17 Gifts For Board Gamers Other Than Board Games

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We know the typical gift for a board game lover, is getting them an actual game. But, coming from a board gamer myself, I can confirm that other gifts related to board games are much more appreciated and meaningful. As always, we made a list of ideas to help you out in this journey and make your hard decision easier!

  • Gift ideas:
  1. Dice Tower;
  2. Big Viking Mat;
  3. Card Sleeves;
  4. Dice Tray;
  5. Metal Coins;
  6. Storage Box;
  7. 20-sided Die;
  8. Cajon Bag;
  9. Box Bands;
  10. Ziplocks;
  11. Roxley Iron Clays;
  12. Drink Coasters;
  13. Score Tracker;
  14. Wyrmwood tabletop tiles;
  15. Burnt Island Card Racks;
  16. Board Game Table;
  17. 3D Printer;

1. Dice Tower – $34.49

Dice Tower

Why roll the dice in the traditional way, when you can get a unique dice tower to do that for you? Although hundreds of designs are available, this one shows quantum colors when rotated, and brings a very detailed work, especially for those who like dragons or games related to them. 

2. Big Viking Mat – $58.86 – $128.86

Big Viking Mat

When discussing accessories with board gamers, the Neoprene gaming mat is one of the most mentioned! It comes in different sizes and colors and Nylon play surface. The 5mm mat thickness makes playing board games a great experience and helps you organize the components more practically.

3. Card Sleeves – $11.99

Card Sleeves

For someone who loves their board games, damaging the contents, especially the cards, feels like a heart attack. To protect you from that, card sleeves do a great job: come in waterproof material, and protect your cards from tearing, liquids, or from getting any type of dust. And add shine to the cards, of course! 

4. Dice Tray – $15.95 

Dice Tray

If you’re looking for something affordable, and exceedingly useful, dice trays are the way to go. Using the 6 trays that come in this set, you have the chance to organize all the pieces and bits of the board game while playing, so you don’t lose any, or step on them while walking around. 

5. Metal Coins – $24.99

Metal Coins

Don’t let it fool you into thinking this is a simple & not very well-thought gift. While playing board games, and poker card games too, metal coins are some of the main components. Getting your loved one a set of good quality metal coins, will make their game experience better, and make them remind of you every time they play!  

6. Storage Box – $74.40

Storage Box

The idea of a wooden organizing box never fails to amaze board gamers! It’s pretty sturdy, can get personalized, and holds all elements of the board game in one place. There are 3 approximate sizes available, depending on what the board gamer wants to store in it.

7. 20-Sided Die – $12.99

20-Sided Die

The basic way is using a standard 6-sided die. The cool, legends-only way, is using a 20-sided die. Besides it’s so functional with the 20 numbers, and the special word for lucky ones, it looks so luxurious, and expensive, indeed, a very special gift for whoever plays board games in their typical days.

8. Cajon Bag – $64.47

Cajon Bag

If whoever you’re getting this gift for, travels a lot, and for some reason thinks they must take their whole collection of board games wherever they go, get them a Cajon Bag. It offers much space, 10mm padding, and adjustable shoulder straps. Although it wasn’t originally made for board games, perhaps it’s the best way to use it. 

9. Box Bands

Box Bands

It’s common sense that after moving the box back and forth, it tends to fall apart. The great invention is using box bands, that not only secure all edges of the box but are so flexible that you could move them around like a bag. This comes in a set of 5, which are available for all types of board games.

10. Ziplocks – $26.99


Sometimes the smallest gifts make the greatest impact on our lives. Such as ziplocks do, especially when playing a board game. In this set of 18 packs, you can easily divide all pieces in different places, while not being afraid of them disappearing, or getting damaged while playing. 

11. Roxley Iron Clays – $60.00

Roxley Iron Clays

Although we did mention metal coins, the Iron Clays are art itself. This set made from Roxley contains 100 chips, that give the feeling of high-quality casino chips, considering that they have an iron insert at the core. The tray too, looks very fancy and helps you keep the chips in place. 

12. Drink Coasters – $10.40

Board Game Drink Coasters

Well, this belongs in the group of sincere gifts for people who like board games. Especially for those who enjoy playing any of the drinking board games. They’re made of wood, come in a set of two so you have a mate to drink with, and are water-resistance, for any situation that might be around.

13. Score Tracker – $20.80

Score Tracker

Fine. You could just memorize everyone’s score, or write them down in your notes app. However, nothing will beat this transparent, good-quality tracker. It has a few illustrations and lets you write everything down very amazingly.

14. Wyrmwood Tabletop Tiles – $19 – $95

Wyrmwood Tabletop Tiles

Although we did mention similar organizers above, the Wyrmwood tabletop tiles are to be admired. They have different dividers, create a great rhythm of sections, and help you organize the game pieces while playing. What adds an element to these tabletop wiles, is definitely the use of hardwood & magnets on the edges of all tiles to keep them connected! Also, the back of the tile can be used as a drink coaster: it’s an all-in-one.

15. Burnt Island Card Racks – $17.50

Burnt Island Card Racks

Board games could be overfilled with cards. Just like card games do. To help your friend or lover, or whoever you’re buying board game gifts for, you must get the card racks. They’ve got deep channels and curved tiers to help you get the most out of your cards & tokens while playing.

16. Board Game Table – $56.98

Board Game Table

If you wanna go high or go home, a board game table is the right way to go. You could get it as expensive and complex as you wish, but just the thought of having a special table for board games is good enough. The space it offers, comfort, and the feeling, by all means, make the games more enjoyable.

17. 3D Printer – $149.00

3d Printer

This one probably tops them all: a 3d printer so they could make any piece of gaming, or any other personalized element to make their board game playing time memorable. Yes, it’s pricey, but probably one of the most useful gifts ever, for a board gamer, understandably. 

Final Thoughts

I think we went through every corner of a board gamer’s brain: starting from simple drink coasters, to a 3d printer to make all their creative ideas come to life. Whatever gift you pick for your loved one, not only will make their gaming experience simpler and more interesting but will also give them one more reason to think of you all the time. It’s a win-win, fellas!

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