since you need a good space to move around. It works best if played in teams of 2 people. Once the game starts, you should each have one unopened beer in front of you. Now, decide which team goes first, and one player of the team takes the ping-pong ball & tries to hit the other team’s cans. If they manage to do so, the other teammate can start chugging their beer, and stop when the opposite team catches the ball & places it on top of the can. The first team to finish their beers wins.

11. Power Hour

Power Hour

Requirements: Beer, shot glasses, and some good music.


Well, Power Hour is not for the weak! The whole idea behind it is that you have to drink, almost continuously for exactly one hour. You may either drink one shot in a minute or take one shot every time the song on the playlist changes. Whoever can make it to the end of the hour and finish the game wins. Additionally, after every 10 shots, you drink a glass of water, you know, to keep balance. If it seems like it’s too many shots, you may remove the hour rule. Simply, the last player to remain to drink, wins. 

12. Drunk Heads-Up

Drunk Heads Up

Requirements: The Heads Up app (on App Store and Google Play) and drinks.


Heads Up is forever a go-to game. Especially the drinking version. There are two ways of playing though. The first one is making all the other players drink every time you guess a word and tilt the phone down. The second way makes all the other players drink continuously when it’s your turn until you guess the world. The second way is a win-win. They want you to guess since they can finally stop drinking, while you want to guess since you’ll get a point. The winner of the game can choose someone to take an extra shot. 

13. Task Master

Task Master

Requirements: Drinks and phones to take pictures. 


As the name says, Task Master is all about mastering your task. The game begins with you choosing the first taskmaster. At any point during the night, they can make a player of their choice complete a challenge. It can also include strangers: kissing a waiter, dancing with a stranger on the street for 1 minute, borrowing an item from someone in the bar, etc. If they complete it successfully, they become the new taskmaster. If they don’t, they gotta drink. Ps. take some pictures completing the tasks. You gotta prove it. 

14. Shot Or Text

Shot Or Text

Requirements: Drinks & your phones. 


Since we can’t get our phones out of our hands, we better play a drinking game! Now first, you have to put all 4 phones on the table. Next, close your eyes and pick one of the phones. If you got your phone, swap it with someone else. Then, all of you have to pick a random contact and write a text to them. But wait, don’t hit send yet! Once you’ve finished typing, let everyone get their phones back. Read the texts, and if you don’t wanna hit send, you have to take a shot. As simple as that is! 

15. Beerio Kart

Beerio Kart

Requirements: Beers & Mario Kart game.


Mario Kart is our favorite childhood memory, indeed. Beerio Kart is an extra version. All you need to remember before playing is that you have to finish a beer during a race of Mario Kart. However, you can’t have your hand on the controller while you drink. Therefore you gotta do your calculations. Either take large gulps several times, or drive until you’re near the finish line, chug down your beer, and then pass the line & win!

16. What’s My Problem?

What's My Problem

Requirements: Drinks only.


This gotta be one of the simplest drinking games for small groups to ever exist! You gotta take turns to leave the room, one player in a round. The remaining players have to think about the missing person’s problem. Then, the player gets back in the room and suppose about their problem. The other players can only answer with yes and no. For instance, the player can ask questions like: do I drink too much? Am I a workaholic? and so on. For every wrong guess, the chosen player takes a sip of their drink. 


Yes. We’ve already fallen in love with each of the above-mentioned games! They’re simple, unique, and perfect for 4 players. However, you can adapt the games even for different numbers of players, cause they do work pretty fine! Choose your people & your favorite game properly, and remember to drink carefully!  

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