15 Sexiest & Spiciest Drinking Games For All The Couples

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Love is nothing like magic. You may believe in that love at first sight thing, but to keep a relationship alive, you gotta put in some effort. Obviously, the effort we’re talking about is naughty drinking games to play with your partner! Not only do they create physical & emotional affection, but they’re actually very fun to play.

  • The games:
  1. Twist Of Vodka;
  2. Find The X Spot;
  3. Naughty Artist;
  4. Snakes & Ladders;
  5. Strip Poker;
  6. Risky Couples;
  7. X-Rated Movie Drinking Game;
  8. Hot Jenga;
  9. Body Shots;
  10. Never Have I Ever;
  11. Naughty Or Nice;
  12. Spin The Bottle;
  13. Pizza Box;
  14. Flip, Sip, or Strip;
  15. Drunk In Love;
  • Final thoughts;

1. Vodka Twister

Vodka Twister

You’ll need: The twister mat, shot glasses, water & alcohol.

Details about ‘Vodka Twister’:

Keeping balance while drinking vodka seems impossible, doesn’t it? Well, in this game (a version of Drunk Twister), you have to fill up a few glasses with water & alcohol and drink one of each right before you place your foot or hand in the twister circles. The thing is that you won’t know which one is water, and vice-versa, which makes it way more challenging. While you’re all dizzy and moving your legs above your partner’s head, you’ll most likely find some more positions to try in bed… However, if you fall, you have to remove one piece of clothing and continue to play.

2. Find The X Spot

Find The X Spot

You’ll need: Shots, and kisses.

Details about ‘Find The X Spot’:

If you think your relationship needs more kisses, this is the right way to go. You will start this couples game by asking your partner to guess where you like being kissed the most. They have 3 guesses, and you have to drink based on how accurate the spots are. For instance, for every correct guess, you drink, and for every incorrect guess, your partner drinks. It’s simple, yet very cute, and sets up a romantic atmosphere which can lead to more.

3. Naughty Artist

Naughty Artist

You’ll need: drinks only.

Details about ‘Naughty Artist’:

Let us add a hot twist to our Pictionary games… This time, there won’t be cards, or either other players. You and your partner can draw whatever comes into your mind. You may as well use paper and pens, but it’s hotter if you just draw on your partner’s body using your fingerprints. Therefore, you may write initials, draw hearts, or whatever. For every correct guess, you drink a shot. For every incorrect one, your partner drinks. Bear in mind that you only have 20 seconds to guess what they’re drawing.

4. Snakes & Ladders

Snakes & Ladders

You’ll need: Snakes & Ladders board (or the game app) & drinks.

Details about ‘Snakes & Ladders’:

First things first, this is not the innocent Snakes & Ladders you used to play as a kid. This will be played between you and your babe, and you will both be winners, that’s for sure. You have to play the game as normal, but every time you go up, you take a shot. Every time you go down, you have to take down an article of clothing until you’re completely naked, or one of you wins the game. You know what to do next… 

5. Strip Poker

Strip Poker

You’ll need: a deck of cards, and drinks. 

Details about ‘Strip Poker’:

We knew Strip Poker would make it to this list! Together with your partner, decide on your favorite poker game, and follow all the rules. Before starting to play, make sure you’re both wearing the same number of clothing items, so everything’s fair. Then, you’ll play the game, and every time you lose a hand or lose a round in your chosen game, you will have to remove one piece of clothing, until you are completely naked. Take a shot for every 2 items removed. 

6. Risky Couples

Risky Couples

You’ll need: the game set (available on Amazon ($25.99)) & drinks for you two.

Details about ‘Risky Couples’:

Couples card games undoubtedly will turn you on, especially when we’re talking about Risky Couples! This card game contains a deck of 150 cards, divided into 4 categories. You’ll start simply (giving compliments, tickling each other), and then upgrade to role-playing, moaning, drawing stuff on each other’s bodies, and so on. You get points for most of the challenges, so, you’ll know who the winner is by the end of the game. If you’re willing to play with other couples, make sure you go through the cards since some challenges are extremely intimate. 

7. X-Rated Movie Drinking Game

X-Rated Movie Drinking Game

You’ll need: a good romantic movie, drinks, and popcorn if you wish. 

Details about ‘X-Rated Movie Drinking Game’:

Cmon now… Each couple has a favorite naughty romantic movie. So, the drinking game is based on that. The rules are the same just as in our other movie drinking games. You play the movie and basically drink for specific scenes happening, or when specific phrases are said. Therefore, the rules depend on the movie. However, some general rules include: drinking when two characters kiss, make out, there’s something too extra showing, or more like that. For instance, if you’re watching After, one of the rules should be drinking when Hardin says something romantic.

8. Hot Jenga

Hot Jenga

You’ll need: Jenga tiles, and alcohol.

Details about ‘Hot Jenga’:

Drinking Jenga is fine. Acceptable. But Hot Jenga is right about what you and your partner need. To prepare, you have to write some naughty dares on the Jenga tiles. You could use something like taking a bubble bath together, tying each other up, giving a massage, trying a new role, or anything you were wondering about trying. Don’t forget to add shots to some of the tiles too, just so you don’t only get drunk in love, but literally drunk. Ps. You can also purchase a Naughty Tower on Amazon for $34.99 if you don’t wanna deal with thinking about the challenges.

9. Body Shots

Body Shots

You’ll need: Shots, small pieces of paper, and pens. 

Details about ‘Body Shots’:

The name perfectly says it all! You’d wanna start with writing some body parts first, set them aside, and then write methods on how you want the shots to be taken. You’ll take turns playing, and in your turn, you’ll draw 1 piece of paper from the two groups. One will tell the body part, and the other the method. Therefore, based on what you’ve picked, that’s how your partner will drink the shot. Since you make the rules, you can make it as sexy as you wish. 

10. Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever

You’ll need: A list of Never Have I Ever questions & alcohol.

Details about ‘Never Have I Ever’:

Of course, you know what Never Have I Ever is, don’t you? Foremost, you’ll have to find some questions. This first step is simple since we already have a whole list of Never Have I Ever questions! Then, you’re gonna ask your partner questions, and they only have to drink. That’s right. No answers are needed. If your partner has done that specific thing, they drink. If not, you skip to the next question and there’s no need to drink. Besides getting you two drunk, Never Have I Ever it’s a great way to connect with each other deeper. 

11. Naughty Or Nice

Naughty Or Nice

You’ll need: the deck of cards (available on Amazon ($20.00)) & drinks. 

Details about ‘Naughty Or Nice’:

Naughty Or Nice is just what you were looking for. A card game with a total of 100 cards, divided into 4 categories: playful, tease, passion & intense. The content starts with innocent, deep questions (about past relationships, mannerisms, creating a secret handshape, and more), to extreme ones. Lots of the cards include taking a few sips or shots. Make sure you’re being honest, and you’ll have the most romantic night ever! 

12. Spin The Bottle

Spin The Bottle

You’ll need: A bottle, a few drinks, and whatever objects you’d want to use.  

Details about ‘Spin The Bottle’:

We will tell you a little secret… You won’t necessarily need a bottle. You may just use the drinking game app. Whatever you pick, the thing is that you’ll order several objects in the circle, and put the bottle in the middle. Objects can be something like whipped cream, cuffs, strawberries, blindfolds, shots, challenges written on pieces of paper, and others. You’ll spin the bottle and whatever it points to, you have to use that with your partner. 

13. Pizza Box

Pizza Box

You’ll need: An empty pizza box, a coin, a marker, and drinks. 

Details about ‘Pizza Boxx’:

Remember? We talked about this at bachelorette party games! Once you’ve done eating your favorite pizza, use its box to play a cool drinking game. You have to toss the coin, and whenever it lands on the box, you should draw a circle around it, and write a challenge. Simply, when you toss the coin, if it lands in a challenge, you complete it. If not, you draw a circle and write a challenge in it. Of course, we prefer you include drinking dares and spicy challenges for you and your partner. The game is over whenever you’re bored of it.

14. Flip, Sip, Or Strip

Flip, Sip, Or Strip

You’ll need: A coin & drinks for you two love birds.

Details about ‘Flip, Sip, Or Strip’:

We absolutely love simple couples’ drinking games! Flip, Sip, Or Strip, is a game that spins around a usual coin. On your turn, you have to flip a coin and call it heads or tails. If you guessed correctly, your partner drinks. If you guessed it incorrectly, you have to take off one article of clothing and take a sip of your drink. Then, the turn is passed to your partner, which has to do the exact same. It’s extremely simple and turns your relationship to a new level. 

15. Drunk In Love

Drunk In Love

You’ll need: the Drunk In Love deck of cards (Available on Amazon for $26.00) & alcohol.

Details about ‘Drunk In Love’:

Drunk In Love is the cherry on top! This card game contains a total of 100 cards, which are divided into 2 categories: Drink if… & … or drink. You take turns drawing cards, and completing whatever it asks you to. It could be something like whispering something dirty to your partner, giving your partner a lap dance, switching clothes, and many more. Fyi, we think this is not the dirtiest game, so you can play it with other couples as well, or with your partner even if you’ve just started dating. 

Final Thoughts

These naughty drinking games are perfect if you’re looking for a way to connect more with your partner, mentally or sexually (the drinks help too!). Make sure you’re both comfortable when playing the chosen game, and try to enjoy it to its fullest. You’ll end up being in love more than ever after playing your favorite game out of the 15 we brought to you.

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